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Who and where was I in my past life according to my chart?
(chart will be showed if people are interested in this subject. This topic is also open for discussion about your own chart. Let's just look at it together)
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Who was I in my past life according to my chart?
Unless your natal chart is reliably accurately timed
then it is
not possible to gain reliable information from an unreliably timed chart :smile:
in any event
keep in mind that ours is an astrological learning forum
where members practice astrological skills free
no one is paid
responses to threads
are often from members who are beginners with little or no experience
keen to learn by practice

members are encouraged to discuss interpreting their own charts
to learn by practice
we also have members with many years of astrological study completed

members have day jobs
and those of our members who are professionals
do not provide a complete professional reading for free


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I suppose one could use the water houses as a case study :

I have aries on the 4th - i have no planets here but i do have my south node here. (taurus sign)
I have leo on the 8th - no planets here.
I have sagittarius on the 12th - Jupiter here.

Fire signs but i don't necessarily come across like that in this lifetime at least in a obvious manner. How my fire signs do plays out is in ideas. I like coming up with things. I suppose the fire signs in water houses also makes me a quenched fire energy on the surface. On the other hand my fire in water houses expresses itself like a underwater volcano, esp in the realm of relationships where i take my time before sprouting fire, of course there are times when my volcano is dominantly active so that's that.


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