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Blast from the Past - Relationship survives decades - help! - synastry


I have had a "legendary" relation with someone, past decades, he has reappeared in my life, and i have had many premonitory dreams about this person since this summer. I do not want to date him but I know we are somehow linked and this "link" may last forever.

I wont get much into details but I'd like to know what you see in the charts. I know alot about synastry analysis, have read a site about 4 "soul mate" signs and pretty sure we have all 4. But I'm not an expert. and I also dont know much about composite charts. I have a feeling our composite chart is better somehow than the synastry chart. is there any indication here that would make it such a longlasting feeling between the 2.

ok, it never really set off the ground, nor could we even communicate, and seemed like we were both from two different planets but that is kinda evident in the chart. but, there is something much more beyond that, that has lasted for years.

- oh and his venus can be seen as trine my moon but its 9 or 10 degrees apart

Im not sure about the other persons ascendant but have a pretty good indication.

Thank you very much for your help!
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k so here are the charts


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