Pars Fortunae Question


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Hey guys. I have my Pars Fortunae in the 1st house in Capricorn. It's conjunct Saturn and opposite my Moon. I wonder what a POF in Capricorn associated with a conjunction in Saturn has to do with anything. Maybe it makes it stronger or more beneficial? The opposition to the Moon doesn't look too good though, since the Moon happens to be the strongest planet in my chart :/. What's it mean? I haven't been able to find much about conjunctions in natal charts to the PoF, so I haven't figured out how to synthesize it all.


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Since Saturn and POF are in different signs, it does not afflict POF or Moon for that matter. POF is the part of the Moon and the Moon is not malefic in its own house. This should be favorable for your financial situation.


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I would also note that the Part of Fortune is a blend of the positions of your moon, ascendant, and sun: kind of like a mid-point for three. As such the PF doesn't cast an orb. It doesn't make a lot of sense to consider it in relation to your moon, as the moon is already part of its equation. I would simply read your Part of Fortune in the first house as giving you the opportunity to enjoy your embodiment and personality; i. e., how you come across to other people. In Capricorn and conjunct Saturn, you might read up on all the great things about your Capricornian dimension!

Also, the "acidental" ruler of your PF is Jupiter, as Sag. is the sign on your AC. Sounds fortunate to me.