North Node Quincunx Pluto exact in synastry chart

Hi everyone!

I recently met someone who I feel intensely connected to, even though I had just met them. I’ve been reading the synastry chart and this one particular aspect jumped out at me as very intriguing.

Their North Node in their 6th house, my 10th is Quincunx my Pluto in my 5th, their 1st. This aspect is particularly puzzling to me as seemingly no information exists online about it, but not only that, this aspect is literally exact, down to the minute. This seems important as both Pluto and the Nodes move very slowly, but they’re interacting with each other at 19°57’4

I also noticed that both their North Node and my Pluto are the apex of two Yods in the synastry chart. Speaking of, we have a crazy amount of Yods, I counted 7.

Anyone have clues on this one? I would post the full synastry chart but I’m a bit too reserved to do that publicly, so if anyone wanted to look deeper in the chart feel free to ask and I can send the whole chart!


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It's hard to say without viewing the horoscopes.

I wouldn't count yods unless they involve actual planets.

Generally a quincunx indicates ambivalence: something concerns you, but not so strongly that you take action (square, opposition) but there is not an easy flow here, as with a trine.

It's possible that something else besides Pluto-NN is afoot.