North Node square Venus


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What stage of the relationship are you in (assuming it's a romantic relationship)? Are you married, or have been dating for years? Dating, but not that long? Or is this someone you're interested in but no real relationship exists as of right now?

If this is an established relationship, you already know what its strengths and weaknesses are. Astrology can't do much more than confirm what you already know. Does this cookbook astrology description of north node square Venus sound like what you've experienced in the relationship? If so, it's confirmed. If not, this particular interpretation doesn't apply to you.

If you barely even know this person, get to know them and have some sort of relationship with them before you start asking any astrological questions about it. Astrology isn't really useful for relationships that are only potential, not actuality.

If it's somewhere in between--you've gotten to know this person and you have some relationship but not a well established relationship--you're best off getting to know them better, rather than probing the synastry. If there are problems between you at this stage, astrology might be of some help at sorting them out... but if all you're doing is looking for potential problems in synastry when you're not seeing any in real life, that isn't helpful.
North Node serves as your karmic purpose in this life, while South Node is your karmic baggage, or what your soul brought with you into this life. The thing about squares is that if a planet squares your n node, it also squares your s node. One way to interpret this is that you’ve known each other in a past life, and since the planet is Venus I would say it was likely a romantic relationship. Since his Venus is in between your nodes so to speak, there is potential to hold you back or push you forward. It’s similar in many ways to Saturn energy, restricting you and putting obstacles in your way in order to make you stronger. If there were more worrisome aspects, this could be a warning from your past life, however since the rest of the synastry is largely positive, I would say that’s unlikely.


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simply put, this shows that you energize his emotional feeling. you would need to check the other aspects to find out if this is a positive attractive affect or a repulsive affect to you.

midpoint composites are much more functional when trying to understand the interpersonal dynamics in a relationship.


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My North Node square his Venus.

This is what I found: " The Venus person might feel that they put most of the effort into the relationship. This combination is sometimes considered an aspect of star-crossed lovers."
Also "North Node is where you are headed in life with the square a disharmonious energy meeting with Venus the planet of love this relationship is not on your path….(There are no absolutes in astrology this is one manifestation) the timing is off for this relationship."

The rest of our synastry chart has very positive aspects, MANY positive aspects but this one is the only one that I don't really understand.

So what ever happened between you two?


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I have the same aspect with a guy...venus in libra exact degree square his north and south node cancer/capricorn... I have not found much information on this aspect in synastry....we've known each other since high school...dated briefly when we were both separated from our spouses...I'd just like more info on what this aspect means in a nutshell.. good or bad.. help..