North Node in 12th House


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I dont really know if there even is karmic interpritations for the nodes although the majority of what I read says that there is, but yes I think it has karmic meaning.

I have the "Idiots guild to astrology" by Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur and Lisa Lenard that I signed out from the library, and it has a simple interpritation of the nodes that I think is accurate.

Your south node indicates lessons and talents that you have already mastered, what could be percived as the easy way out, and the majority of your past lives, and because you have already mastered the lessons there is no challenge or growth when you continue to use them (I think this is in general you can probably still learn somethings from it but it would be very easy for you). The easiness of the SN is the universes way of telling you to develop and work on your NN.

Your NN is the lessons that you are here to learn and is the "hard way" as opposed to the SN being the "easy way", but it is worth the effort. Your NN is your development path, your future and your greatest opprotunity for growth, fulfillment, increased confidence, and rewards for your efforts.

Now, I am going to quote what I said on another thread about the NN in the 12th:

What you need to understand is that NN in the 12th means that you need to understand that the universe is all around you but it is also within you, and since it is in capricorn that means that your NN has to understand responsibility and achievement. So, what you could take from this is that mabie karmically you could be some kind of spiritual leader. Lead by example.

One book you can read is called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, this will help you understand somewhat at least what he considered spiritual enlightenment. It is a good book thought, one thing you should understand is part of the natural opposition between the 12th house and the 6th is that teh 12th house is called the connection to the "source" of creation and all the bliss and joy therein. However, you have to be present in the "now" (the 6th house) in order to experience this. So, in order to be in the "now" you have to sort of be present in the moment because eckhart explains that the egotistical mind lives in the past or the future, as in some kind of negative past event that people draw their identity from and use it as an excuse to not grow or "evolve" per se in a spiritual or emotional sense. Or in the future because some people will say that they will start to enjoy life when they graduate, then find a job, then after their kids leave home, then finally when they retire at age 55 or later, and they will put their own happiness on hold until these goal are met. Obviously someone like this might need to learn that you can be happy now! Eckhart gives ways of becoming more in tune with the now via some meditational techniques, one is surrendering which means to stop resisting your feelings and let them flow through you and the other is to create mental stillness in your mind. If you do this your state of presentness will dissolve whatever sence of identity you have with the past or future, and allow you to feel the bliss and joy of the 12th house.

Now, lets look at the tarot card The Hanged Man. The hanged man is suspended and giving up something to gain something greater. What he is doing is abandoning his own self-importance and no longer relying on his own wit or cleverness or egotistical deires to try to get ahead of others (the idea of separateness comes into play here because part of the 12th house is to realise that we are all connected by the source, and alot of people think that in order to get good things in life you have to get them at someone elses expense). The hanged man is the neptune card of the deck(the book here "Easy Tarot Guild" by Marcia Maniso says that some of the major arcana represent either a sign or a planet)and what it does is it breaks down the traditional ego-derived goals to allow us to find what is important in our lives. People who refuse to "let go and let god" often stay stuck here with the same old goals that are based on ego, materialism, pride, or selfishness. These "hang-ups" will prevent someone from seeing any viewpoint except their own and prevent progress and growth.

You should also watch the DVD The Secret, it will explain how your thought and feelings on both a concious and unconcious level will draw things and circumstances to you. It is worth looking into.

All these things discuss the 12th house so it is important, as for past life stuff the sign and planets in the 12th house show the most recent past life and what kind of subconcious patters have come from it. Since you have no planets in the 12th you have to look at the ruler which is saturn.


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Hi Starlink,

starlink said:
Anna Violet, I am not really impressed by these interpretations. I have NN in the 7th. I read that I might have several marriages and right after that it says: the native will have one marriage.
It gives auspicious and less auspicious interpretations. They are the exact opposite from the others. I imagine that this refers to well aspected NN or badly aspected NN. What if you have mixed aspects?
Yeah I can see what you mean that is pretty contradictory...I know very little about Vedic astrology really..I was thinking about it today actually how some Vedic interps seem like they are very supersticious..I would be interested to understand more about what the interps are based on. I think my n.node is square mars and saturn so I guess I would have the less auspicious interp :( My NN is in Leo in 10th.
A lot written about these Nodes is speculative, even the very traditional one's. I have South Node conjunct the Ascendant, apparently very nasty. Nothing of what is written in the other link of Astro teacher is accurate in my case. In fact it is all the contrary. Could this be because my Jupiter is quite near that South Node? I once asked Astro Teacher about the "early death" thing, referring to my "lethal" south node, and he said that in the old days, early death meant VERY early, like in your 20th or so and I should not therefore take it as being true.
Phew! Pretty intense predictions about early death...I didnt find any of that link felt like it related to me either.
How long have Astrologers studied the Nodes?
I still have to come to terms with the whole NN-SN issue to be honest. there are so many different opinions. I decided to wait until something comes up which really convinces me.
The thing I have read about them which most resonated was that the goal of the nodes is not to disown the SN and just embrace the qualities of the NN but to get a balance of somewhere inbetween...after all if the SN represents the sum of our Karmic path(?) then surely it is not all bad there are bound to be gifts there also...I read bout my NN in Leo and SN in Aqu and it was saying the goal there would be to bring the humanitarian traits of Aqu to the leadership of Leo.
Maybe, in the meantime, the Sabian Symbol of my Nodes could throw some light onto this?

South Node = 3° Sagittarius in house 1: Two men playing Chess.
Looking at the keywords, I can only identify with the following: divorce and The need for peacekeeping.(Seneca: A quarrel is quickly settled when deserted by one party: there is no battle unless there be two.) Also maybe facing each other head on and seeing the picture several moves ahead.
This symbol tells me to take calculated risks (or, if I want to take a risk, to be very careful about it).Take one step at the time, keep concentration focused on the main aim and outcome, move with purpose and forethought.

Yes, I like to take a risk in life sometimes and I do think things over carefully. After all my South Node is ruled by my Jupiter in Scorpio in 12th trine Saturn in 9 (deep analyzing before jumping).

North Node = 3° Gemini in house 7: The charming court life at the garden of the tuileries in Paris. It showes a time to enjoy the rewards of beauty, order, selfconfidence and authority that I and others have developed and achieved, without becoming snobbish.
I have indeed always had a very good life, very much been there and seen it all, and as a result I avoid moving in circles where people are superficial which in my experience is often the case unfortunately.
Sounds really positive.
I like your way of interpreting the Sabian Symbols...I have tried to understand them before but was rubbish at relating them to the Qs I asked...they gave me a certain feeling but I couldnt verbalise it/interpret it.
AstroTeacher told me (I had not noticed this) that my Nodes are in their exaltation. This might help me to use them properly I guess.
Cool- why are your Nodes exalted?


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Natasha said:
I think of the south node in the 6th and north in the 12th as coming from the 'mundane' physical and routines of life to the spiritual and mysteries of life.
The nodal access seems to indicate the direction we are trying to focus towards in this life time.
The twelth is indeed about the spititul and mysteries & what is hidden - also it is the house where our family history lurks - the family skeletons, the family gold unlived, the family patterns.
In some way north node in the 12th may find themselves coming across & dealing with these family inheritances in some way

Dont forget the polarity, South node in the 6th knows & has mastered how to organise their day to day life (whether they realise it now or not they have the resources to do this)

I agree that the twelfth house deals with our past and the karma attached to it in some way but I am not sure that the family heredity belongs here unless the Moon is connected. The 4th house deals with that. It does deal with secret matters but then so does the 8th house.

I agree with all else that you have said in regard to coming from the 6th.
Sometimes the 12th house NN will give some kind of incapacity and having to rely on the charity of others for our day to day living. Or we may find great satisfaction in administering in this way for the needs of others.


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Claire19 said:
I agree that the twelfth house deals with our past and the karma attached to it in some way but I am not sure that the family heredity belongs here unless the Moon is connected. The 4th house deals with that. It does deal with secret matters but then so does the 8th house.

I agree with all else that you have said in regard to coming from the 6th.
Sometimes the 12th house NN will give some kind of incapacity and having to rely on the charity of others for our day to day living. Or we may find great satisfaction in administering in this way for the needs of others.

I have read that the 12th house deals with collective karma/collective unconscious...I wonder how that would be interpreted having the NN there...


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Cool- why are your Nodes exalted?

You can find this in Ptolemy's Essential dignities and Debilities table as Used by Lilly (William).

Like Sun is exalted in the 19th degree of Aries
Moon in the 3rd degree of Taurus
North Node in the 3rd degree of Gemini
Jupiter in the 15th degree of Cancer
nothing in Leo
Mercury in 15th degree of Virgo
Saturn in 21st degree of Libra
Scorpio nothing is exalted there
South Node (opposit of course of NN) at 3° Sagittarius
Mars at 28° of Capricorn
Nothing is exalted in Aquarius
Venus at 27° of Pisces.

This is traditional astrology and in modern astrology the planets are seen as being exalted in the whole sign, not just in that degree.


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This is a very interesting post and wanted to comment. I have always been interested in nodes as it's a major point of karmic ties in the chart.

I have read about the 12th house and much like R4Ven's son I have the same make-up (N.node in Scorpio in 12th and ASC Scorpio). Although I have to say, I don't get blamed for everything, I feel though that I am able to help others through psychological problems quite a bit which has led me to think that I could become some sort of healer (maybe in psychology). Also, I do have like to analyze people's thoughts and do take on the counselor role in my friendships (which I don't mind for the most part). As when I do have my own problems, I tend to stay quiet and work them out for myself. Typical I guess with these Scorpio placements. :p

Upon reading about nodes though, with the opposing forces, it's a tug-of-war between the physical needs of the self, and then switching to that of others. Since the south node represents the past and gifts from a previous time which falls in the 6th (house of service/work) and in Taurus, it makes sense that sometime in the past I must have worked hard and bear this previous gift to the present. Tauruses are very grounded and of course being an earthy, practical sign, there is a tendency to overdo things in earthy matters. I would have to say for me, cooking comes a bit natural for me and I have not had too many struggles when it came to work and my finances. Now, however, I see that there needs to be a balance of this gift and not to fall victim to it. Instead, this positive karma from the past must ascend towards 12th house matters and issues.

The 12th house rules the unconscious, the hidden and mysterious, institutions, sorrows, troubles, and secrets. Perhaps, maybe this is why I am attracted to psychology and why I fall easily into the "therapist" role. I have high goals for myself and do wish to seek out higher roles and not just serve myself, but would like to extend whatever gifts I have and bring it forward for others and alleviate people's suffering.


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Thanks Cap rising. I am also a Cap rising with my NN in cap in 12th. I have found that the analytical perfectionistic tendancies of the 6th make me anxious and then I worry too much. Thankfully I do not have any natal planets in the 6th this would probably make it harder to relax. I don't do well finishing things when I try to over-perfect them-also I know I am too businesslike already and that people may be put off by me. so for me the 12th does make sense. When I read the Description "Let go and Let God' this helps.



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I have my North Node in Leo alongwith Saturn retrograde.

There is a lot of spiritual interest and elevation happened in my life lately.

Still figuring out what should be my profession, currently stuck into Information Technology but really want to move to some role where I can directly help/heal people.