P.Sun,P.Merc and transit of Neptun eover NN in Pisces


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hello everyone,

I recently had Sun enter Pisces by progression and now Mercury also has entered Pisces. They are conjunct or nearly conjunct my NN in the 8th. Neptune is transiting there also.

I recently have become very sensitive and intolerant of many medications even dental anesthesia and I am now attempting to learn biofeedback self-hypnosis to be able to undergo dental procedures without the drugs. Does this osund like a response to the progressions and neptune thing or is it more indicative of the squares and oppositions by transit to my Libra planets?


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Birth chart factors contributing to what you describe are Moon in Virgo semi-sextile Neptune and semi-sextile Pluto. But there generally needs to be a trigger in transits/prog, as you've described. If your chart is accurate 'as is' then the progressed Moon has moved into your 6th house in the last couple months or so and this can be a triggering factor.

Be very careful about anything that stressed your heart during this time. Progressed Uranus is exactly contra-parallel your natal Sun. Also don't jump into any medical procedures until you know all the issues and have everything covered. Uranus relates to unpredictability and with the Sun we're talking about your vital force/heart, etc. So pay attention to any little odd health issues that pop up and get them taken care of.

Good thing is you are probably going to have a nice relationship period that has started recently. Progressed Mars in Scorpio is coming quickly to exact parallel with your natal Venus and will be there within orb for over a year. Great for creative productivity too.


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Hi Kannon, The sensitivities to many things started 20+ years ago , but this acute sensitivity to the dental anesthesia started about 3 years ago and recently many health issues have been exacerbated including this. My heart has been checked out and all seems good and I have great cholesterol and low BP. But I do get heart palpitations from time to time and somewhere I read that is a Leo thing. I belive it is almost always caused by hormonal shifts. Looking forward to creative burst - already happening- channeling it into my astrology work and writing.

Thanks again