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Hi, firstly, thanks to all of you who came here to give me a hand.

What is the best form of astrology to indicate the probable outcome of a lengthly criminal hearing? attached Natal chart

I have been charged with a criminal assault matter (DV related), that has been falsely alleged by my ex wife. She had some injuries, not caused by the way she says it had been. The case hearings have been in progress for several months now, and there has been few past hearing dates.
The case is police (state) vs me, so out of court settlement isn't viable. We have a young daughter who the ex wife has taken with her and I have not seen since, or heard anything from her for over 6-7 months. She is too young to call me on her own. There has been no contact with the ex wife since the charges were laid by police. The ex is making these false allegations to have full control over the child custody matters, and property settlements. She hates me!
Financial decay has started to creep in. It is very hard to maintain composure for several months. I am still working and the ex has exploited this situation to extract the most possible financially in child support money.

Was studying some techniques for Hora, and had asked the question on this forum. Some say it will be settled out of court..can't see how it will take that turn in the sequence of events.

I would like to ask, what does my chart indicate in terms of the case? Will the judge find me guilty. When will the hearings end?


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I think this may be too serious of a matter for most astrologer to attempt on an amateur site.

From what I can see and I can be wrong, the ASC is 28 55'. This is a late ascendant which makes the chart invalid.

If you have the natal of your ex-wife, I can help you more practically. If you are dealing with one with mental illness, I don't think astrology will do you any good here at all. The astrology discipline isn't equipped to handle mental illnesses. You are wasting your time here with horary. But practicality in the real world might.
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