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I was reading through a thread and thinking about other threads by people who ask why they're a loner. I then thought that if someone is a loner, why should thy care what other people think? My first thought is that they weren't actually loners, but only loners relative to most human beings. This sounded like a copout to me, so then I thought, what buried motive could cause a loner to care what people think? The first thing that came to mind was physical harm, because everyone alive has an amount of self-preservation instinct. I've already thought extensively about the role if violence (both actual and potential) in human society and it seems to be the single most important thing driving society, and all emotions are based on fear, which is caused by an unemotional thought process that is mostly hidden. I thought that sounded a little ******* up, but I didn't know how I decided it sounded ******* up and deny that I thought that at all.

I came to the conclusion that human nature (as in what all humans have in common, not the traits which are most representative of the total population of humans) is a sum of oxymorons. Maybe this is what causes the nature of the effects of objects in signs?