Opposite sun and opposite moon synastry?


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Hi I have tried to look up aspects in regards to our synastry but I'm struggling to see those more significant and therefore get a kind of 'bigger picture' on the whole thing.

Can you please help me with this synastry chart?

I know my pisces sun is opposite his virgo sun
and my scorpio moon is opposite his taurus

what does this usually mean?

there does seem to be some kind of connection we have I can't really put my finger on it


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Jupiter opp. moon is good, i don't have the time to look at the chart in detail right now, maybe later...


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Aspects to the nodes are important in karmic links, there's a sun/node conjunction, and venus trine NN and Pluto. This could feel like a powerful attraction both ways.


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The close oppositions of both luminaries is in itself powerful...between your moons it is very close...


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Using whole sign houses, he triggers your 3rd (siblings), 4th (home) and 7th (spouse). You trigger his 6th (challenges) and especially his 10th (career).
why do some people use whole houses some people don't

When it comes down to house systems, it's really which one relates to your life and you as a individual more. Not everyone just uses one house system some might use three, four, or all of the house systems just because maybe each and everyone of the house systems relates to different parts in the individuals life.