Orlando's Birth chart---what is going on?


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The city of Orlando has had so much turmoil the last few weeks. The kidnapping of a young girl[Diana Alvarez, 9] , the shooting of a singer by a crazy fan, the mass murder at Pulse, and now a 2 yr old at Disney Resort, being grabbed by an alligator.

What is happening and does it show up in the mundane chart of the city?

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Event: October 5, 1857, 12:27 PM
In: Orlando (FL) (United States)
Sun: 12°26' Libra AS: 7°03' Capricorn
Moon: 11°45' Taurus MC: 22°56' Libra
Dominants: Libra, Taurus, Virgo
Venus, Moon, Saturn
Houses 4, 8, 9 / Earth, Air / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 9



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Transiting Uranus is sitting on the IC of Orlando. We can sense that upheaval and erratic undercurrent.

The chart type is a funnel to Neptune in Pisces in the 3rd, conjunct the North Node. Idyllic, dreamy, watery, imaginative fantasyland.


there's no chart showing up on that link, other than today's chart.

uranus and neptune in Orlando's chart are key.

uranus likes to disrupt all 'structures' - in this case, neptune, i feel.

maybe look at anaheim as a moderate example of such - the home of the Angels and Disneyland.

i am fairly sure that in Disney's growth and development - they employed astrologers to find Neptune links to their theme parks and the towns they chose to put them in.

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Well this chart that you provided has some interesting connections to the USA natal chart. The Ac-Dc axis of the USA chart is just slightly over a degree opposition to the MC-IC axis of the Orlando chart. The Orlando chart has a POF in the same exact degree as the USA's North Node, the 7th degree of Leo. The POF of USA's chart is in the same sign and degree as Orlando's lilith at 26 scorpio.

Uranus on Orlando's IC (And USA's AC) definitely seems to be a major factor but theres some other stuff going on in the sky currently that i'd like to point out.

For one, Jupiter is crossing over USA's natal part of war.

And also, we cant leave out the current retrogradation process that mars is going through.

Mars turned RX at 9 sag, the degree of USA's "noble and illustrious acquaintances" (think about the implications of this... Reversing mars right on this degree...retrogradation is a necessary spiritual process, required in order to truly master the qualities of that planet, in this case the planet of Action, in regards to a particular precept, in this case dealing with illustrious people... gives the "noble" ones a chance to learn from there actions, and the less-than-noble ones, a chance to make a name of themselves...)

And its retrograding over USA's part of fortune which is Orlando's lilith. If we plug up a chart for when the mass shooting took place, mars was exactly on this degree!

This retrogradation process of mars has also activated, through opposition, Orlandos natal Uranus which is in the 29th degree of taurus. Looking at an ephemeris, mars reached an exact opposition in retrograde on the 31st of may and will reach it again direct on the 30th of july.

An event time of 2:02 am for the mass shooting gives a chart axis in the exact first degrees of the cardinal signs (in fact the chart axis is Yeshuas natal chart axis but exactly reversed... How heavy but not surprising as this sort of reversal commonly show up in charts dealing with nefarious intents...)

The event chart for the shooting also has mercury making a pretty close conjunction to Orlando's natal Uranus.
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Something else of note.

If we pull up a USA prog chart to the day of the mass shooting, june 12 2016, we find that the Ascendant is at 24.51 scorpio and the moon is at 24.56 scorpio, conjunct very close to exact to the transiting Mars rx that i talked about in the last post.

If we progress Orlando's chart to June 12th, (granted the time& date the op listed from astrotheme is correct) we find Uranus at 25.53 taurus. Mars is at 27.52 scorpio and vertex is at 22.18 scorpio. Phew buddy.