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Re: Норвежские Астрология

Runic horoscope (trial version) on the basis of Zet9Geo

Runic appropriate signs and planets are by N.Penniku, paired conformity Zodiacal M.Dzyube:

* To make these changes , you must change the root directory of the program Zet => "LANGUAGE \ Russian" => file "Alphabetl vrit" along with its corresponding image files stored in the folders "LANGUAGE \ Russian \ AL"; Then you will be able to connect the second belt of the zodiac dates you runes in the order you want , which is installed in the formation of the file "Alphabetl vrit" and image files from the folder "AL".

** To program the planet appear as Rune have to use a program FontCreator - Font Editor , where you replace the symbols of the planets , their respective runes .

Zaitsev made ​​application to add to the program 8 blast furnace system and runic correspondences , but it somehow did not want to take on this now, said that " took note " ... I had to think for themselves how to do it ... But this option may not actually be true, t.k.vy understand that too much runologov represent themselves differently ratio runes and Zodiac, Runes , and planets ! But others do not recognize such " branches " in runologii ...

If you want , I can put files . But if you do not like N.Pennika approach , you have to rewrite the file "Alphabetl vrit" and change the order of files in the folder "Al" yourself to another option that will satisfy you . Such manipulations , you will receive a second round in the form of runes. It's not difficult , you just need time. Harder to work with the font , because we must be able to use the program "FontCreator"! Because it allows you to display the font Zodiac and planets in the form of runes ...


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Hi Franz,

Thank you for all the information you have provided re Norse Astrology. I have found it fascinating. I have attempted to buy the book suggested by Nigel Pennrick, but it is not available until next June. There are a few hard books but are extremely expensive, ie $103;-- to $352 etc Australian Dollars I think, so I will have to wait to learn more about this subject. I know my Norse birth sign, and rune for the time of birth. I am unsure as how to bring the planets in. But thank you for all you share and the comments often given. It is such an interesting subject.

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From the 1st post by the OP: *Good day everyone. I would like to introduce you to a new branch of astrology - Norse astrology. This branch takes its place with the star-studies of other cultural traditions: Greco-Roman, Indian, Chinese, American Indian, and Tibetan.* and then there's Celtic, various Sub-Saharan African, the original Middle Eastern and many other forms of astrology, civilizations throughout the world depended on planetary positions in certain signs of the zodiac and divided days, weeks, months or years based on the planets, signs, seasons and hours of the day a person is born in or what could happen on a given day.