Past Life Horaries.


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I was wondering if a horary chart could be used to determine questions regarding the interesting possibility of 'other' lives?

Perhaps in such questions the ascendant is a reflection of the current self, and the 7th house cusp a reflection of the 'other' self. The relationship between the two respective significators representing karmic resonances in operation between the two existences.

Perhaps the 4th house cusp ruler is the significator of fate, the unalterable consequences set in motion through our actions. Thus it is that which we have inherited from that other self, and as such represents the conditions with which we must comply in regard to the question, because we cannot change these conditions, as a consequence of resonance of karma across lives.

The 10th then, would be the cusp of destiny, as this significator represents opportunity, and the highest orientation of free will. Thus it is the most we can make of the gifts inherited from that other self in regard to the question, and as such is the conditions which we may use to our advantage.

What of the Moon? I suppose the Moon is some aspect of the soul, as it flits through one zodiacal incarnation to another, ever changing face. The Moon would encompass the circle of birth, growth, life, sickness, death and renewal in its cyclic wanderings through the zodiac. It would represent both the axis of self (1st) and other (7th) as well as the axis of fate (4th) and destiny (10th), and therefore be of ultimate importance, its condition and aspects revealing perhaps an important insight.

Draco. :wink:


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Draco said:
I was wondering if a horary chart could be used to determine questions regarding the interesting possibility of 'other' lives?
Yes, if you can interpret it. But, I wonder, how would you know your delineation is true?

But remember that the horary chart is supposed to answer only to one question. If you want to learn about all your past lives connected with this one you'd better turn to the natal chart. The horary chart gives you the answer to your question, requiring you to be in a genuinely interrogatory state of mind, which cannot refer to all your past lives, but rather to a specific present condition.

The interpretation of a such horary chart is a real challenge for the astrologer, requiring a very deep knowledge of both karmic astrology and horary astrology. But again, how would you know your delineation is correct? This is one of the reasons why I personally distrust karmic astrology, am too of a Virgo character for it.


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Hi Radu,

I was hoping you might comment on this.

I suppose the only way to find out if my delineation is true is for me to experiment with it and see what comes up. If the information generated feels significant and helps you to understand the question in relation to karma and 'other' lives, then it can be considered true. I am aware that horary is intended to answer one question, and of course all of our existences cannot be shown in the chart at once. However, I feel that the horary would reveal the one 'other' life connection which would give us the most significant insights in regard to the question. The intention would be to focus upon one existence in particular, and to check how the significator of each life resonates with each other. I suppose to do this would be to try and read into the karma that is in action across lives. Yet I am saying all this although I have not tried to apply this theory practically yet. So here goes: Have I been an astrologer in another life? Question asked at 15:00 hrs exact, 25 Aug, St.Annes, 53n45/3w02, England.

Firstly, the ascendant is at Sagittarius 2. Being in the first three degrees of a sign, it suggests that it is too early to ask the question. This indicates that I haven't thought about how to interpret a chart in this respect thoroughly enough yet to be making this investigation. So it is telling me there is more I need to learn, and I would benefit from asking this question at a later date.
I will try and interpret the chart anyway, for the sake of an example, bearing in mind I am urged to ask again later for more information. Taking the chart as it is, I am represented by Jupiter who is strangely close to the SN. Very appropriate as my question concerns looking into a past life(SN). Jupiter is blessed by a conjunction with co-benefic Venus, in Libra in the 10th, hopefully this in an indication of potential for me to become very good at astrology. Venus is also ruler of the MC (destiny), so I am destined to be an astrologer in this life. It shows I have talent in this area, perhaps abilities carried over from previous existences, but to see which existences, I look to Jupiters aspects. The descendant ruler (other life) is Mercury, and Jupiter is in past aspect to Mercury, indicating a past life connection. Mercury is in Leo in the 8th. I have the strong intuition, though I have never felt this until now, that this past life illustrates a reader of 'mortal' charts as opposed to natal charts. The 8th is the house of death, and Mercury is the psychopompus, the souls guide between this world and the afterlife. Mercury is in term and face so is strong here. The wide conjunction to Saturn, further supports Mercuries association with death. It suggests a past life in which I would study the charts (Sat/Mer) cast the moment a person dies (8th), and therein interpret the nature and condition of the afterlife to which they had been born (Sat/Mer/8th), perhaps also predicting thier return to this world. The first house, which also signifies my current self along with Jupiter, contains Pluto retrograde, another indication of my delving into uncovering unseen existences. However, Jupiter is also in a past aspect to Pluto, showing another past life in itself. Perhaps this is a life in which I was an astrologer who sought to explore past lives through astrology. However this would not be the most important life as Mercury is the descendant ruler and so is of greater importance.
The Moon is in Taurus, hence the soul is content when incarnate as an astrologer, and this is part of my greater path throughout lifetimes. It is in the 6th house, showing that astrology is a method whereby my soul is meant to engage practically with the environment, and to be part of daily routine and work. It is also the house of craft, which is why I am inclined to invent new methods of chart interpretation. Taurus is fixed and earthy, hence my soul is satisfied when engaged in practical focus upon astrological concerns. The moon is square (past) with Mercury, showing that that life (Mer) is applying pressure (Sq) upon my soul/memory (Moon)for recognition. Which is strange, because only yesterday I was wondering about what 'mortal' charts might reveal. I would seem that this is because of a past life as a mortal astrologer and this life is seeking recognition. This was a life in which I was good at what I did, as Mercury is in term and face. I should bear in mind that I was asking the question too early, so there is more to be revealed and the same question should be asked at a future date.
I suppose that I can only validate the significance of this interpretation because I resonate with it so strongly. It seems very synchronistic also, that the chart should reveal lives as a past life and mortal astrologer as I have been thinking about astrology in these terms recently. In interpreting for another person, I suppose I would just have to give them the broad outline and let them draw thier own conclusions.

I hope you found this an interesting post. I would be interested to see what your thoughts are.

By the way, as you know I am also a Virgo, but I am Pisces rising and Neptune conjunct the MC. Hence the intrigue with karmic astrology. I am also Chiron retrograde, like you, and I remember that you said you attribute this to why you find your own spiritual guide within rather than seeking gurus on the outside. I resonate with this interpretation, and this is why I like to invent my own systems. I do feel that looking at a chart in this way could be very interesting, even if the informaton can't be validated. :?

Would anyone like me to try and have a go? Any questions? I will need to practice this in order to learn more.

(I have just realised why I was asking the question too early. I had incorrectly entered the date as the 25th instead of the 26th. However, I do not feel that this invalidates the charts information because it felt significant. This was serendipitous and a study of the correct chart will reveal more information upon the matter, forming a 'second part' to the reading)-but then with Pisces rising, I would say that :?


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Okay, I'll do it, Draco.

It is presently 12:06 p.m., edt, Columbus, Ohio, USA
my birth data:
27 Sept. 1954 @ 2:50 p.m.
Coumbus, Ohio USA

I had a job interview yesterday at 12:45 p.m. edt and it's somewhere where I used to work. Will I get re-hired?

Thank you.

Also any recommendations as to reading, etc. where I can get into this also? It's fascinating and I love it, and would like to learn to do this also.

Thank you.


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Hi Baker.

Firstly, I am unsure of how to respond to this post because as the theme of this thread is past life horary then I am presuming you are seeking information about other lives in your question. The trouble is, I can't see how it relates to another life. Then again, maybe I shouldn't judge. What I'll do is interpret it as a straight horary first, and then use the past life exploration method to see what that digs up. As for your birth data, I will apply the same method to explore other lives. I have not tried this before but I think what it would reveal, are those lives which we have the greatest resonances with in the present existence, the other selves with which we have the greatest karmic connection. This is going to be a long post, so get your reading glasses on! :?

Will I get re-hired?
Interpreting the chart as a straight horary (which I'm not very experienced in by the way), I see that Scorpio rises at 4 degrees, so it is just the right time to ask your question, one degree short and it would be too early. You are signified by Mars, who is in Taurus in the 7th house. This tells me that you are currently operating in an environment that does not suit your needs, because Mars needs to be active and willful but Taurus is too slow paced and heavy a sign for his energies to be expressed adequately. Mars is in face at 15 degrees, so his discomfort is evident to those around him, particularly as Mars is in the 7th house. Mars deposits to Venus in the 11th. Venus is a benefic and the 11th is the house of good fortune, this casts a favourable light upon Mars because Mars is in Venuses domain (Taurus) and Venuses term (15'). Mars is the focus of a T-square formation with Mercury/Leo/10th and NeptuneR/Aquarius/4th. Mercury is conjunct the MC and Neptune conjunct the IC. I call the MC/IC axis the axis of fate and destiny, or past and future. Mercury high above in the 10th house tells me that in seeking to be re-hired there is more you wish to demonstrate with regard to being a messenger, adviser or communicator in your professional life. It emphasises the importance of what you say and how you say it. This is destiny and the future, and it would seem some sort of formal arrangement is coming in which you are required to demonstrate yourself verbally because Mercurys position places emphasis of the importance of what is communicated in terms of a professional image, especially as the Moon deposits to Mercury. Neptune is retrograde and retrograde planets indicate anything which re-curs or re-turns, hence its future exacting of aspect from Mars refers to re-instatement. Neptune is a vague and nebulous planet, and the outers mostly elude me but heres my interpretation. Neptune retro. conjunct the IC is twined with fate and the past. It seems that you always had the notion that you would return or be hired again. Neptune is the collective and Aquarius is groups, the 4th house makes this a familiar collective, so would I be right in assuming that you would be working as one of many, and you are seeking to be reunited with this group? This would give further significance to 11th house (groups) Venus (friends) which Mars (you) desposits to. I am going to make an assumption based on the chart, that this which you are seeking to be hired in somehow involves the public expression of familiar images, words, information and communications to the masses. I say this because Mercury/MC is in opposition to Neptune/IC and the focus of these polarities is upon you, Mars, in the 7th house of others and the outer world. Also the Moon is in communicable Gemini.

Now the quiested, being re-hired, is represented by the Sun as the 10th house cusp is in Leo. The Sun is in the 10th house of career and status, showing the importance of being rehired to your sense of achievement and success, and with both Mercury and the Sun in the 10th, I am sure that this career or venture would involve public conveyance of words or ideas in some way. The Sun in the 10th also presents the person whom you will hire you. As the 10th is the house of the employer and the Sun is the most prominent planet as this is a day chart. The Moon works on behalf of the Sun and forms a close square which has only very recently just passed. This expresses tension between you and the person who will hire you, as to why, I see that the Sun opposes Uranus retrograde in the 4th, and this is a future aspect, so beware that you do not cause the hirer to regret re-hiring (oppo Ura ret), as this future aspect suggests the hirer being opposed to Uranian stepping out of line with rules and that which is expected (4th). It seems you desire to be innovative but the hirer, if you are re-hired won't let you go your own way (Sun oppo Ura retro).

Now the peregrine Moon is in quick thinking and communicable Gemini showing that you have the language and ideas that is expected of you. As the Moon is peregrine, you may find it difficult to make something of these ideas. The Moon is in a future square to Uranus retro, like the Suns future opposition, so I would stress that you behave exactly as is expected of you when rehired. The Moons square to Uranus will bring you a propensity to go your own way and break the boundaries that are set for you. However the Moon will also trine that fortunate Venus in the 11th, which Mars deposits to, so you will get what you hoped for, what attracted you in the first place out of being hired. The Moons last aspect, because I don't consider the outer planets as last aspects, is to Jupiter. Jupiter is the greater benefic and heralds your ultimate success in being reinstated, it is further blessed by a conjunction to the other benefic, Venus which is even better, and interestingly thier midpoint is conjunct the South Node or Dragons Tail. The South Node refers to fate, the past, that which has been, hence it refers to you being rehired and that this will be very fortunate. If I was to consider Pluto, although an outer, as the Moons last aspect, then I see that again Pluto is retrograde, reaffirming that you will be re-hired, and with Pluto in the 2nd house this will be very profitable financially.

Other life Horary.
From a alternate life perspective you are Mars despositing to Venus, which represents the 'other' self, therefore you are dependant upon talents which were cultivated in this other life in order to meet the requirements which being hired requires you to have. This Venus 'other' is a past life, as although Mars and Venus are not in aspect to determine whether this is a 'past' or 'future' existence, I would say this is a past life because Venus is in a lesser degree of its sign than Mars. This Venus is in Libra in the 11th house. It was a fortunate and plentiful life in which you operated in environment that met your needs for peace, beauty and contentment. Venus is a benefic and is in conjunction to the other benefic Jupiter making this a doubly fortunate existence in which you would have been wealthy, popular and well respected. It would have been a life of great spiritual accomplishment and in the 12th house, shows a life of quiet contemplation and exploration of the inner planes. Venus and Jupiters midpoints are upon the South Node, showing the good karma being generated back from this life which will help you to do whatever it is you need to do after being hired. It also emphasises the signicance of this beautiful and spiritual lifetime, and conjunct the South Node and in the 12th house it may be worth considering regression, as it seems that this life is just beneath the surface awaiting recognition. The people whom you would encounter if hired would be persons who you encountered in this other life. The 4th house cusp represents fate, so its ruler shows the fate which has been created between that life and this, the strictures that exist according to the karmic resonances between here and there, and therefore what cannot be changed and the bounds you must work within. Here your fate is represented by Saturn, as Aquarius rules the IC. Saturn is in the 9th house and represents strict belief and orthodox ideals. There were indications in your previous horary that a risk to being hired is your desire to somehow go your own way and exceed familiar boundaries and customs. This has connotations with the past life of great spiritual observance in which the beliefs and ideals were upheld so strictly that you now seek to break boundaries, but you are working within bounds which you have karmically attached yourself to. You are fated to experience a sense of your beliefs and ideals being contracted and restricted somehow, in relation to the question. Destiny is revealed by the 10th cusp and this is ruled by the Sun as Leo is here. Therefore we have a paradox, that despite you being fated to experience a restriction of your higher mind and ideals in order to work within set boundaries in being hired, it is your destiny nevertheless, to shine brightly as an individual and be independently creative. What is interesting here, is that in the previous reading, the Sun represented the person who hires you. So it would be your achievable destiny to attain the position of this person, and as a consequence be more free to do things your own way according to your ideals and aspirations.


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Draco, so the question was asked today (26th), therefore the horary chart should be set for today, not the other day. You may make mistakes, but then correct yourself and analyse the right chart. What kind of Virgo are you anyway ? :) You're supposed to be obsessed to be precise... Oh, I remember, Pisces rising and Neptune culminating... ok, then.
Well, if I were to delineate the yesterday's chart I'd say the answer was 'No' as the Moon was void of course on 25th at 15:00.

Ok, let's go to the real chart. This is a very interesting question and I must confess I used to ask this question some time ago. I even asked once if I was William Lilly himself ;) What an ego... I understand now that this question came out of too much astrology.

As for the chart (26 Aug 2005, 15:00 BST, St Anne's, UK):

The early degree rising and the early degree on the 4th house cusp indicate to me that both the question was asked off the top of your head, without previous thinking, and the topic of the question is imature, meaning that as you're asking the question you don't have any information on your past life as an astrologer.

I mean, the past (past lives included) are shown in the 4th house. Mars rules the 4th house and is not in a good position at all, actually it is really bad, so as to this subject (astrology in a past life) it doesn't show experience.
There is no past aspect between the 1st house ruler or the Moon and the 4th house ruler. However there is a separating sextile by antiscia between Mars and Jupiter, indicating that you did had a contact with astrology before (the aspects by antiscia work in a hidden, subtle way).

Jupiter is applying to conjunct Uranus' antiscion which shows that you're heading towards learning even more astrology. That's good.

The North Node in the 4th house indicates that your mission is to continue a path that you have already taken in the past.

So, the answer (as I understand it) would be that "yes, you had contact with the astrology in the past, although I couldn't say that you were an astrologer, and your job is to study it in this life too".


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:D I understand your intepretation Radu, and thankyou for having a look. In the correct chart as well as the first chart, it is indicated that I am asking the question prematurely, without due care and consideration and I am not emotionally attached enough to the answer for it to be of great significance. In the correct chart also, the Moon has no past aspects, perhaps indicating no incarnation as yet in which I have been an astrologer. The Moon has many future aspects though, perhaps showing future incarnations as an astrologer as a consequence of studying the subject in this one. However my significator in this chart, Jupiter is in past aspect to Mercury conjunct Saturn in the 8th so still the interpetation of the 'mortal' astrologer again comes to mind. This is the significators only past aspect. Alternatively, perhaps it was in this past life that my death was accurately predicted by an astrologer, hence the Mercury/Saturn 8th contact, thus upon dying, my last thoughts were how correct the astrologer was, thus my soul being ingrained with a thirst to understand the methods whereby one can interpret the unseen
according to astrological signs?
I still feel that the method of 1st=current self, 7th=other life, 10th=destiny and 4th=fate is still interesting however. This is just because I like to experiment. Getting things wrong is as important as getting things right in regard to learning as we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. As both charts show it is too early to ask I would still be interested to ask the question again some day at a more appropriate time.

I know, I'm a sloppy Virgo, I do have some wonderful Virgoan qualities but my Pisces asc, Neptune/MC is a bit overwhelming. :?