Nice House overlays (1st, 5th, 7th, 8th), but tense aspects: how to read?

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Hello all you people :)

I'm very confused by this synastry chart of a friend (potential romantic partner) and me, because our house overlays are very nice - like double whammy Mars in 5th house. But when I read about the aspects between our planets I get kind of scared - there's full of opposites and squares. So I was thinking how do I read this chart? Is the synastry good or bad?

My Moon, ASC, Venus and Chiron are in her 8th house
My Mars is in her 5th house
My Jupiter is conjunct her DSC
My Uranus and Saturn are in her 1st house

Her Mars, ASC, Saturn, Moon and Uranus are in my 5th house
Her Sun, Venus and Mercury are in my 7th house
Her Jupiter is in my 8th house


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