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Using a method described in a thread I saw here, involving the South Node, the current life's 12th house cusp, etc...

It is actually accurate with respect to what I thought in my thread "A Past Life Revealed"(!)

Using my current life chart, I have created a Past Life Chart using aforementioned method. And using a reversed method of my own making to create a Future Life Chart for the birth chart of the person I might have been does symbolically describe my current circumstances.

AC Sagittarius - Just as I thought. If polarity of AC sign indicates gender, then yes, I was a man.:whistling:

Pluto in 12th - Ouch. Disturbing unconscious memories, perhaps of abuse.

Saturn in 4th - An abusive father, as is often hypothesized in the life of the person I might have been. See above. Writing from 3rd person POV one day I spontaneously told the story of being beaten and raped by a father figure at fourteen years old. In my room at the time, with the radio turned up loud so the rest of my family couldn't hear my screams...I recalled so many details. No wonder I don't want my parents in my room in this life.

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