Past life confusion


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You mean, how young am I? :happy: Looking at my chart, I always found it really fascinating how it is so appropriate - having Uranus with SN in Aqua, opposing Venus with NN in Leo. I read somewhere that Aqua-Leo nodal axis represents hermit, someone who is mostly alone. People are amazing, and I truly do love everyone (this sounds like cliche, but it's true), but if I try to get close to some individual, I feel so...far away? Maybe it has to do with Scorpio Moon, but often, I get really insecure and distant if not comfortable. And if I get too comfortable, I think "What's the point in this?". What's wrong with me lol. So basically, it's going to take a lot until I learn to deal with relationships properly? Ah. I feel like an alien amongst all of these people :whistling:

I wouldn't worry. Everyone achieves their North Node destiny eventually.