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hello everyone...
i am trying to figure out an intricate situation related to nodes and axises between me and the person i d like to be with...

i was reading that the SN person holds the knife s handle ,is the one with the power who magnetically draws the getting the payback of the karmic debt from the planet person. Conjunctions of the Ascendant, luminaries or personal planets to either Node, but especially the South, are the most powerfully tying synastric contacts. - in my case he is the SN taurus , i'm Venus taurus . He s got all the power and i owe him big time....
So, i get the lame part, which is the NN, conjuncting his: A)Venus - he s a taurus venus as well and our venuses conjunct tightly- , B) Jupiter,C)Sun and D)his... SN!!!

As a counterpart,my SN conjuncts his Uranus,
but since is not a personal planet he probably doesnt owe me jack****...(!!!!)

but what do I do with the Nodes of the situation? my SN is conjunct his NN and of course his SN is conj. to my NN.
who owes who in this situation?

as if that wasnt enough complicate,there s the axis bonus, my AC conj. his DC and his AC conj. my DC.His moon is in my 1st house.
So,is it possible that i ve paid my karmic debt by suffering for him and i probably wont see him anymore, or is there still work to do between us and he will be back?

because it really happened, he was the SN and I was the Venus and he did the break and I m the one in pain and even with all his planets conjunctin my NN, im feeling lost and powerless and clueless.
I thought the NN was the strongest but i was obviously wrong.
thank you for listening to my rant and if you make any sense out of this please post some feedback!

im attaching the synastry chart just in case..
peace and joy ~ Celeste


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That is really interesting issue! I was also wondering what happens in a synastry chart if nn and sn. comes upside down. I just met someone his nn conjuncts my sn. I think this must be very significant. I am expecting a few answers about this from those who want to share their experinces. I could not find this issue on the internet.
Thanks in advance
To be honest I can't think if I have ever looked at the node aspects in synastry with the aspects between me and my partner. I don't overly analyse the aspects. Karmic wise I don't think it is about who owes who, more about working on your present. No synastry chart is bad and relationships are learning experiences. Don't get me wrong someones Pluto aspecting one of your personal planets can be intense but you might like a certain intensity and would be bored with trines all over your synastry chart :yawns: :D . It is fun to have some challenges not all out battles but a bit of passion and playfulness.

South Node aspects the little I have read about them in synastry could mean that you may feel held back by this person if there South Node is touching one of your planets. But that is as far as I know, there might be a past life connection but that is not something you will ever really know. No one has all the power unless you give it to them, you do not have to suffer for anybody you don't have to be in a relationship with someone if you don't want to be.


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Evening Enlightened ones,

Well i have just met a person,who's NN is conj exactly to my NN in Leo, in the 5th house.
Her moon also conj my Lillith in the 8th house. My moon in the 2nd trines her mars in cancer in the 5th & her ASC conj my MC.
Makes me wonder if we have came from the same place ?
If anyone interested in commenting please do i think highly of this lady.

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I'd love to learn more about this.

The synastry I have with my b/f has his Juno conjunct my North Node/Ascendant.
My Mars conjunct his South Node.
Seems we both owe each other something.

We also have NN conjunct SN very loosley, and MC conjunct IC each way.
I can feel there is a great deal for us to sort out, sort through, and it will probably take quite some time.

I'm wondering if the essence of 'payback' will be in the theme of the personal planet that conjuncts the Nodes. From what I understand, the people involved will be together until the karma is resolved, or until the next time. Its fascinating to look at with objective eyes.

I have some heavy payback with my boss and my friend (both seperatly!). My natal Saturn cojuncts both their North Nodes, heavy! I feel responsible for each of them. DUTY definately comes to mind here.

I think this is really sweet - my Mum and I have South Node conjunct Jupiter each way.


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Hi Libra, this makes a lot of sense. I'd be the controlling one- being Mars, so my lesson is to try and not control him so much! True. To let go of/release (south node) control/action/pushing spiritual beliefs (mars in sagitarius)..

As a counterpart,my SN conjuncts his Uranus,
but since is not a personal planet he probably doesnt owe me jack****...(!!!!)

i think all planets have an equal part that helps to make the whole, Uranus certainly shouldn't be discounted. Maybe there is something he didn't teach you before that he needs to now.



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What I've read about NN/SN is that the SN is where the person is coming from - attitudes you brings from the past/past lives, and the NN is the attitudes, traits and fields you needs to develop to fulfill your destiny/your lesson in this lifetime. So a person should move in the direction of the NN or find the balance between the NN and SN. What happens (theoretically) when you meet a person with a planet that conjunct your NN, particularly a personal planet, is that this person is pulling you in the NN direction, you see in him something of your own destiny - it might create a strong attrcation. What happens when you meet a person with a planet conjuncting your SN is that it might create an initial attrcation because there is a sense of familiairty, you see in the planet person something of the places you came from, it might feel nice and he may be easy to connect with, but as a person usually has to develop in the direction of his NN you might feel at some point that the planet person is pulling you back to where you came from and not where you need to go and that you outgrown the relationship.

That's only what I've read and there are probably a lot of alternative opinions on the subject and I suppose how the relationship works depends very much also on other factors in the charts and, of course, on the people involved.