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maybe this could be a thread that we could post our NFL predictions this season. Should we have a separate one for college or just use this one?
I will start it off with a strong prediction of the Pittsburgh Steelers to manhandle the Tennessee Titans in the season opener.I am using the "Real Time astrology methods of Courtney Roberts.

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I would have put my prediction in here. But it is too late now. Maybe next time. v/r LionKing (I also use some of Cortney Roberts methods)


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One thing that you might want to keep in mind... when it went in OT both of the rulers of AC and DC were retro. To me... I think that the 10th H was the call and the Steelers won in OT. :w00t: Another lesson for all of us in game predictions. V/r LionKing


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lion king,
it sounds like you use a mixture of methods including some horary type of stuff as well as the real time methods?
my pick went to Pittsburgh based mostly on a couple of factors. transiting mars was completing a grand trine in qb ben roethlisbergers chart as it made a supportive trine to his sun / jupiter trine. we saw the positive effects of this aspect in the second half when he completed about 12 passes in a row and he was right on target.
transiting moon was making a square to Titan coach Jeff Fischer's chart, resulting in some bad breaks like 2 missed field goals from one of the best kickers in the league. the game was tied at halftime, despite the fact that the titans outplayed pittsburgh in the first half.
final score was 13 - 10 in favor of pitt. in overtime.


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I experiment with anything that looks like it will work... ha! I do admit that what I see is sort of like horary astrology.

I know that Courtney Roberts does chart transits on the coach/player/team. Nothing wrong with what she does. But she woke me up to the fact that real-time does work.

I do look at what transpires in the game period of the angles. I do look at the 5th H and the 11th H to see how the chart is going to follow through.

I have read and use the methods of Sophia Mason, but much wasn't happening. But her books led me to believe that it could be done. So I looked at Frawley's book. Which sometimes works.

I then bought a book wrote by 16th Century William Lilly. Studying his methods did help a lot.

Last year, I once got into a video chat room with Courtney Roberts on NFL predictions. Very nice very nimble in her NFL astrology work. It was in October and there was I believe a Monday night game with NFL current champ NY Giants vs Cleveland Browns.

I predicted that Cleveland will win. Courtney was surprised along with the other astrologers that I would be final in that prediction. Well... it is history now... the Giants played in slow mud motion, and the Browns finished it with a win.

They asked how I did it. I told them the one thing that stood out from the game chart was... Mercury was retro. The Giants just fell apart.

I've been meaning to get back into the chat room with Courtney and the crew... but haven't done it since about that time last year. Have I lost some? Of course.:w00t: But I'm still learning along with the rest of us... ha!
V/r LionKing


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hi lion king, that's cool, i think your name is dave? we met on courtney's website before. she recently had a cool feature done about her that aired in a show called espn 60. i don't guess she is hosting any chats on the nfl that i know of, unless we talked her into it, but she works a very hectic schedule and is hard to pin down.
i started out using horary methods i learned in the book Llewellyn A to Z, where the author breaks down the annual rose bowl contest. this was written a long time ago, like maybe the 30"s? i don't remember for sure, but i still have a copy of that story.

so anyway, i was mostly frustrated by the results of my horary game forecasting, and put it all away until read an old TMA article on courtney's work in "real time". now, i don't spend much time with horary astrology at all and i use the methods she showed me with better results, overall.
but that doesn't mean that i don't value horary, and Lilly in particular, so if you have taken the time to make sense of that stuff, beyond the one or two reliable aspects that i could find, then i am all for it!
i will be running real time charts on most or all of the nfl games this weekend and i should have some predictions to post by saturday nite.
maybe you could put yours up too and we can see where we agree and disagree on our projected winners.


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Ha! You know... when I was typing the last message... I wondered it it was you. Well hey yea... it's me... Dave. aka LionKing. I'm glad you've taken it up again. Maybe you can teach the old lion a new trick or two! Ha!

Yea... William Lilly's stuff is pretty complicated. But with patence... it can be seen through. And no... I haven't been back to Courtney's room. I will be making my way to there soon I hope.

I've been taking a try at other sports which comes and goes. I did well with tennis and then it all went to H**L. But like I said... try and try again until you make some gain.

Yea... I didi see that Pittsburg was going to win the last one. The only other team I looked at was Dallas and Tampa Bay. I didn't study the chart long. But Dallas doesn't look too good. I will look at it again later.
But hey! Good to run into you again. V/r LionKing (Dave)


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glad you mentioned the cowboys. i just finished my analysis and we are in agreement that dallas looks vulnerable. first qtr sq from T Sun to Wade Phillips N UR looks very unstable. Also ist qtr sq from T JU to N JU is within 1 minute of arc. I think dallas has an aggressive game plan, but the results will not be as favorable as they hope.
Bucs coach Morris is not getting as much help from the stars as i would like to see for him, but the sextile from T MA to N SU is favorable. Also in his favor is the likelihood that his natal UR / Node conj. will be culminating at the end of the game, indicating a good chance for an upset.
The biggest challenge for tony romo is T SU conj N SA. He will be working hard and not having a lot of fun. His natal sun is anticulminating at the end of the game.
Bucs qb Leftwich is getting more help from the inner planet transits with a sextile from T MO to N MA and T VE supporting N Pluto and neptune. His N SU / ME conj. will be rising at the end of the game and he may get a chance to be the hero.
We should bear in mind that the current astrological picture includes the transiting sun activating the SA / UR opposition and i think this will lead to more upsets than usual this whole weekend, clear thru wednesday.
I will have more predictions later tonite, and another possible upset that is on my radar is monday nite's Raiders / Chargers matchup.
What say you?


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liking the home underdog carolina panthers to beat the eagles and also the raiders to win on monday nite.. Could the cleveland browns pull off a home upset over brett favre and the vikings? it seems unlikely, esp. considering that the transiting sun is conj. favre's ruling planet, venus, but cleveland plus 4 at home may be a good bet.


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Shawn... dawg you've really excelled in a year!

I have just gotten back to the house from visiting my dad. He took me nearly all over the east side of Indiana. Dad is 78 and just wanted to rehearse some memories.

I will step up to the plate here in about an hour and see what the charts look like. Hopefully I will have a report for you in the morn.
Take care. V/r LionKing


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Ok… here we go. I will take all the “Away Fav” games first. Note that there are just four of them.
  • Philadelphia Eagles -2 vs Carolina Panthers.
  • Minnasota Vikings -4 vs Cleveland Browns
  • Dallas Cowboys -6 vs Tampa Bay Bucks
  • San Diego Chargers -9 vs Oakland Raiders
1. Phil vs Carol The game begins at 13.00 A day of the Sun. The hour ruler is Mars.
AS sign is Sag DC sign is Gem. Notice that both planet rulers are retro. This looks
like the call for the 13:00 games of the day. The play-by-play callers will try and
make the game exciting. But these players will be like they are walking in mud and
can’t do anything right. Esp since Mars is the hour ruler and Mars is in it’s fall in
Cancer. I feel sorry for all QBs and RBs who have Mars as their natal ruler. Payton
Manning QB for the Colts is an Aries, and will feel the hurt of this Mars time.

At the half I will give it to Panthers because Moon is in the 7th H and the Sun is in it’s
joy in the 9th H during it’s hour. I’m saying this with a retro Jupiter asp off of the

2nd hour is of the Sun but the Signs are still Sag and Gem. Pluto is conj AC and
Jupiter is trine off of POF expect the Eagles to come out storming and doing good.

Even though at the end of the game Moon is conj DC in it’s own sign… I will give
the game to the Eagles. Because Jupiter Antiscia is conj AC and POF is conj MC

2. Vikings vs Browns At games end malefic Mars in 3 degree from DC while it is in
it’s fall even though as I said before that Moon is in it’s home. Let’s not forget that
the closer a waning Moon is to the Sun it is weaker. Vikings win.

3. At first I would say the Cowboys would lose. But when you carefully look at charts
end… there might be a change with the antiscia asp. The Moon is out of the 7th H.
POF is still in the 10th H and there are AC trine of Sun and a under the sunbeam
Saturn. Retro Merc is the Hour ruler but only looks good to the North Node. Which
is in the 1st H and a pretty good asp of Jupiter to AC now speaking of antiscia…
Jupiter and POF are 2 degrees apart. So I changed my mind, Cowboys win. Ha!

4. Chargers vs Oakland. Monday Night Football!!! I first thought ‘do I really need to
draw a chart for the Oakland Raiders?’ I just pray they don’t play like last year. But
when you draw up the end of game chart. The planets in Raiders money H or their 8th I’d
say it looks good… at first… but they are all retro. The north node in the 7th H does
nothing. Cancer is the AC sign as it’s ruler is beginning it’s journey in Leo. But the
great thing is benefit Venus in 23 degree and asp right-on to the AC. Expect the
points to roll up for the Chargers win.

I wish you all well…. Let’s enjoy the games!!! V/r LionKing:biggrin:
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well, shucks, of course i was hoping for more agreement on our forecasts, but i still enjoy making predictions and reading yours too. Thank you for giving your opinions!
one of my favorite indicators is in effect during the texans / jets game as Cancer quarterback, matt schaub will be playing at home while the transiting moon is in his sun sign. this doesn,t guarantee a win, of course, but it is still a strongly favorable influence.
this same thing will be in effect on monday nite, as we have 2 leo quarterbacks playing at home while the moon is in leo. those 2 are tom brady and jamarcus russell. this is an indicator that i don't like to go against.
chad pennington is another cancer qb, and i expect him to play well today too, even tho the dolphins are on the road against the falcons. Kurt Warner is another cancer qb who is playing at home this afternoon against the niners. i would not bet against the cardinals on that one.
see ya later


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I’m going to see if my technique for baseball games works for NFL (American) football games also.

I use only the game chart, and use several different techniques. You can see my techniques and methodology partially in this thread:

These predictions are purely astrological in nature and do NOT take point spreads or records into account – only home and away teams. No colors or team or player charts either. Let’s see how it works. I’m expecting less of a result than baseball, because the home/away factor is not as important in football as it is in baseball.

Since many of these charts are very similar, pay attention to the exact degrees of the Ascendant, MC and Fortune for subtle differences between the games that start at the same time.

Here are this week’s games and picks:

Tennessee at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Win – Pittsburgh won in overtime.

Miami @ Atlanta – Away Team Win
Kansas City @ Baltimore – Home Team Win
Philadelphia @ Carolina – Away Team Win
Denver @ Cincinnati – Home Team Win
Jacksonville @Indianapolis – Home Team Win
Detroit @ New Orleans – Home Team Win
Dallas @ Tampa Bay – Home Team Win
San Francisco @ Arizona – Home Team Win
Washington @ New York Giants – Home Team Win
St. Louis @ Seattle – Home Team Win
Chicago @ Green Bay – Home Team Win
Buffalo @ New England – Away Team Win
San Diego @ Oakland – Home Team Win


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I see I left out a couple of games inadvertently. I'll not do predictions on those games, since I could obviously just pick the team that is ahead now.


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Hello Frank and welcome to the NFL predictions. When I saw the name "Frank" in my e-mail room from astrology response... I was wondering if it was you. Then I pulled up the thread and lo and behold!

I've read some of your past threads. You're a pretty good astrologer. Shawn and you both are pretty good. I'm sure both of you will over-whelm me with what you find in these chart readings.

Now it seems that both have lost a game or two... but don't worry, I've lost some in the past. That is how we get better. Like at the end of Frawley's book... practice, practice, practice. Ha!

Also don't be fooled with my 100% so far. I just faired well for the day.

I think that both of you know that I dabble in the horary astrology and that I have admitted to the "forensic astrology." Missing people and articles seem to grab my attention, along with sports predictions.:crying:
But again glad both of you are here. V/r LionKing


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not a great day forecasting for me, but it was still a lot of fun getting back in the swing of things.
all of the cancer qbs lost on sunday, and didn't play real well. wonder if that means our leo qbs will struggle on monday nite, when the moon is in leo?
jake delhomme is stealing money from the carolina panthers as their starting qb. i wonder if he owes money to the mob? dude is TERRIBLE!
and i can see why the denver broncos traded jay cutler too. that guy has got to be the biggest baby in the league! maybe that trade for kyle orton will turn out to be the best trade denver ever made, as orton now has a better record this season than cutler does!
also, a fat old guy like me could have quarterbacked the minnesota vikings to a victory today,just as well as favre did! are the vikings a legit super bowl contender this year, with adrian peterson leading the way?
and i suspect all of the rotten aspects that i saw in donovan mcnabb and andy reid's charts had less to do with today's blowout victory and more to do with the cracked ribs suffered by mcnabb.
what do you guys say?


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Ha! I laughed my azz off!! Payton Manning washed up like I expected. He only threw two good passes. But hey... he is still a good QB, but not during the time where Mars is currently at.

Yea... I heard about McNabb. My mind went to "I wonder if they will stick Vick in sooner than planned?"

The only ones that seem to be doing great was Drew Breez. Man! Did he rack the points! V/r LionKing


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Miami @ Atlanta – Away Team Win WRONG
Kansas City @ Baltimore – Home Team Win RIGHT
Philadelphia @ Carolina – Away Team Win RIGHT
Denver @ Cincinnati – Home Team Win WRONG (very strange ending there)
Jacksonville @Indianapolis – Home Team Win RIGHT
Detroit @ New Orleans – Home Team Win RIGHT
Dallas @ Tampa Bay – Home Team Win WRONG
San Francisco @ Arizona – Home Team Win WRONG
Washington @ New York Giants – Home Team Win RIGHT
St. Louis @ Seattle – Home Team Win RIGHT
Chicago @ Green Bay – Home Team Win RIGHT
Buffalo @ New England – Away Team Win TONIGHT
San Diego @ Oakland – Home Team Win TONIGHT

Thus far, four wrong out of twelve predictions, much less than I'd like to see. I should be using my "no calls" more - I avoided them this time, but some charts were really too close to call and I should have avoided making a call. The charts this week were problematic - mainly because of the lack of dignity conditions for most planets.

The wins I was most sure about, Philly, New York Giants, Seattle and Green Bay all worked. I'll have to see if these techniques I'm using work in the long run, but I'm not optimistic due to the aforementioned issues. When I have time, I can look at a chart much more closely and get a better result, but I don't have time to do that and have to rely on quicker techniques. I typically spend less than two minutes on each game, because I'm not gambling (I don't gamble) but I'm testing specific techniques.

The real-time techniques work very well, but I don't have anywhere near enough time to do that for each game. I usually just quickly take a look at the charts on SUnday morning before the games start.


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i agree with frank that there simply are not enough hours in the day to devote the time and attention that are required for the most accurate forecasting. i spend way more time than i should, but less than i would need, in order to get the best results. i am guilty of using shortcut methods as well, and this often results in a sort of "hit and miss" effect.
of the 14 games played so far this week, i chose the wrong team on 6 of them, so that is not very good, but it isn't terrible either. i get in a weekly pool with about 6 to 8 other guys and we endeavor to pick all the winners. this week, the leader missed 4 already and others have missed even more than me. there were at least 4 or 5 games that i analyzed this week and could not detect any real advantage for either team, so it was a coin toss situation.
sports forecasting is a fun and educational way to learn more about astrology, but i would not recommend that anyone take my picks "to the bank"
i will be running my charts for this week soon and maybe i can pace myself throughout the week rather than try to analyze 16 games in a day.


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I do agree that it takes a lot of time. That is why I usually just use the angles as indicators as to how the game is going to be played.

At this time the Chargers are behind the Oakland team! Ha! Maybe I will finally lose! Ha! Which ever it goes... it's all good.

See ya all next time. V/r LionKing