Past relationships: What signs did you date?


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Hi all!

I'm a Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Mars in Aries, Venus in Sagittarius and Scorpio rising woman.

First crush ever was a Virgo sun but didn't know anything else about him.

Second guy, a Cancer sun and again, did not know much about Astrology to go beyond sun signs.

Third guy and first serious relationship, Aries sun with a Leo moon, did not know the Ascendant. That lasted 4 years but stormy and we did not part on good terms.

Fourth guy, a Scorpio sun and moon in Pisces. We had a dreamy relationship and he felt like a natural companion to me but the timing was either off or we had cold feet and some other issues so we parted amicably. We still keep in touch once a year.

Fifth guy, a Cancer sun, Capricorn moon and Cancer rising and been in my life on and off for 15 years. Much older man and I have nothing but utmost respect for this guy.He's married though..We have a DW Sun Saturn aspects in Synastry.

Another older guy, a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Venus in Scorpio....worst experience ever! He felt like a stalker and would call me every few hours at work and I felt totally uncomfortable and did a disappearing act and he has never heard from me since! Besides, he is married!

Sixth guy, Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Libra venus and Scorpio rising. He felt like my soulmate and I was really heartbroken when we parted. I still think of him very fondly and if things were a little different, I could see myself settling down with him and having cute babies together. We had a DW Venus Pluto aspects in synastry. We email or text each other once a year.

The next guy, a Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon, Venus in Virgo and Leo rising born in 76. Very elusive and left without a word, came back recently after a year of disappearance and proposed to me because his mum was dying of cancer.
I turned him down and now he's hot on my heels but I have no more feelings for the guy although I do sympathise with his situation right now.

Next comes the weird part, younger men, all born in 1982, I had three of them coming around the same time to pursue me....(I'm born in 73)

First one, Virgo sun, Virgo moon, Virgo venus and Leo rising. He was sweet but very controlling and jealous because he had a Scorpio Mars....we parted not on good terms and I'm over him but he's trying to get back into my good books.
So far, I'm not falling for it.

After that came a Libra/Scorpio cusp, Capricorn moon, Venus in Libra and Scorpio rising.
Too suspicious/jealous and played mind games and we blow hot and cold around each other. He does have the ability to finish off my sentences for me and I feel emotionally comfortable around him... KIV list.

Most recent crush(?), we've known each other a little over a year. Saw him nothing more than a friend but recently, around two, three months, I suddenly find him irresistable and attractive. He's the first Aquarius guy I am attracted to and he has a Sagittarius moon and a Virgo rising. We have a sun moon conjunction in Synastry and a really great Composite.

Maybe it's the weird Saturn and Uranus squaring my Venus right now so I'm feeling confused in the love department. But Neptune is sextile my Venus at the same time so that makes it even more confusing and dreamy!

The trend I've noticed throughout the years, these guys either have a Virgo sun, Virgo moon, Venus in Virgo or Virgo rising.
I can't explain it but it freaks me out!


I'm a taurus with a cancer moon and virgo rising, venus in aries, mercury in aries.

My first serious relationship was with a capricorn sun/gemini moon and capricorn venus guy and that was absolutly amazing. we really got along, but we got so jealous of each other and just started hating each other? yeah it's better that we don't talk anymore ...

then i dated a aries sun/gemini moon and aries venus guy. oh and pisces mercury. That was amazing, he was so smooth he just always knew the right things to say. He did all the talking and I was more than happy to listen because I found him fascinating. Unfortuanly I left him because he had a nasty drug addiction. We're still good friends.

the next one was pisces sun/gemini moon/ venus pisces/ mercury gemini and he was freaky. very abusive relationship, in the end it was one sided. He beat me up and that was that.

I'm currently with a guy who has capricorn sun/sag moon/capricorn mercury/pisces venus and he's so sweet and understanding. we have a really good connection i just love him to bits!
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Sagittarius Ascendant

Cancer Sun
Taurus Moon

Cancer Venus
(Mars in Leoooo )

1st huge crush in primary school: Libra sun, libra moon, mars in capricorn :annoyed: ( **** she was a babe ). Green eyed, blond, baby face. Wauw...

2nd crush secondary school: Pisces sun, ARIES moon ( jikes!), mars in Sagittarius ( scary! but ow so hot ). Blue eyed, dark hair, made use of her sexy pelvis like no1 else could, or so I thought!

3rd crush last grade at secondary school: Aquarius sun, capricorn moon ( ahrrrr), mars in capricorn ( double ahrrrr!). And there we go: blue eyed, narrow face, ow what a sexy look she had. Flirty yet grounded.

4th crush pre-uni at Performing Arts course: Sagittarius Sun( why so sexy and bitchy ?? hate it and crave it ) , Moon in aries ( what the hell? ) , Mars in Virgo. Blue eyed ( tiring too see this all the time? not me i guess ) , nice chest, even though im not into that area too much ; and ow how she used her hips when she walked ....:crying: sigh....

5th. Almost made a big mistake.

a 'friends relative'. Taurus Sun ( how do they like their social rules of no affection in public, jesus... ) ; scorpio moon ( they think they can hide their secrets but I will dig them up!! I got planets in the 8th house for crying out loud! you think you can trick me! you are wrong ! ) and mars in gemini ( the loooooooong flirt )

I think I need somebody that would have venus/mercury/mars/sun/moon planets in their 6th house lol :biggrin: or the 10th :tongue: Havent met one of those though I think... I didnt really dig much into birth charts. Just did the basic alabe investigation without birth time for them. :unsure:



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Sun sign = Scorpio
Rising sign = Aries
Moon sign = Cancer

I have dated...

1. Leo: Lasted close to 5 years. I loved the stability and loyalty. As a shy Scorpio, I had no problems letting him take center stage. I didn't want attention on me so I was glad for that! His temper was really bad though.

2. Libra: I dated a Libra man who was pretty much everything that I wanted in a guy. The only thing that was missing was that we didn't have that deeper connection. This is a sign that I would most definitely date again.

3. Aries: My Aries man was close to perfect except he had a huge temper!

4. Pisces: My pisces was very smart and we had deep conversations, but he was so dull in personality. I lost interest.

5: Taurus: Wow!! I love Taurus men even though my craziest, most dysfunctional relationships have been with Taurus men. Both Taurus men that I have dated have been love/hate relationships. When things were good, they were AMAZING! When things went sour, all hell broke loose! It was always like instant connection with them also on a deeper level. Even though the relationships were extremely bi-polar, I can't stay away. LOL. I love my Taurus men.

6. Sagittarius: I dated 2 Sagittarius men. They sure do love their freedom. I got along really well with them and hardly ever argued. They are very adventurous which I loved, but I didn't feel that deep connection that I was looking for. I think I should have just been friends with them.

7. Cancer: I dated a Cancer who was tall and fit and you would've never expect him to be soft spoken or love to cook. It was very interesting, but he was very dull personality wise and couldn't keep my attention for too long. I lost interest.


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scorp rising, moon in leo, venus in taurus, sun in taurus.

IME sun sign compatibility works for me. i've only dated women generically compatible with my sun.

my favorite so far is virgo. they are caring and really know how to make you feel loved.

i liked this cancer girl once that was a little hard to get. i almost made it until it made out with my ex infront of her. doh! :pinched:

i also dated this pisces chick in college. we have both never failed any class until we started dating.

You might have thought that the cancer girl was 'almost there' if you think earth like with a double taurus (venus,sun) but Cancerians see right through you :devil:

Speaking from a male perspective, I can tell you we see any Taurus as sneaky, up to something, strangely nice. Those characteristics do not pass our 'luggage control'. :ninja:


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nope she told me so years later when she was drunk.:devil: you are correct though with the double taurus. i find i have an over abundance of william hung like misplaced self confidence. :biggrin:

oh dahling we'll always have paris! :kissing:

what do you think of taurus women? i know some very sweet ones. don't like em?

She told you? Well you underestimate Cancerians. There is a reason why the big Cancerians are acting in Hollywood and Taurus' are not :wink:

In my opinion Taurus women are quite boring to be honest. They spend all their time on their looks and then think that it will replace their personality. Pure Taurus girls have nothing to say, they just nod along as if they care, while they are waiting for you to spend money on them. :bandit:

But hey Venus = Venus :tongue:


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I am a Pisces Sun-Sag Moon-Sag or Scorp Asc-Venus in Aqu-Mas in Leo

1st-Scorp Sun-Gemini Moon-Scorp Asc-Venus Scorp-Mars Leo
we were together 12yrs & had a daughter plus some very intense, passionate and absloutely terrifying times.

2nd-Taurus Sun-Aries Sun-Leo Rising-Venus Aries-Mars Leo
we were together 2.5 yrs & had a son. He was an alcoholic and a gambler. Ended up having a worse temper than the Scorp.

3rd-Gemini Sun-Aqu Moon-Aqu Asc-Venus Cancer-Mars Aqu.
We were together 2 yrs. he was younger. He couldnt let go but was sweet and we liked to socialise together. He assualted me out of the blue a yr after we broke up.

4th-Aries Sun-Taurus Moon-Sag Asc-Venus Aries-Mars Virgo
We married and were togther 16yrs and had a son. Drug and anger issues but we were great friends and good business partners and we both loved the idea of our family. But he was selfish.

5th-same as above but Cap Asc.
we had a brief affair 6mths. good friendship but too selfish and he turned out a lying, manipulative coward.

6th and current Virgo Sun-Aqu Moon-Cancer Asc-Venus Libra-Mars Leo
known him since he was born, together 15mths. Best friends, know each other psychically, feel safe & secure together with periods of dispruption through internal and external factors. Nurturing, sex, freedom, making a home and travel seem to be the themes of this relationship.


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I wonder what experiences (neg. and pos.) you guys have had with Piscean women. (I have mars and moon) Seems like women love the sensitive romantic type, but what about men? ( I would think that would be annoying lol)
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I wonder what experiences (neg. and pos.) you guys have had with Piscean women. (I have mars and moon) Seems like women love the sensitive romantic type, but what about men? ( I would think that would be annoying lol)

Yea pisces men are in a lot of trouble. Usually being attracted to Leos from what I have seen. And then the poor fishies usually get butchered by the lions :unsure:


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Let me tell you about my Pisces ex...
I never bothered to find out his chart, he must of had a super watery sign
But he was the most feminine "man" I've ever met
From his jeans that were tighter than mine, to the way he thought it was so cute to make whiny puppy-sounding noises at me
I wouldn't have been surprised if he pulled out a vagina
Maybe because I'm an Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius [Romantics & neediness turns me off]
But man
I never want to be with a Pisces again


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Scorpio girl relationships?...

My first relationship was with a Pisces boy, but I was 14 and it lasted for about a month, so I don't count it.

My first actual relationship was with a Cancer boy, who I loved deeply, but I think we were both just too emotional for each other. Lasted nine months.

My next relationship was with a Capricorn boy, who made me very happy, and taught me how to view life practically. Lasted 5-6 months.

My relationship now, is with a wonderful Pisces man, who I love. We've only been together for about 3-4 months, but we're a Pisces/Scorpio relationship, so of course it's been going wonderfully.


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I'm December 17th, 1970 - Sag / Leo / Leo.

When I was progressed to:

Cap 14 - Pisces
Cap 14 through 29 - two men born on June 15th and two men born on February 7th
Married right as I progressed to Aqua and married a Cancer and divorced him two weeks ago!
In the past year dated a June 20th and am HOPING a third Feb 7th will work out, so:

It's been:
Pisces ( was insecure)
Gemini (3) (very stable, fizzled out - my fault except for the last one)
Aquarius(3) (great, but when they want to settle down I want to run and when I want them to commit, they want to run!)
and a really, really bad mistake with Cancer. (too many problems to list...) Except we did have a beautiful daughter with both our moons (she's Gemini (dad), Leo (mom, me), Cap (paternal Grandmother)

Interestingly, during those last five years of progressed Capricorn I surrounded myself with best friend, a lot of long term friends. I don't know any cancers right now. I'm attracting Aquarians and Pisceans again....hmmm????


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I dated and married my high school sweetheart who was a Capricorn. Bad mistake all the way around. After that I dated for a good while a guy I had known and dated some in high school, a Libra. It wasn't what I wanted. I dated and married a Virgo; really bad idea. Third go around was dating and marrying a Scorpio. Although I had fun with him, we had some of the same interests and the sex was great, unfortunately he was IMO of the lower octave of Scorpio, not the soaring eagle. We did stay married for 10 years but it just didn't work out. Have been divorced from him for 15 years and have decided to stay single.

I am Pisces/Scorpio/Scorpio. My 3 best friends are 2 Scorpios and 1 Pisces.


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Sun/Moon/Venus/Asc = Leo

4 months + prom date a year later in HS:
We still keep in contact.
He is a great guy, with a great family, but we were young.
He just recently broke up with his long time girlfriend, and I was sad for him.
Some people may touch our lives once, but their fingerprint remains forever.

Gemini: sun/moon/venus asc:Cancer
I love this man with every ounce that I can. He just puts a smile on my heart that never fades. I never thought about marriage, or family life growing up.
We've only been married a short time, four years, so I will see how it all unfolds.


Leo Asc
Pisces Sun
Leo Moon
Pisces Merc
Aquarius Venus
Gemini Mars

I have fell in love twice in my life, they were both Leos.
First Leo had cancer moon, venus in virgo, mars in taurus

second leo had libra moon, venus in cancer, mars in leo

They broke my heart with the cheating.

I seem to have short but meaning full relationships with Gemini, but no it just doesnt do it for me.

Im repelled by Aquarius men I dont know why, and I attract alot of em.

My heart is with the Leos, I can feel one a mile away. :love:


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Im a Female with Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo/Libra.
Sagittarius Rising


Best: Virgo Sun, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus.
Scorpio rising.
Physically: Not handsome
Personality: Beautiful
Intellect: high
Emotional intelligence: very high

Neutral: Taurus Sun, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer.
Unknown rising. I think Libra or Sagittarius.
Physically: very handsome
Personality: Boring
Intellect: very High
emotional intelligence: high

Most dynamic: Virgo Sun, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo.
Gemini Rising.
Physically: Average
Personality: Fun and beautiful
Intellect: average to high
emotional intelligence: average to high

Love and hate: Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Pisces.
Scorpio Rising.
Physically: Definitely not handsome
Personality: Bad and cold but interesting
Intellect: very high
emotional intelligence: very low

Worst: Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini.
Libra Rising.
Physically: Very handsome
Personality: Tender but depressive
Intellect: extremely low
emotional intelligence: average to low


95% Earth Suns
85% dignified, exalted or elevated Mercury
90% Weak Mars if not peregrine
common Venus sign in people I date: Any, except Aqua and Pisces.
common risings in people I date: Libra, Scorpio, and Gemini
common moon signs in people I date: Water and Earth
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Does anyone know if more people are born under the Aries moon sign (kinda like how there are more people born under taurus, gemini, cancer? I've dated 4 people in a row with moon in aries. Granted it conjuncts my venus most of the time but my lunar Pisces just cant take all the unnecessary aggression and lack of sympathy. My last relationship was the FIRST time our lunar energies were compatible. I love scorpio, but sometimes they dont like to open themselves up, which is hurtful when all you want to do is merge together.