Past Life or Psychic Connection w/Historical Figure?


Hi all, I have a question concerning the synastry between my natal chart and my favorite historical figure's chart. First, here is some background information... a while ago,when I was just 15 (I'm 23 now) I not only fell intensely in love with history in general, but with a certain event in time, a certain place in time, etc (that being the Texas Revolution & the early 1800's) but also a historical figure named William Barret Travis. Almost to the point of obsession, I might say? But, the thing is, he means so much to me and ...I'm usually someone who goes through phases..... but he has been the one thing that has remained constant since. I even have a tattoo of one of his quotes & signature (in his handwriting) on my shoulder.

Regardless, I've always felt this sort of "connection" to him. Whether it's some weird bond that transcends time, a past life or karmic connection, or maybe my own insanity. Not really sure. I just know that when I was 12, before any of this happened I did a little bit of automatic writing & was trying to figure out the name of my 'guardian' or 'guide', etc. I got the name William.

Here are some points I'm unsure about.

My Lilith Trine His Sun = my obsession over him?
My Moon Trine His Mars = my emotional need for a Mars in Scorpio kind of prowess?
My Vertex Conj His Sun
My Venus Trine His Moon
My Saturn Square His Moon
My Pluto Trine His Pluto (Vice-Versa)

His Moon Trine My Asc
His Moon Square My True Nodes
His Moon Square My Pars Fortunae
His Moon Square My Chiron
His Chiron Trine My Ceres
His Chiron Trine My Psyche
His Psyche Conj My Saturn
His Ceres Trine My Neptune

Now that I've proved my complete insanity to you, here is the synastric chart (below) & the Aspects (below as well). Thanks.