Part of pregnancy, which would you use?

Dima Gur

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Hi everyone,

I sometimes need to use the part of pregnancy in my work.
As there's no such part per se, I'd need to use another part.
Here are some candidates (source: astro-seek):

The classic part which Al Biruni uses for children is ASC+SAT-JUP, but I'm not sure it can refer successfuly to expected births.
The expected birth parts have variations.
Maybe the wisest course is to check with the expecting mother to be, the sex of her future child, and calculate the part of either male or female children.

What do you think on this dilemma in particular and on similar lots/parts difficulties?


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First, "part" is wrong. The correct and proper translation is "lot."

Why? Nobody says, "My sorry part in life." The expression is "My sorry lot in life." Ever watch Star Wars? What does C3PO say to R2D2? "It must be our lot in life." He's saying they must be fated to suffer hardships because the Greek word "lot" means "fate" in English.

"Part" is harmful and damaging because it hides the fact that lots are fate points. The Lot of the Necessary Place (unrelated to the Lot of Necessity) is where people are fated to "imprisonment" which is also the wrong translation. That verb is not transitive, it's intransitive which means self-imprisonment not imprisonment. Where it falls in the chart his where people are trapped (self-imprisoned) banging their heads against the wall trying to do something they can never do or have something they can never have or be something they can never be and so always fail or are always disappointed.

Second, why would you listen to anything the Arabs and Persians have to say? They totally messed up astrology with their gibberish.

In astrology, you have to understand why things are the way they are.

Why doesn't modern astrology use lots? I just told you why. The Arabs and Persians made a total freaking mess of astrology with their nonsense and stupidity.

The Arabs and Persians ran around like a raped ape with all their stupid "parts" that aren't even right. The Renaissance astrologers couldn't sort out the mess they made and Morinus and others called them out on it.

By the time you get to the Classical astrologers (aka the "English School") they can't make any sense of them. Gadbury lists all the lots (which makes him more of a man than Lily) but it's clear he doesn't understand them or know how to use them. On the other hand, Lily only mentions the Lot of Fortune (and doesn't even use it right) and ignores the other lots because his massive ego is so massively massive he doesn't want you to know there's something in astrology he doesn't understand.

Unfortunately, modern astrologers only had access to the works of the Classical astrologers and sadly they relied almost exclusively on Lily even though Coley and Gadbury were better astrologers.

That's why modern astrology doesn't use lots or sect and doesn't use the trigon rulers properly and can't do predictive right because they use the wrong house systems and can't even get the meanings of the places right because the Arabs and Persians made such a mess of everything nobody could figure it out.

Third, al-Biruni was one of the worst. Sorry, there's no such thing as "open enemies" and they aren't the 7th place. All enemies whether you know them whether you don't know them whether they'll ultimately be revealed to you are 12th place just like in Jyotish. Lawsuits are not 7th place. Lawsuits have been and continue to be 8th place just like in Jyotish. It was Abu-Mashar and al-Biruni who didn't understand that electional and horary astrology is not the same as natal astrology and conflated all three of those which is why people falsely believe lawsuits and "open enemies" are 7th place.

Fourth, that ain't even the right formula. Saturn? For children? Are you for real? What does Saturn have to do with children or pregnancy? Nothing.

Finally, let's do this the right way so's we can attempt to make a prediction.

For male charts, find the Lot of Children by counting the signs from Jupiter to Mercury (in zodiac order) starting with the sign Jupiter is in then add that number to the ASC/1st Place (starting with the ASC).

For female charts, find the Lot of Children by counting the signs from Jupiter to Venus and adding that to the ASC/1st Place.

Naturally, you already judged the chart so's you know if the chart you have is the chart of a Loser, Drone, one of the Extraordinary People, the Beautiful People, or the Elite.

And, then, naturally you already judged each of the 12 places in the chart so's you have an idea how the affairs of that place will play out over the course of a person's life-time.

Since you did that, you already know how the Lot of Children (the sign where the Lot falls) is going to work out.

You don't want to see the ruler of the Lot in aversion. The ruler can be in opposition provided the ruler is not afflicted.

Remember that all peregrine stars are out of sect. The diurnal masculine stars Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are peregrine when they are in nocturnal feminine signs. The feminine stars Moon, Venus and Mars (no, I didn't stutter Mars is feminine not masculine) are peregrine when in diurnal masculine signs. Saturn nocturnally placed and in a nocturnal sign isn't just peregrine he's 100% out of sect and malefic so being in opposition to the Lot is going to be a problem. Saturn diurnally placed and in a diurnal sign would be good. Or not. It could mean an unexpected child.

For predictions, remember your rules:

1) Primary methods to find an event
2) Secondary methods like "solar returns" for confirmation. Remember, a solar return can only do one of three things:
a) Confirm
b) Confirm but there will be delays or obstacles
c) Destroy (the significators in your primary method fall in Capricorn on the solar return so forget about it)
3) Tertiary methods like transits

I always use ascensional times so I'd be looking for the directed Ascending Degree to be in the bounds of Mercury or Venus or Jupiter or the ruler of the Lot of Children.

I'm lazy so I also use rising times. Seriously, I got a 22-year old and I'm gonna look at the next 60 years of their life? That would take me 500 hours or more but rising times picks out the important years.

I would use the rising times of the signs for the ruler of the Lot of Children and the stars in aspect to the ruler to tell me the years when important things will happen and then use another predictive technique to narrow it down.

I would also direct Fortune.

Why? Because Moon is the body and emotions and Moon is also a significator of children.

Modern astrology nonsense like March & McEvers say, "Traditional astrology says if Moon in the signs of Mercury means you won't have children. We find that not to be true."

Um, gosh. No kidding. That's a classic straw man argument because you'll never see it in any Greek or Latin text.

What the Greeks said was:
1) Moon in Gemini or Mercury; and
2) Venus in a masculine sign; and
3) Venus in any aspect to Saturn

The "ands" are not optional they're part of the equation. The non-astrologers here say "traditional has too many rules."

That's not a rule, it's an interpretation. Get it? Moon (a significator of children) in the signs of Mercury (both are barren signs) also a significator of children when Venus (a significator of children) is in a masculine sign and in aspect with Saturn who restricts/restrains/denies. Some people just don't get it (and never will).

Fortune also represents the body and emotions and what happens to you because what happens to you affects your body and/or emotions. Sun is the principal significator of Spirit which is what happens because of you since Sun is your life and the things you do.

So I'd direct Fortune using zodiacal releasing or profections or direct the Lot of Children and I'd be looking for a relationship between Children and Fortune and the ruler.

If you use profections, solar returns are required (but not required for all primary methods).

In the solar return, well, let's make sure you're casting it right. Here are the steps:
1) Cast the solar return
2) Find Moon's position
3) Find the time when Moon makes it's return to its natal position while Sun is still in the solar/natal sign
4) That time is the actual Ascending Degree of the solar return

1) Sun at Scorpio 23° Moon at Aquarius 7°
2) Sun at Scorpio 23° Moon at Sagittarius 27° and Ascending Degree in the solar return at Libra 9°
3) When Moon returns to natal position Ascending Degree is at Virgo 17° ergo that is now the solar return ASC and adjust the chart accordingly.

Yeah, that's how solar returns were done before the Arabs and Persians messed it up because they didn't know what they were doing.

Like I said, the Lot of Children, Fortune and their rulers falling in Capricorn or Sagittarius means nothing will happen or in this instance most likely a miscarriage or still-birth.

Anyway, you'd do well to steer clear of the Arabs and Persians except for al-Batanni because he actually got it and he calls out the other Arabs and Persians and says they're stupid.