North Node Conjunct Algol?


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I have this position as well in 7th house. its 5 degrees though. I have always felt intuitively that my relationships would be disasters/dangerous/scary. I dont know if this could be attributed to algol being in 7th house. this would mean that practially anyone with taurus in the 7th would have this.


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Dear Holist... finding anyone on Google who writes about Algol-North Node is IMPOSSIBLE, so you may be the reigning internet sourced expert ! When I noticed my conjunction and read about Algol, naturally I was alarmed. There is a person from my past who can be unstable and definitely exhibits stalker behavior but hey have not committed any true offense so far. I wanted to learn more to ensure he would not be the cause of trouble, or if so if it could be avoided by avoiding being home when, for instance, Saturn/Mars were conjunct or some such. (I plan on living til I'm 105!)
Reading your post was a refreshing change of perspective, with the more nuanced reading due to North Node being more favorable activation of Algol that is overlooked/under exposed due to its less dramatic storyline.
Your post was a long seven years ago so perhaps you have more knowledge/wisdom to share. I beg you for any and all information/personal insights since there is NOTHING else on the internet available (that I can find).

If you want to ask specific questions of me that help you with your understanding of this aspect, I'm happy to oblige.

I'll start by offering that my Algol/NN conjunction occur in my 10th House. I was a stay home mom so not much happening in the arena of careers. Other parts of my chart does say that my career kicks in late in life so there may be some cool best selling book in my future, who knows!
10th House Resources have come relatively easily to me beyond that I don't see much 10th house-ness. And in Status, I'm well regarded for my nature/personality.
Maybe I don't know what to look for.
That's the biggest question I have overall - is what do I look for in triggers?

I hope I'm lucky enough to to hear from you.
Regardless, thanks for what you already offered!!

I've been doing a lot of research on fixed stars lately and Algol has come up for me as well, conjunct the NN.

It's important to note that it has to be within 1 degree orb of a planet, angle, or aspect (like NN or SN) for it be relevant. So if it's beyond that, you don't have to worry. The fixed stars come from traditional Arabic astrology and in that system they only cared about 1 degree orbs or less for the stars.

The traditional description of algol relates to the head, violence, war, and usually a violent death. It represents all that is evil in the world and humanity. It was the most feared star in all of antiquity. However, the ancient interpretations were rather extreme and tended towards doom. They were also quite literalist. I've seen a few case studies of people with algol on the AC and they are mostly temperamental people who "lose their heads" easily when under stress or intense emotions.

“You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” Diana Rosenber

Algol is positioned in the Constellation Perseus, who was the hero that killed Medusa. He did this by using his shield to reflect her evil image right back at her, which caused her own maleficient powers to turn to her to stone. On the natal North Node, this Algol allegory is quite clear. The native is often confronted by human pain, suffering and trauma, and learns to integrate it instead of being corrupted ("turned to stone") by it. Medusa herself was a victim of Athena's cruelty, a temple servant transformed into a hideous monster for claiming she was more beautiful than this Goddess. Medusa lives out a life of isolation, suffering, and agony, attacking anyone who enters her lair out of rage and despair. Perseus was the only one who never fell to this corrupting force. Rather than fight evil, he showed evil its own reflection, which is where the expertise of Algol natives comes into play.

In the writings of Ptolemy, Agrippa, and Hermes, Algol corresponds to Mars and Saturn, so it's important to see if these planets aspect your Algol at all. Harsh aspects may mean that the native faces trauma or violence directly within their lifetimes. On a more basic level, Algol natives may find themselves in situations or interactions where humanity is at its worst; or they may simply be able to handle such situations a lot more easily than others; or they may always easily tune into the shadows beneath the surface of others. Some Algol natives I've spoken to have the most messed up or traumatic personal histories, but you would never know it based on their personalities and dispositions -- they present as very normal people. For instance, my South Node is conjunct my Saturn, which means my Saturn opposes Algol, and my Saturn return triggered an Algol event. I ended up with a life threatening illness that had no cure other than a radical surgery (cutting into the body, violence). I refused the procedure and found my own cure elsewhere, but almost died in the process. I went from looking like a corpse to being completely normal and healthy again. My case is particularly harsh but you can tell how Algol plays a role. In my case, Algol opposes my 6th house SN, relating to health. I've had several other equivalent near death experiences in my life, and at the core of each one I experienced Divine revelation because my NN is 12th house. Algol will give you intense learning experiences through the SN to show you how to get to the NN, until eventually you're living out a NN path and it stops bringing suffering to your life at such crazy levels. I believe that this is ultimately Algol's virtue. It is like the Kali of the fixed stars: she is activated in the heart of destruction and decay, destroying what is evil, impure and extraneous, and gives new fertile ground to creative forces. If you persist in the old then Kali will do her best to trigger you into breaking the pattern. I mean, you can try to resist Kali, but she's just going to kick your *** until you listen, right?

Algol people may have a cruel side, or may have a high degree of passion, vigor, and virility. So while Algol can reveal the dark side of humanity, it also tends to give the native a lot of staying power and regenerative ability from these traumas. "God doesn't give you what you can't handle". It's definitely a warrior aspect! We were built for this degenerate age.

My envisioning of an Algol/NN person who is actualized is someone who can walk amidst the noise, chaos, and horrors of the world, and remain undisturbed. An analogy would be someone who can meditate on inner peace in the middle of a war zone, or who can bring light to the darkest places and situations. No easy task! But that's the South Node/Scorpio generation for you! These people would also have a high degree of integration of the SN/Scorpio experience of metaphysics, death/rebirth, sexuality and all its shadows, etc... so that the NN/Algol person is sexually empowered and has conquered all their false egos.

The house of your North Node will tell you more about this. My NN is 12th house, so in this life I am being directed to work through the human drama and dissolve. I'm still trying to figure out what this means.

People with SN in Scorpio usually have very intense past life karma to sort out in this life. They come from a history of constant shamanic death and rebirth, trauma, and growth through intense challenges. The Taurus North Node invites the native to enjoy a more simple, down-to-earth life and come to understand that change and growth can be pleasant or even mundane, without the need for mega earth shattering events. With Algol on the North Node, it would pull more passion and energy toward it anytime you choose to do your NN instead of your SN. It also means that the NN native should enjoy more health and stability, eventually. But be sure to look at what Mars and Saturn are doing as their energies trigger Algol like nothing else (for better or worse). Because the SN is in Scorpio there will always be intensity translated to the NN, but it can be positive instead of dramatic. My interpretation is that if you stay stuck in your South Node, Algol which is opposing it will make your life very uncomfortable. If you do your NN, Algol will have a more complimentary energy.

I've noticed that Mars and Saturn transits do indeed trigger Algol events. If Algol is within 1 degree orb of your NN then you know that anytime Saturn or Mars aspect your Nodes, something noticeable will happen.

These are my experiences so far. A lot of this I didn't get from books. I'd love to connect with more NN/Algol natives to find out what their lives have been like!