Our Karmas and other people past lives

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Hi Julia! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with worldly matters!

Thank you for your analysis - I can truly relate to that! Do you think that the fact that I have Sun, Moon, and Venus (AC ruler) in Pisces and 12 as well is helpful for Chiron's goal to bring this wound into my consciousness and heal it, or rather a hindrance?

I can well imagine that my mom hurt me in a past live and is now trying to make up for it. I occasionally feel strong fear when I'm with her, which floods me without any obvious trigger, there is no explanation for it in those moments. Btw she also has her Mars on my Chiron.

A few years ago she said to me she is only still here because of me, to give me whatever she can, whatever I need.

So, yes, what you say, feels true.

I am sorry for my delayed reply. I have been ill and out of commission.
So my reply will be brief, but I wanted to follow up.

When the soul moves into Pisces, and 12 house emphasis, there will be a desire for enlightenment and an opportunity to come off the karmic wheel. So Pisces energy can help you by connecting you to the Divine and giving you a great deal of spiritual energy. This of course helps with healing of all kinds. But like all the energy in our natal chart, we can use it for good or bad, this is up to each soul. By now, I am sure you are aware of the dark side of Pisces energy, the goal is to use the positive traits of the sign to further soul growth and healing.


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Hi Julia, I'm sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you are better soon!


From Pisces to Pisces, thank you for your insight, yes, this describes me well!


Hi Julia!
I love astrology,and im trying to learn as much as i can,but im still beginer.
Im very interested in karmic astrology and karma. Im going now through some hard time of life and hard relationship, and i would be so thankful and it would help me a lot if you could look at some aspects and tell me what do you think why this is happening?