North node in 12th house


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Re: career choice

I have a question if I may ask.
What if your North Node is in the 12th house.
I never understood this house

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Re: career choice

Cindy, the easiest way (at least for me) is to look at the Nodes as a snake with a head and a tail. The head (NN) is in your 12th, the Tail (SN)in your 6th. One of the meanings of the Nodes is, that where we have the NN, there it is where we "take in" knowledge and we give it then out in the house where the SN is.
The 12th house is all about intuition, self-undoing (through drugs and the likes), experiences from very early childhood (up till your 1st year and even experiences when still in the womb). It is possible that you are very susceptible to some of those experiences, or was, when you were small and that you maybe have acquired some knowledge about spirituality which you could use to help others (6th house). The thing is, that often it is difficult to really get a grip on the matter signified by the house the NN is in, in a way you have to learn to accept and digest it before being able to give it out.

Does this sound a bit familiar to you? The 12th house is a psychic house and some people become psychic through difficult experiences they had in the beginning of their lives but are afraid to accept that, afraid that others will think they are different. I dont know what your chart looks like, so I cannot see if this is true for you.
In our Education Forum (go to Forum Jump at the top of this screen,then scroll all the way down where you find it, there is an article written by Nexus about the Nodes. Have a look)


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north node in 12th house


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cindystubbs said:
What if your North Node is in the 12th house.

If your :northnode: (future goals) is focused in the 12th house (spirituality, also artisticality) then your :southnode: (the past) is focused in the daily work (also analysis) house. This suggests that you easily focus on routines or on analyzing things and like to have regular, patterned ways of doing things. The challenge of the :northnode: for you is moving outside of those patterns to open up to a world beyond the regular and predictable. It requires opening up to experiences that "dissolve" you, breaking down the comfortable, familiar barriers between you and others and making the whole world "us". The challenge is to "dissolve" into everyone and everything and become one with all. Here is more on this :northnode: challenge:




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Thanks that helps a lot.
I do remember my first year and even wearing diapers.
I love the hum of the air conditioner or the dryer, or an electric fan just like a baby does, it puts me right to sleep, which is just odd. It seems that in my earliest memories there is such a feeling of peace. I imagined that an angel was looking after me in my crib when very young, but I don't remember it, I said something about it when I learned to talk and my mom told me about it. Strange... Thank you both for your help.