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Denver @ Cincinnati – Home Team Win WRONG (very strange ending there)

There is an unwritten rule we have in Denver, never bet on a Bronco's game, the outcomes are always unpredictable.:pinched:

Remember when the Simpson's made fun of them? Matt Groeing, the creator and writer is from Colorado, and am sure he felt the same frustrations as the rest of us here.



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Wrong on both Monday night games, but both appear to have been close games.

I don't look at the point spreads, but I wonder how I did against the spread.


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there was a lot of angularity at the end of that denver game. bengal coach, marvin lewis had his natal jupiter/ neptune culminating and his team had just taken the lead for the first time in this game, as his qb, carson palmer had both his sun and moon angular.
minutes later, the whole situation turned completely around by the bizarre play at the end of the game, as bronco coach mcdaniels had his natal uranus culminating and his sun / jupiter conj. anti-culminating. his qb, kyle orton had his natal mars / south node conj. rising at the end of the game.
both monday nite games had exciting finishes as the buffalo bills blew a big lead late in the game. patriot qb tom brady had three of the four angles occupied by natal planets at the end of the game, including sun, mars, and neptune. when 3 angles are occupied like that, you can usually count on a dominating period of time for that player.
i stayed up late to watch the chargers / raiders game because i was counting on an exciting finish, and was not disappointed. raider qb, jamarcus russell threw a beautiful 43 yard td pass on 4th and 15 around the 2 minute warning, and gave his team the lead, as his natal jupiter culminated, to the minute! unfortunately for the raiders, this left charger qb phillip rivers 2 minutes to win the game as his natal uranus was angular at the desc.

i used this time to run all my charts for next week's games and hope to analyze 4 or 5 games a day over the next 4 or 5 days. maybe i will post my opinions as we go along.


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frank, after analyzing the buffalo game in greater detail, i was in agreement with you that the astrology seemed to favor them overall, and they dominated all the way up to the point that they fell apart at the end. If you had been betting the point spread, you would have cashed in on both games.


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I got up this morning and expected to have my first loss. San Diego pulled it off by a hair. I guess it was quite a fight since the chart was pretty even. I have to pay more attention to the money H. So all of my away teams won.

I hope to throw another NFL analysis picks in here again. It will probably be longer since I will go for the whole 16 game event. I wish you well.
V/r LionKing:bandit:


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Spent 4 to 5 hours yesterday analyzing this weeks games and i only got thru the early kickoff games. yes, i should have been spending much of this time selling advertising, but i contracted a bad head cold and was in no mood to make sales calls.
The first game on the docket is Raiders at Chiefs. i am paying more attention this week to the synastry between the coach and his quarterback. I am projecting Matt Cassel to be this week's starter for KC, as there seemed to be some hope that he would be able to start last week, though he was deactivated. He has not yet been named the starter for this week, but i think the chiefs will rush him back if at all possible because this may be their last real chance at a win for the next month as they have to play all of the teams from the nfc east.
It is the home opener for kc and the raiders seem likely not to be at their peak emotionally because they played their home opener last week on monday nite, which is a peak experience.
Both of these coaches and qbs have a planet occupying the 3rd degree of scorpio, and this is also very near to the degree that will be culminating at the end of the game, leading me to believe that this will be another close game that will come down to the last minute, as most of the games between these two teams do.
Chiefs coach Haley has his mars at this degree and his qb cassel has jupiter there. Raiders coach cable has his natal venus here and his qb, russell has natal pluto here.
which pair of planets are more likely to gain the upper hand, Mars / Jupiter , or Venus / Pluto? Of course there are lots of other astrological factors too, but i couldn't find anything to hang my hat on. so to speak. I am interested to know what the horary charts say for this game.
p.s. Sorry, Lion King, but the Detroit Lions will not get their first win in over a year this week.


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These are my top picks for this week's nfl games
Minnesota over Detroit
New England over Jets
Indy over Miami
Tennessee over Houston
Pittsburgh over Chicago
Washington over St. Louis
Buffalo over Tampa Bay
Green Bay over Cincinnati
Atlanta over Carolina

These games are the real nailbiters...
KC over Oakland
Dallas over Giants
Cleveland over Denver (my stinker of the week)
Seattle over San Francisco
Jacksonville over Arizona
Baltimore over San Diego
Philly over New Orleans

may take a look at "Totals" later, if i get a chance.
What do you guys say?


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In taking a quick look at "totals" propositions for the week, the one that really stood out to me is the ravens / Chargers game . both coaches and qbs have mars in high focus and i think both teams will have an aggressive game plan on offense. There;s also a fair amount of jupiter and uranus about, as well as the transiting node, all of which tend to amplify things or make them bigger and more exciting. uranus is known for its explosive scoring plays,and jupiter leads to lots of long pass attempts. My guess is that this game will go well over the posted point total of 40.


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Ok crew... here we go again. Sorry about being so late. Had to rescue my vehicle. But oh well. This is a real risk on these picks.

Carolina at Atlanta * Atlanta wins
Minn Vikings at Det Lions * Vikings win
Cinn Bengals at Green Bay * GB win
Arizona at Jacksonville * Jack wins
Oakland at Kansas City * KC wins
New England at N.Y. Jets *N.E. wins
New Orleans at Phil. Eagles * N.O wins
Houston at Tenn Titans * 10 wins
St Louis at Washington * D.C. wins
Seattle at 49ers * Seattle wins (I told you I was risking it)
Tampa Bay at Buffalo * Tampa wins (another risk)
Pitt at Chicago * Pitt wins (This one was a tough chart)
Cleve at Denver * Cleve wins (another risk)
Balt. at San Diego * Baltimore wins
N.Y. Giants at Dallas * Dallas wins

Monday night Football!!! India at Miami * Indi wins!!

Told ya I was risking it. Ha! V/r LionKing


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hey Lion King,
I notice that we are in agreement on 14 of the 16 games this week, that makes me more hopeful and confident in my picks.
lots of people are taking new orleans over philly, as the eagles will start backup kevin kolb in place of injured mcnabb. i looked at kolb's chart and he is getting T VE conjunct his N SU today, and i am banking that this indicates a rise in his popularity. he certainly won't be popular for long if he doesn't deliver a win.
Buccaneer qb leftwich should have some success today against the bills, but i am hoping that the tight conjunction from T ME retrograde to his N SA means that he will not be in a happy mood at the end of the game. Bills coach Jauron is getting a trine from T MO to N JU. This is one of the better aspects a coach can have, and we saw the effects of this transit in the last super bowl when Mike Tomlin's Steelers secured a dramatic come from behind victory as he was getting this aspect.
Let the games begin!


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Like I said... the Steelers and Bears chart was really difficult to decide though. A lot of these weekend game charts were tough. I will tell you why.

The Moon as you can see is in the last part of Libra, going to it's fall in Scorpio. Let me add that it is Via Combust.

Venus is also in it's fall going into Virgo. Mercury is coming from a Cazimi in it's own sign so that adds to some thoughts.

Mars is in an angle house but still in it's fall.

Your MC and IC H didn't allow you much since we just talked about the Moon, and Saturn is in the 6 H.

It's been said that Lovie Smiths Bears are the most points in special teams. I should have looked at his chart to see how this train wreck was going to happen, but I decided to keep it Steelers. Why? I'd say the POF even though it is in 12 cadent H, it is close to aspect of AC. Of course that is not the only reason, but the one that stands out in the chart. Mars even though it is in it's fall, looks better than the rest.


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My Week 2 picks, Vegas Odds follow my pick for reference.

CAR@ATL - ATL (-6.5)
MIN@DET - DET (+9.5)
CIN@GBY - GBY (-9)
ARZ@JAX - JAX (+3.5)
NEP@NYJ - NYJ (+4)
STL@WAS - WAS (-10)
OAK@KCY - KCY (+3.5
HOU@TEN - TEN (-6.5)
TBY@BUF - BUF (-5)
SEA@SFO - SFO (+1)
PIT@CHI - CHI (+3)
CLE@DEN - DEN (-3.5)
BAL@SDO - SDO (-3.5)
NYG@DAL - DAL (-3)
IND@MIA - IND (-3)


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Wow! What a crazy weekend! Well like they say... when the Moon is in Via Combust, never bet on anything to come out right.

The Steelers Bears game did prove to be a difficult game. But the Bears came up on top which I didn't predict. (there is a strange rule to this... when a chart looks like it will be a winner, look the other way because of Via Combust of the Moon.)

Well I'm sure we will all do better next weekend. V/r LionKing


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My Week 2 picks, Vegas Odds follow my pick for reference.

CAR@ATL - ATL (-6.5) Correct
MIN@DET - DET (+9.5) Incorrect
CIN@GBY - GBY (-9) Incorrect
ARZ@JAX - JAX (+3.5) Incorrect
NEP@NYJ - NYJ (+4) Correct
NOL@PHL - PHL (EVEN) Incorrect
STL@WAS - WAS (-10) Correct (not against the spread)
OAK@KCY - KCY (+3.5) Incorrect (correct against the spread)
HOU@TEN - TEN (-6.5) Incorrect
TBY@BUF - BUF (-5) Correct
SEA@SFO - SFO (+1) Correct
PIT@CHI - CHI (+3) Correct
CLE@DEN - DEN (-3.5) Correct
BAL@SDO - SDO (-3.5) Incorrect
NYG@DAL - DAL (-3) Incorrect
IND@MIA - IND (-3)

6 out of 15 - dismal.

Lesson learned: Even if Mercury has the most Essential Dignity, if he's retrograde, don't bet on the team that has Mercury as one of its significators.


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looks like we all picked more losers than winners this weekend, which is something we couldn't do if we tried, as that would be the same thing as picking all the winners!
Hopefully you all feel eager to take the challenge of improving. like i do!
It has been awhile since i used these methods and i was surprised at how much i had forgotten about it...for instance, transiting oppositions to the natal sun are the toughest to overcome, and most likely to end in loss on the football field. T SU conj. N SA, is almost always a winner, T MA conj. N SA is nearly always a loser. Lots of aspects lead to lots of action. few aspects leads to low scoring defensive struggles. If a player or coach is getting a lot of mars emphasis in their chart, they will have a very aggressive game plan, and if there's a lot of jupiter, uranus, and node about, you can bet on a high point total.
So what are we to make of jekkyl / hyde teams like the texans and bengals?
Are the patriots in trouble? how tough are the Jets? Would you pay 8 dollars for a beer at the new cowboy stadium?
Strap on your helmets boys, it's going to be a bumpy ride!


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The funny thing about this, is there is a casino around here that has a contest going on. If you get 210 games correct in the season, you will pocket a million. Ha!
Well I never entered. From this past weekend... I should have known better with a Via Combust Moon. But oh well, live and learn.
V/r LionKing


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hey, lion king,
210 games would be a tough number to reach, especially given my start, but i am already on to next week's games and fee; confident that i will improve. Have looked at the first 6 games so far and i will give a short take on each one.
titans at jets should be a doozy with the titans losing their first two games by 3 points each. could it happen again? looking for a low scoring game that will come down to the wire. Can sanchez and the jets go to 3 and 0 ? i think sanchez will get another chance to be a hero at the end of the game, but i am not sure if things will go his way this time. This one is too close to call a winner, but i like the point total to go under the posted total of 37.5.
another winless team is the jaguars as they travel to play the texans. the jags don't seem to have put it together yet, and the texans put up 34 points against a good titans defense last week. looks like 0 and 3 for the jags.
Chiefs coach todd haley has some encouraging aspects this week, including the fortunate trine from T MO to N UR and matt cassel is getting good aspects to his natal sun Looking at mcnabb's chart, i expect him to start for the eagles and play well. we haven't seen a line on this one yet, but i would predict a high scoring game, in which the chiefs give the eagles a run for their money. if the line favors philly by more than 7, i would take the chiefs to keep it close.
Browns at ravens looks like the blowout of the week. joe flacco is loaded for bear and he he may hang a half a hundred on the hapless browns.
Another dangerous winless team, tampa, hosts the undefeated giants this week. giants may be a little flat following their win in big d last week and tampa will be desperate to win a game. byron leftwich is due for a breakout game as his play has been decent so far. the transiting moon will be within 1 degree of conjunction to his natal sun, and the buccaneers will have a chance to pull off the upset. Bucs plus 7.5 at home is the play here.
Matthew Stafford will continue to improve this week against the Redskins, but the lions will not get their first win in over a year this sunday.


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the rams may have a chance to pull out a win late, at home versus green bay. not sure who will come out on top, but i like the rams plus 6 points or more, at home.

looking for brett favre to have a big win against the niners, as the T SU is conj. N UR.

Liking the falcons to pull off the upset on the road against the patriots.

i expect the bears will get the win in seattle.

liking drew brees to have a monster day, as the T MO is conj. N SU/ MA. the total points scored will go over the posted total of 51. as bills qb edwards will have some success too.

Coach tony sporano and his dolphins could lose another close game to another top qb, as phillip rivers will get an exciting win.

the bengals may get a rare victory over the hated steelers, or at least manage to cover a 4 point spread,

broncos at raiders is too close to call, but i expect jamarcus russell to have a chance to win the game at the end.

peyton manning's horoscope has too many oppositions for my liking as he loses to kurt warner and the cardinals,
which team is more desperate for a win on monday nite? This dogfight should go to the last minute, and carolina plus 8 points is not a bad play.


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Wow what a strange weekend. But thank God that it isn't like the last one. So Frank is bowing out of this one. Merc goes direct here in a few days... 29th to be exact. Ok here are mine.

1. Tenn will win.
2. Jackson
3. Phil Eagles
4. Ravens
5. Giants
6. Washington Reds
7. Green Bay
8. 49ers this time is my pick
9. New England
10. Chicago Bears
11. New Orleans Saints
12. San Diego
13. Pit Steelers
14. Denver
15. Arizona... yea.. Indi sort of breaks your and my heart. It hurts,but I agree.
16. Pretty tough call I went and constructed 15 min charts and finally gave it to Dallas.
Now watch me be wrong and I will have to agree with Frank and I shouldn't have done it. Ha!
V/r LionKing :biggrin: