Occulist natal chart?


Hello everyone :wink:

I need to know... what are the best astrological placements for an occulist?

Does my natal contain this kind?

It's hard to find valuable information on the internet because people do not seem to be saying the same things.

I dont know who and what to trust.

I asked an astrologer on another forum some time ago... and I was told dont worry about that! An answer that I found a little selfish. :pinched:
I understand that some do not want to share their knowledge I have to respect that.
So if someone would be kind enough to inform me I would be very grateful. :innocent:


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From looking at your chart I think you show some great indicators of being able to study, and explore the occult. you have mercury and Jupiter in the 8th house of the occult, so you naturally find it interesting. it is also in the sign of Pieces, which is a great sign for the 8th house if your interested in the occult. Jupiter is in its natural sign so it is a great idea for you to pursue it!

Another great thing is that you have Neptune in your 6th house of work and health so you sort of have a natural intuition for healing people and could really benefit from natural remedies.

The last thing I think you chart shows is having moon in Cancer in the 12th house. Cancer moons are naturally intuitive and protective so you can easily understand peoples emotions and with it in the last house you could really help people who have gone though some sort of set backs or other traumas. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! YOU WILL DO GREAT!