NN conjunct Chiron in Solar Return


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What will happen? Something fateful relates to 10th /9th house?


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Yes! Something is bound to happen 9th/10th house wise this year. Venus Return during Solar Return almost inevitably brings money/love. Expect a pay rise this year if you are working. Especially in beauty trades like cosmetics industry/hairdressing etc and possibly if you're into arts. Conjunct 10th. MC lord happens to be Venus and Venus is in domicile Taurus. You're quite lucky indeed this year. Since your natally ruled by Venus, I'm suspecting that your Venus return during SR will play all the more of a role for you. Especially in terms of money/values/beliefs. I wouldn't expect to be too much of a long term relationship possibly due to Saturn's (r) rulership over 5th house romance/fun. Plus its inconj Venus return. So there may be a potential for a long term relationship (7th house natal Venus return), but the inconj could cause some delay or obstacles.

Your SR lord Mercury (communication is in watery Cancer (emotions) in 11th house closely conj fallen Mars in Cancer. I'd be a bit careful what you say to friends/social contacts. Be prepared for some heated arguments though. Mars conj Mercury opp tight Uranus conj Neptune natal in 3rd (communication). Be all the more careful about what you say to whom. Neptune's illusion combined with Uranus' sudden/unexpected shocking nature may reveals some ugly truths.

Other than that enjoy your year ahead!
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Thank you! If I've got a relationship during this year, when could I meet my possible boyfriend? And, is that year good for beginning driving lessons?


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To answer your original question, it's now been long enough since your solar return that you're surely seeing whatever this conjunction means. Probably, you saw it manifest around your birthday, or within a month or two after, because that was when the transiting north node was closest to your natal Chiron.

Wherever the north node is transiting, it makes that part of your chart, and any planet or point it transits, bigger in your life. Chiron, as you probably know, is the wounded healer. It's about where your deepest hurt is, and the process of healing that can take your entire life.

The combination of Leo and the tenth house suggests that your Chiron wound has to do with sense of self, pride, and/or ability to be joyful (Leo), and that you experience it most in the area of your public reputation (tenth house). Insecurity over what people think of you in general, a driving need to be popular, in charge, or just plain highly visible.... those are some ways it might turn up in your life. Has any of that been true for you? I don't mean just recently, but in your life overall.

All the transiting node does is make the issue bigger for a time. At your solar return, the conjunction was in your twelfth SR house, indicating that this issue was deeply hidden and unconscious for you at the time. You may have found yourself acting out and not knowing why. This might have been a passing incident, or it might have blown up into a big deal with major consequences, depending on how you reacted to the feelings stirred up by this transit.


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So, do this year good for beginning driving lessons?

Have you begun driving lessons?

I see why you would have been thinking of driving lessons at your solar return. Driving is usually considered to be a third house matter. Your natal ascendant was in your SR third house, your SR moon was in the natal first house, and your natal moon in the SR third house/natal first. That indicates some kind of third house matter being up for you, and also where your emotions are focused this year (moon).

First house is about identity, how you're viewed, and how you meet the world. If you've never had a driver's license, learning to drive, and getting a license, would be a shift in a piece of your identity, and it would give you some different perspective in how you meet the world. Driving is a different way to travel, both literally and figuratively, than walking or transit or bicycling or riding in someone else's car as a passenger.

That is not saying you were fated to begin driving lessons this year. The choice is yours. If you were considering it, that means there were definitely astrological factors reflecting that the time was right for you to make that kind of choice.
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So Chiron is exactly worthless.

But in your natal chart, YOU are Venus — in Domicile, I might add! So that’s cool.