Nothing goes perfect first time


Whatever I do, I need to do it twice. It may be work, or finding a girl or opening a bank account. Nothing can be done on first time. Why is it? Because of debiliated mars in 3rd house? Or Rahu moon in 7th house or Jupiter retrograde in 5th house?

DoB- 07_May_1993, time- 06:05am, kharagpur (west bengal).

Is there any remedy in lal kitab for this??


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You are in the major-period of Mercury these days since 2010. It is in a sign of Mars. Mars is inimical to Mercury. In the navamsha it falls in another inimical sign Cancer. Mars is in Cancer in the birth chart. Jupiter is in Aries navamsha. Mercury is in this sign in the birth chart. Jupiter is inimical to Mercury. Thus Mercury is flawed. Mercury multiplies the number. This causes repetitive action.
I am not very conversant with Lal Kitab but Mercury responds to prayer to Lord Vishnu.


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3rd house is self efforts if afflicted no matter how many times you try it wont succeed but since its upchaya it improves as time grows .

8th house is daily routine when it afflicted day to day affairs will be burdensome , gives headache your 8th lord retro so it will behave crooked .

Rahu denotes futile travels and worthless jobs . if connected with asc 10th gives futile travels and wasting time and energy . that too in moveable signs indeed person always away from home . yours in fixed sign but its 7th house of travel .also lagna lord is aspected by rahu and 8th lord so it makes you less worthy where ever you they wantedly ill treat you . somehow it ends in conflicts . your speech is also like that .

karma karga sat is its own house good but its aspected by mars so it gives troubles in prof and all your actions . so watch out your karma , do good deeds .

currently you are running mer dasa who is 2nd and 5th lord is in 12th . aspected by sat it should take you to forgein land should give job and family . expenditure will be high take care mom . dont waste money on bad habits . dont get into women issues , even you stay away it comes by itself it my duty to warn you . spouse will be pretty well to do but wil have trouble some nature . she controls you . you settle in forgein land ...