Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio New Moon Oct 23: Diving Deep


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Starman Astrology Update
from Hawaii Astrologer Joseph Mina:

Scorpio New Moon arrives as a partial solar eclipse on the 23rd for South Africa to Hawaii, and 24th for the rest of the world. This is the last of the 4 eclipses of 2014. This time, North America has a front row seat for the partial phases.

Scorpio brings intensity into any situation. It also brings passion, great insight and a lot of life force. Are you ready to dive deep??? Timings, strategy, charts and more on the latest Starman Astrology Update.


The Solar Eclipse begins here @ 5:51 pm…Thursday evening. We are more than prepared :smile:

The job is just gonna have to wait on me this time, I'm not missing this one!


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Right on. Glad you have your priorities straight!

Universe always smiles kindly on those that pay attention to the more important matters of a solar eclipse. :)