No vocation but full 6th and 10th house


Hi 3veryone i need help To understand what is my value.

Stellium (venus, neptune, uranus) in 6th house + mars and north node in 10th.
I have mars aries in 10th.

It's supposed to be powerful as a placement in the chart but I do not feel that.
I have not yet found my vocation: whistling: I wonder if I will find one one day ...

I believe that the cancer moon in 12th house puts me at a disadvantage on everything I do.
Mercury pisce in the 9th... i know its not :pouty:very advantageous either.
It's as if .. everything that's going on in my mind was saturated.

I feel that I have weaknesses that are much more powerful than my benefits.
When I think of a career I dont know where I am and who see myself.

I feel like I'm still missing something.
I feel I can do a LOT but I dont do much and it's sad for me. :pinched:

Does having 12th house cancer moon and 8th aquarius sun is a curse?
I Feel that.

Thank 4 your time :kissing:


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Sagittarius Jupiter

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Hello, if you don't know what you should do,
you should become an astrologer.

Becoming an astrologer enhances your vision about life, and gives you new opportunity to grow mentally and with wisdom. :joyful:


I like studying astrology and learning things.
It's MY hobby but the problem is that nobody likes it.
If I talk about astrology, I think I'm crazy. :happy: lol


6th house meaning

Hello :tongue:

I would like to understand my house 6 and I need help.

First, I have the fortune on the CUSP of this house.
My sixth home CUSP is Sagittarius.
In Sagittarius in this house I have uranus (who is conjunct the galactic center)
Then I have Venus and Neptune conjunct in the sign of Capricorn.

I understand that I have a Stellium in this house.
The sixth is the house that puzzles me.
I find it a shame to have these planets inside this house.
Especially for my venus.

In the opposite house, the 12th I lilith black moon and the moon.
Everything I read about that despairs me ... :unsure:
I would love to have someone's opinion that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :kissing:


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Mars-rahu NNode own aries 10th, action oriented, hyper-impulsive, acting skills,
good at foreign-international operations management, police, defense, production, anesthetics, etc;
rise-fall in life, prayers for ancestors, fast No-moon evenings;
observe death anniversaries religiously; wear brown hessonite over pendant;

ketu libra 4th, detached attitude at home;
detachment from mother-motherland-property;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-kidneys etc;
prayers for Christ, offer red flowers fri evenings at alter at home;

Moon own cancer 12th, aptitude for psychology, teaching; aspected by jup;

Sun acq 8th, mystic, reformist, scientific thinking/research; management research;
chronic urological-leg-nerve-sciatica issues; able to cope with adversity;

sat sag 5th, aptitude for public admin; negating employment prospects;

venus cap 6th, able to influence with personal charm; event management;

jup-mer pisces, poetic aptitudes, mer debilated and confused,
jup own pisces, debilation cancelled, gradual improvements;
literary-advisory-university teaching/directorship roles;
jup lord 6th calling for extra efforts;
jup pisces traditional, ethical, spiritual;

wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

in case offers clues to your talent inventory, integrating the same,
making circumstantial choices and graded plans step by step;

wonder whether would be interested in training n development,
international human resources management operations in police,
defense services, factory management, public admin, university admin, etc;

do promptly ack, and share your reflections how true-insightful-helpful,
traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick, etc etc

wishing well, kshantaram
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Re: 6th house meaning

Hello there, I found out you have a difficult Neptune placement in your 6th, one of the most problematic in anyone's natal chart, and I have that myself (it's in the sign Sagittarius). And with Venus in conjunction, this is of grave concern.

Opposite Neptune is the Moon in the 12th house, it is associated with prisons, hospitals, and asylums. And a malefic like Lilith, this doesn't seem to be good.


Thank you very much for your time.

I have been studying astrology for some time now, I know a little about the meaning of each house and the planets. I did this basics for fun and I realized that I had just touched something interesting. Astrology saved my life when I needed it the most.

My house 6 is by far the one I hate the most. Very little information about it. Like home 12. But when I read articles about .., I realize that it's very close to my reality. It's almost disturbing.

Neptune conjunct venus = romantic to hope too crazy to be true.

Love rhymes with disappointment for me and I suffered a lot.
The cause of this suffering is not that I met bad people ... it's rather that I put people on a pedestal and I received a lot of disappointment after disappointment.
To give, to treat, to consider and to love as I would like to be done with me.
When we dream of love we are always losers.
In house 6, it's like it's a job. Hard work, little rewarded.

I see a lot of good in the people I meet, without idealizing everyone deep inside me I like to believe that everyone has a little better inside. By thinking like that people end up disappointing us but it's not something I control, I'm like that.

Neptune is the planet I like the least, when she is blurred while I do I hate Neptune lol.

House 6 for me has nothing to do with love.

People benefit a lot from me, I'm aware of it. I can not say no easily. It took me a long time to see that. I think we can easily take advantage of quekquun having such an investment. I like to idealise everything I love, I am like that. People who have problems come to consult me ​​and it always concerns me more than my own life.

From a health point of view, I have a health of fire. I am 32 years old, I have no health problem, I am rarely sick. I recover very well, I can sleep, I can work very long and very hard without being in the fatigue as much physically as morally. I feel very strong from the point of view of health. I am blessed to have a pretty athletic body, without any effort. What I eat does not influence my weight. Even after a grossese I recovered very quickly and I returned to my initial weight. I do not know if it's related to the house as House 6 talks about health in general.

I have had a lot of trouble in my jobs until now and these always for the same reasons. Whenever I had a job in life I felt used and not often cheering for my good moves. As if each time I felt that I was not doing what I was really worth. Be that one does not recognize my work of right way or be very difficult to make me respect by those who are above me. Very rarely I received encouragement while others could receive it more easily.

Uranus in the house 6 I do not know what to think. Is this important in a natal chart of Uranus and Pluto? I have a lot of good looks with these planets. What I learn is that they are less safe than others so I do not count too much.


kshantaram -

You have seen, I believe. It's very much like me. I recognize myself through that.

House 10 is very advantageous but I do not have the profile of the job.
I go more for a crazy person than a person in confidence is flat to say but that's how I feel that. As if all that I think I can not come to fruition.

I miss a lot of self-esteem for a high level position. Sometimes I say to myself that I am good for nothing in fact, I get discouraged quite easily. But I'm a fighter against, with or against all I'm pretty free. I missed education, and school for me is finishing sooner than I should have. This is my big disappointment. I was a struggling student who had problems at home. No encouragement, childhood and adolescence was painful for me. I do not get a lot of good memories from the youth or education I received. This greatly influences my position. When I have an idea in my head no one takes it away from me.

Thank you for your time :joyful:


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Appreciate your ack and empathetic feedbacks about yourself;

Any self-discoveries about your traits-talents-strengths, career options,
and introspection in response to the reading.

Hope remedies suggested would be helpful.

Mer pisces debilated n confused;
Mars-rahu aries hyper-active and hyper-impulsive,
leading to rise-fall in life-career;

hope the reading is found helpful, Wishing you well,