Part of Fortune aspects?


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Wow what an interesting informative thread. Thanks for digging this one up.

Is the calculation of POF on correct ie does it convert the day and night correctly.

From the earlier posts I guess it does as I have POF in 12th house (in libra and trines sun in 4th.) my sun is aqua/moon in pisces so born just after new moon.

is POF activated by transits? at all? I need to look back at when I first became of aware of its significance. Perhaps if it is in the 'quiet' areas of the chart it is something that you dont realise until later in life.

Interesting about POS as I havent looked at that.

I need to reread Bob's earlier post.

dr. farr

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I don't think we need to erect Fortuna charts (or Spiritus charts) to get valuable indications from the POF and POS-heck, the Islamic transitional era practitioners who used these Lots extensively, didn't! And I must add that my use of them, in delineation, which I am quite pleased with, does not involve Fortunata or Spiritus charts (not knocking such charts, and they may be a very valuable field for research)

Yes I accept that the POF and POS are activated by transits, and by progressions to those points, and by profection of the points themselves; heck I have long treated them just as if they were planets, EXCEPT that I do not draw aspects FROM them-relative to placement, I consider them quite active, relative to ASPECTS, they are (I believe) completely passive-they receive aspects, but do not generate aspects.
Conjunctions with them, and Parallels of declination, by planets, I consider very significant (tight orbs though, maximum in conjunction 3 degrees) HOWEVER, all of the ancient authorities, considered the ENTIRE SIGN and everything which might be IN that sign, to be "connected" in some way, with the POF or POS being posited in that sign-actually, this is how they looked at/regarded ALL of the Lots, ie, that the Lot "incorporated" the sign and everything which might be in that sign, into relationship with what that Lot signified (Islamic transitional era authors early moved away from this basically Hellenist concept, and emphasized aspects to Lots using pretty tight orbs, and also the planetary dispositor of the sign in which the Lots were placed, the house in which the Lots would fall, etc, and the ancient Hellenist concept of the Lots being connected with "everything" in the same sign the Lot was in, became forgotten and lost until the older literature began to be translated and made available over the past 20 years-just as whole sign house format was forgotten, and then rediscovered beginning in the mid-1990's)


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The V:

Placement of your POF in the 10th house (advancements), in fertile Taurus, and the POF being aspected by Sun/Venus, indicates fortunate influences upon your POF

Does it influence my Aries Mid? a,d I have POF square my Asc leo

dr. farr

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In my opinion, no, because both (the ascending degree and the POF) are PASSIVE relative to aspects, meaning they RECEIVE aspects from planets, but they do not (to my understanding) SEND (generate) aspects TO other chart components; so since neither factor is an aspect-sending (generating) body (like a planet would be), then they do not generate ANY aspect to each other (so there would NOT be an aspectual square between the POF and the ascending degree)


Here's something I just noticed about the PoF. According to Bob, the PoF is strongest when it is in an angular house, that is House 1, 4, 7 or 10. However when you look at the formula for the PoF and this is BOTH the day and night formula which means the PoS obeys this observation too, to obtain the PoF in an angular house means that you are likely to have either Sun conjunct Moon (the PoF ends up in House 1), Sun square Moon (the PoF ends up in House 4 or 10) or Sun Opposition Moon (the PoF ends up in House 7). This is also true for the PoS.

What this means is that a strong PoF or PoS means that you are looking at a person with a strong aspect between the Sun or Moon, to be more exact a strong *hard* aspect or a conjunction.

Even the angular houses the PoF/PoS ends up in makes sense. A sun conjunct moon or New Moon person ends up with the PoF in the 1st house. New Moon people tend to be self-centred and extremely sure of themselves. They don't tend to have too much self-doubt. Hence they have a strong fortune that is centred around their own actions (1st House).

Full Moon people (which includes me) tend to be full of self-doubt. However they are good at being objective and seeing both sides of things and are good at latching onto other people. In fact they feel an emotional need to do so. As Sue Thompson puts it, "Relationship is the raise d'etre for the opposition person and the type has the skill and understanding to know how to use the one-to-one encounter to further its own need for self-definition and clarification of goals." Hence the Full Moon type ends up with the PoF in House 7, that is your fortune comes from your close relationships with others.

The Moon-Sun square type ends up with the PoF in House 4 or House 10. According to Sue Thompson, Moon-Sun square types, "often have a very real need to achieve something in life, something they and their family can be proud of. Often as children those with the square didn't feel that their parents were proud of their accomplishments and this feeling of lack can be a spur towards them pushing themselves forward in life, or the reason for them not being able to do so."

very fascinating. my sun-moon signs square but not in aspect. do the signs have to be in square via aspect for your theory?

my pof is in cancer in 10th house. it's true that i didn't feel that my parents were proud of me but i stopped caring about that sometime in my early 20s. i have no desire to achieve anything that my parents can be proud of. a few years ago, my mother (for the first time) said she's proud of me, and that she always was but didn't know how to say it. my dad said he's proud of me 2x (the 1st was 2 years ago and the 2nd time was a few weeks ago). i haven't achieved anything they didn't achieve...maybe except a master's from an ivy league college (my parents have their bachelor's) but i hardly consider "higher education" something to be proud of... rather something that seems run of the mill. but then again, my pof trines uranus (disassociation) and moon (flucuation) so that's something...


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Vertex in my 8th house

can someone please help me to understand what it mean in MY CHART? I have my chart uploaded but i dont know how to apply this aspect on it. I only read that it was in my 8th house now.

i have been reading alot on this Vertex but if someone knowledgeable would please reach out to me and talk to me on how this is affecting my chart I would appreciate it very much.

i hope to hear from you.


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Re: Vertex in my 8th house

.......i have been reading a lot on this Vertex.......
Your thread regarding Vertex and 8th house has some helpful links - so I'm quoting Bina's post in case others are interested to explore those links as well
Amy, yes, your chart is there, but you need to put the Vertex on it. The Vertex is a point on your chart, just like the NN or the part of fortune, on it is listed with the additional objects at the bottom of the page. Then we can see where it is in your chart and what aspects it makes.

I don't really know much about the Vertex, like you, i'm still trying to find out what it means. If you upload a chart with the Vertex on it, i'll take a look with my limited knowledge and see if i can help. :smile:

The Vertex can receive aspects, also by transit, just like all the other points and planets in a chart. From what i've read it's activation by transit can signify important encounters in our life.

A few links about the Vertex :
This thread is titled 'Part of Fortune aspects'. Part of Fortune is not the Vertex... the Part of Fortune is different from the Vertex. The Part of Fortune and the Vertex are not the same :smile:
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I have the POF in Virgo, 2nd house, ruler in 4th house and is heavily aspected (good and bad aspects). It is alongside my MC ruler, Venus, but is not conjunct. Moon is also by its side. I have Mercury sextile POF, Mars sextile POF, Uranus and Neptune trine POF and the POF also trines the MC. No other aspects. How could I get an interpretation on this?