north node south node and 4th and 10th house


Is there any connection?

north house is ic/4th

South house is mc/10th

Are these akin to north and south node? Ie 4th house is where you should be going/future and 10th where you come from?/something in thr past? Seems a bit wierd


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It could just be me but I've never heard of the terms north and south house.

There's the 4th house, about your childhood roots.
The 10th house, how you contribute to this world via your public persona

When the North Node is in the 4th house, that tends to mean a deep part of you has the ambition, hard worker, public success thing down (South Node in the 10th), but what you have to work on is becoming more caring, empathetic, tending to the personal needs of people, learning to create a bond with your family without expecting anything in return.

I don't know if that makes sense but I hope it does.


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i have this. it has to do with what your life purpose is about. and your south node is what you're used to/represents you last life.

i have 4th house NN in Pisces and I can be drawn to be a workaholic (virgo in 10th)

I am still young and I don't think I have figured it all out yet but it seems to constantly be a struggle with me with work and family. I always have an unnerving feeling I should be there for my family more (even though i am involved)


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Reading a great book about the nodes is one way of making it less confusing.
Martin Schulman's book on the Nodes has been an absolute necessity for me as an astrologer. He is excellent at explaining these "karmic" positions.


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Working towards a stable home life maybe?
Being more attuned with your feelings?
I guess it works like NN Cancer..
I'm interested in this topic, because I know someone with the opposite (NN/MC)
So, thanks for starting this thread :joyful:


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The Midheaven and Nadir, which in quadrant house systems are identical with the cusps of the 10th and 4th houses, refer to the meridian of birth (the longitude east or west of Greenwich). The sign positions of these two points is an expression of Earth's momentary orientation (through one revolution of Earth on its axis) to the celestial sphere.

The nodes of the Moon are the points at which the orbital plane of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. When the Moon, in her monthly cycle, comes to the north node, she moves from south of the ecliptic to north of it. The lunar nodes are eclipse points -- solar and lunar eclipses can occur only when sun and moon are in proximity to these nodes. The cycle of the lunar nodes spans a bit over 18 years, and has nothing to do with the Earth's revolution about its axis.

They are not related, astronomically.
Nor do they -- in my opinion -- have any symbolic relationship or affinity astrologically.
The lunar nodes are correlates of 0 Aries-0 Libra, First House-Seventh House cusps, and not of the Fourth-Tenth, although I personally find the correlation weak and not very useful. The correlation of the Fourth-Tenth cusps with the lunar nodes -- if there is any correlation at all -- would be to the Bendings of the Moon [the points in square to the nodes.]
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