Nosso Lar/Astral City


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Hi there brothers and sisters,fellow spiritual travelers,I came across this film on Youtube after trawling the web for interesting NDE videos.I was very surprised to come across a Brazilian film that is derived from a book by Chico Xavier,Its called 'Nosso Lar' or 'Astral City',Its a film about what happens after death.My only complaint is that as the film comes from a Catholic/Christian country and is consequently biased towards Christianity,But with the inclusion of reincarnation and other non Christian beliefs,I am dissapointed to see very little of people from all the other religions despite the film making it clear that the higher beings do not have a preference for any particular religion.I do notice that in one temple there are the symbols on the wall of all the great religions which compensates i guess.Any way i enjoyed it so much i had to watch it again because it had such a profound effect on me and i wanted to make sure i didnt miss any thing as i was reading the sub titles in English the first time round,Enjoy :) :