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i have had 3 careers Bob, perhaps one could look at the triplicity rulers of the tenth house and evaluate the three stages of life with regards to careers? If someone tends to expresses their personality via their career, that could be a lifetime process no matter what the career is. If someone was unrealistic about their hope for a particular career that would give me much information about them and I would tend to track the reading around that, bringing something helpful to the client.

Perhaps the person is setting themself up for dissapointment about fulfilling career hopes and that will be integral to personality issues. The astrologer is required to find the best way to interpret the "astronaut" in the chart for grounding purposes.

A throw away line which seems extraordinary like "being an astronaut" for a job may not be realistic or logical. However there are ways to interpret how the 'astronaut' (explorer/unique individual) in the person can work according to the astrology. Sometimes it is not a matter of being so pragmatic in readings by saying baker-butcher-candle stick maker but more useful to look at the potentials the client has so that they can develop those rather than be cut off at the knees and re traumatized by "your not good enough" messages.

Once an astrologer said to me that my career goals will never eventuate or be successful. (according to traditional astrology) You just cant say those sorts of fateful things to a person. Success is a relative term and not everyone can be president of their country, however they can utilize their ability for leadership in other ways. What is important for clients is that they get a good idea of their potentials through the language of astrology. Perhaps the client can over time work with the acceptance of their own limitations in life versus expectations?

In most cases the client will identify these things about themself already. Its the confirmation of these attributes via astrology that can invite a person to explore and express their greatest potententials. Even if that means identifying with having several careers and the "experience" gained through that process. Astrologers are constantly "extracting identifications" in the client and sometimes that can feel like stealing something away from them, something they could have arrived at through experience and time. Extractive identification work is only ever useful once a good rapport is developed other wise it can feel like an assault.


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One very knowledgablle person I spoke with checked into his Harvard credentials and they did not checkout from what they told me.

He is a very knowledgable man,but not my type of astrologer.I like other such as Marc Penfield and Steven Forrest more,but that is just myself.

Mr.Tyl has a big Ego and is sensitive at heart if you read his chart.He crawls for money or try's to get people to take his course which has helped many.I really doubt it would help me.I would never spend that kind of money for an astrology program when there is or are many masters one can read and learn from.

There are dfferent types of astrologers also. I would like to find a real psychic astrologer who has insight.

ALl readings can be skewed for any number of reasons.I have read many fine works and can say I respec his work.His synthesis work is a master piece for the times.He is not psychic by any means. I do not even know weather he has faith in a higher power,but he has a folllowing which is what it takes to be an astrologer fulltime.SOme of his works are very useful as reference to,but they do not tell the whole story as one neds to look at the chart as a whole and it is an art not just reading of the symbols .

I got into astrology due to astrologers not being able to answer real life questions and predict or lead others to answers they need.

On occasion I have been able to help those wishing to find their vocation.One does not need to be the leading man in the arts,but can do make up or production as one example.

One can be a lawyer whereas another can be a a paralegal.One has to search and sometimes the answe comes from within just talking to the client.One nedds to listen to the client to findout where they need to go.At times that answer is there.

Others need weeks of theraphy in order for the answer to be found wich takes time .It sometimes takes me weeks of lookig at a chart before the answer comes.

Theastrologer is nota seer or prophet although there are some who have abilities which can help the client being intuitive in nature.


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'The astrologer is not a seer or prophet although there are some who have abilities which can help the client being intuitive in nature.'

Does the Astrologer actually have to be a 'seer' or a prophet?

Mr Tyl was a follower of Dane Rudhyar, he dedicated some of the earlier books I came across to him and apparently wrote for a magazine called 'Gnostic News.'
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I got part way through Tyl's book on vocational astrology before the home canning season and the US party conventions hit (I have a big garden and am quite the news junky.) My impression so far, however, is that he does more with the qualities of a job that one would most enjoy (such as creative, allowing for independence, putting someone in the public eye, or whatnot) vs. the specific career title that would be best for someone. I think this is valuable and perhaps the best one can do, but people seeking vocational guidance generally do want specific job titles.

Oftentimes it is for very pragmatic reasons, as they may be students wondering what their university major should be, or they are older people facing a big cut in their incomes if they have to go back to school for new training.

But the guidance should be more than a match up of MCs or sun-signs with careers, as you all know. I am a "very Aquari(an)" with Uranus closely conjunct my MC and I would be just horrible as an inventor, engineer, or scientist. Aquarius got this reputation, I think, because of some famous Aquarians like Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla who were inventors. Sometimes astrologers don't look past the simplistics.

But you know, we should expect that some well-known astrologers will ring our chimes and others won't. There's probably some basic synastry there somewhere.

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Nexus7 said:
'Theastrologer is nota seer or prophet although there are some who have abilities which can help the client being intuitive in nature.'

Does the Astrologer actually have to be a 'seer' or a prophet?

Mr Tyl was a follower of Dane Rudyhar, he dedicated some of the earlier books I came across to him and apparently wrote for a magazine called 'Gnostic News.'

No,an astrologer is not called upon to be a seer.That is not my point.

My point is that I would like to find an astrologer with intuitive ability which in all my years I have not.

Marc Edmound Jones got the symbols for the degree's from a seer. I do not know weather they were also astrologers.

They do exist ,but they are hard to find.

It's like psychics as I have found a few that have intuitive abilities which cannot be explained by science.They are part of unsolved mysteries.


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'My point is that I would like to find an astrologer with intuitive ability which in all my years I have not.'

I was making a different point in a different trajectory myself. I was thinking of somthing that Robert Hand once observed about the chart: that 'intuition is great, but surely, if an astrologer bothers to set up a chart, the information should come from the chart, not from intuition.' Intuition, he said, is great, but to rely on it full-time might mean that we might as well read from a tra of sand or the lea leaves, rather than from astrology.

The ability to work sensitively with a client rather than just giving cold information that cannot be understood or accepted by the client is another matter, of course.


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Speaking of astrologers that short people on time- Jeanne Avery shorted me by at least an hour when I did a past life regression with her. She also had her dogs in the same room with her, and initially, she kept having to interrupt to tell them to be quiet.

Anyway, I like Noel Tyl's midheaven extension technique quite a bit. It seems like it works for the most part. In his book Vocations, it occasionally seemed like he was forcing the technique to work. It was like he wasn't really following the rules that he developed, but I only saw him do that a few times.


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I had a face-to-face with Mr T a few years back. I have to say I found his arrogance very off-putting. The session was for 50 minutes if I remember correctly. He spent the first 45 of them ''verifying the birth time'' by throwing out dates going back to early childhood and asking ''What happened October 1959? July 1973? February 1962?'' etc, to most of which I replied ''I haven't got a clue - it was a long time ago.'' More recent events correlated with some of his dates, but many of my significant life events were missing from his calculations as he seems to concentrate more on SA's than transits, and I am not reliably responsive to SA's, whereas major events happen for me under powerful transits.

I wanted him to look at two things for me - health, and relationship. In the 5 minutes that were left after he had done all his ''verifying'' he told me my health was fine (I have been chronically ill for 25 years, and continue to be), and that I would meet a man on a particular day (I didn't), we would get close very rapidly and within three months he would leave his wife for me. I told Tyl I would never get involved with a married man. He assured me I was about to.

Utter twaddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And money down the drain.


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In other words, you went to the consultation with preconceived notions regarding your vocation, then when he didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, you got upset.

......A good astrologer would know you from your chart and wouldn't need to sit around engaging in idle chatter.
Maybe you should suck it up, do a little research and give the new vocation a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

This was my experience....! I had a vocational reading done for me by Noel Tyl 14yrs ago, and today am working in exactly the job/career he predicted.:smile:
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My life has never had any direction. :confused: Several years ago, I got into having Astrology readings done, and getting free ones online. I got more interested in Astrology, but vocation wise, I was getting nowhere fast.

Then I decided to invest the $180.00 in my future, for a consultation with Noel Tyl, and get some answers once and for all. I was excited, and scared too. He's a big man, and very intimidating. It was the BIGGEST thing I had ever done for ME!!! :p

The "45 minute consultation" only lasted 25 minutes. I had made a list of important things that had happened in my life, with the dates. He was absolutely accurate on those. I was getting so excited, I just KNEW that he
could point me in a direction. I could hardly wait. I was SO excited.:)

Then what he told me...... was something that I would NEVER in my life do as a vocation. Later, I was so upset and disappointed that I could do nothing but cry.

He is a wonderful man, and very easy to talk to. The consultation goes very fast, and he is very commanding. His voice is loud and strong. He is all business, yet puts you at ease and makes you comfrortable.

I did feel better that he did validate that my mother was controling and unresonable. I feel better about that.

Overall, I did not get any help with a vocation. I didn't feel like he spent enough time with me to get a good sense of who I am. I was expecting to
hear something more UN-traditional as a Vocation. I didn't hear it. My life still has no direction.

Do I LOVE the man; yes, yes, yes!! :p So much so, that I am seriously thinking about taking his MASTER'S DEGREE COURSE in Astrology!!! I would have LOVED for him to find that in my chart and suggested it as a vocation.
His site promises that if you take the Master's Degree course, when you have your degree in two years, you will be as good as any Astrologer in the world.

:p OMG!!! I would LOVE to do that....... FOR ME.:p
If you do any good astrology course for two years you will be proficient if you apply yourself.


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I like Noel Tyl. I've learned a great deal from working with a couple of his books. I also appreciate his website and I've learned a lot from reading threads on the forum, though I've never posted anything myself.

He's very theatrical. I think his writing could often use a good, hard edit, but his skill is unmistakeable. He takes controversial positions on things, at times, and he's been criticized for re-defining peregrination and also for putting so much emphasis on the quindecile aspect (165°). I don't know whether he's correct about these things or not, but I've been using what he says when I read charts and, so far, I don't find a reason to disagree with him. What I've learned has helped me to understand things better and in a couple of cases, interpreting quincediles has been essential to understanding the charts.

But, I'm not a professional astrologer. I've learned what little I know mostly by paying attention to what others have had to say and then flailing around on my own. It's a learning style that suits me, though it would drive a lot of others insane. :smile: I think I'm a bit past being a rank beginner, now, and I have been considering taking Tyl's course, perhaps next year. The structure would be good for me.