North Node in 4th House Libra


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Hi there!

Can someone help me with understanding the north node in 4th house libra? I understand that I am supposed to focus more on family and home rather than career. I get that but does that mean I totally disregard my career and external goals?

I'm having a difficult time seeing how I can incorporate my north node into my life especially as I'm in my 20s and not yet ready to solely devote myself to family.


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NN in Libra in the 4th means you came into this life with a Aries/10th House fiery, go-getter career-based energy (South Node). This refers to your family and also your natural gifts, to some extent. So your mission to balance out those energies would be to learn about the Libra in the 4th placement. This is a problem I've also dealt with because I have NN in Aquarius in the 4th, which means I came into this life with Leo/10th H energy.

It can be confusing in a Fire (fighting)/Earth (for resources) based world to have a NN in a Water house (and Air to a lesser extent), because it seems counter-intuitive to go against that, especially when you're not 30+.

But what I've come to learn about having a 4th House NN people (myself included) is that they have a strong dichotomy between their home-selves and their career-selves, usually due to family expectations. And with an Aries SN in the 10th, there's a good chance you push hard in your career (possibly through your Saturn Return) until you see this imbalance in your life causing strife inside.

The obvious interpretation of a Libra 4th NN, is valuing balance/beauty in the home environment. That doesn't spell doom for your career at all though -- but think about what you enjoy working on/doing at home (home aesthetics? interior design? art?). That's most likely where you're going to find luck in your career. The funny thing about the 4th H NN placement is that your career will likely take off when you don't make it the center of your life, and focus first on balancing your home/inner-self.