Old soul?


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I've always been told that I not only appear older than I am, but that I also behave quite a bit older than I am. I also feel so confident in just living, and being human. It's a little difficult to explain, I guess I have a general sense of wisdom. I am curious if there are any indicators of past lives, and what they are. I would love to hear some insights, my chart is attached below.


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IMO try Numerology because it can be much easier to see the Karmic stuff then in Astrology. Name and birthday alone can tell a lot about past lives. For instance one could find out about Karmic Debts accumulated through past lives by seeing if you have any Karmic numbers. Karmic Lessons or things you have yet to learn or lack personality-wise can also be seen simply by looking at the numbers that appear the least or those that don't appear at all in your name or birth date. Karmic Debts can be found through simplifying the consonants in each of your names. Through the Lo Shu personality matrix you can learn a lot about yourself with just your birthday. Numerology is useful and often is used in combination with Astrology to maximize the desired energetic change. Start by researching the four core numbers and learn those before you even get into the Karmic stuff. Numerology and Astrology are both sciences and should be used to learn about the self. They can reinforce your own inner knowing (intuition) that come from the Hearts own innate intelligence our society just does not teach you to trust the organ of higher intelligence(Heart). Surely if you feel you are an old soul then you probably are. Astroology can tell a great deal about past lives I just lack the capabilities needed to make such an assesment. Maybe someone with more knowledge can shed some light onto how to address such a measurement astrologically. I intuitively feel that Saturn (Chronos, Set, Satan, Blak Sun, Greater Malefic, Lord of Time and Karma), asteroids, and nodes probably have a good deal to tell about past lives.

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Delineate your 60th harmonic (D60) natal chart (erect it on astro.com)-in Vedic astrology this is the karma varga (karma divisional) chart, and-for those who believe in karma-is (allegedly) indicates the karmic underpinnings of the current life.

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Also, experimentally at least, your could erect a "past life" chart: method is in my thread in this Karmic forum, entitled "A Technique for erecting a Past Life Chart"...


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I don't have advice, but I can relate because my birthday is January 4th, 1992. My chart is more squished together, but all of the signs and planets are in the same place. The only difference is my rising and moon are in capricorn.

I've always felt older than my age. in fact, I get along with older people more often than friends my age. I believe the Nodes in our charts give the direction of our current life, the north being where we should aim for the most progress, and the south being the progress that has been left over from our past life. Here's a quick link I found (http://www.astrologycom.com/nodes.html) but do google more.