Observation about Negative/Positive signs, through one decade


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Am I the only one who looks back at 1980's pop culture and notices a stark difference between the early and later part of the decade?

Picking an example, how about music videos.

During the early 80's, music videos were pretty bright and cheery, off kilter, very zany in their themes. Even ones that were thematically darker still had a sense of humor.

When we look at late 1980's music videos, they almost all seem to be about just the band in a lonely situation - an abandoned cityscape, the woods, an old hospital etc. They use sea-green, grey or desaturated color filters. They're very gloomy and ultra serious thematically.

I want to use this as an effect of how certain signs affect all of society on a sort of macro-level, but when I look at the early 1990's, things seemed to switch back to a more positive-extroverted theme again despite the fact that negative, introverted signs were dominant.

So, I feel like I'm not onto something, and where my theory falls apart. I guess what I'm asking is, do others here have observations about how planets affected things in more subtle every day ways? What people valued, cared about, their mental state of affairs, etc?

I was born in 1990, so can anyone who lived through the era tell me if I am just cherry picking?