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david starling

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Who do you think got Hunter the job at Burisma? And his business partners weren't so addled, btw.

Well, between a Vice President possibly getting his son a job in Ukraine, and a President inciting a deadly, seditious riot at the Senate building, and stealing and refusing to return documents, some of which were labeled "Top Secret", from the White House when he left office, the latter sounds a lot more illegal.


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So you think grift through influence peddling is fine?

And the only person who died on 6 January was Ashlii Babbitt, who was shot by cops.

I'm also trying to figure out why a bunch of unarned people who went wandering around the capitol taking selfies after police let them in (many of them feds) is considered an insurrection.

david starling

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So you think grift through influence peddling is fine?

And the only person who died on 6 January was Ashlii Babbitt, who was shot by cops.

I'm also trying to figure out why a bunch of unarned people who went wandering around the capitol taking selfies after police let them in (many of them feds) is considered an insurrection.

It's because it wasn't random. Btw, poor Ashley was hoisted up by fellow rioters through a window they broke, and the cop who shot her didn't know if she was armed or not while trying to forcibly enter the building.

The real target was Vice President Mike Pence, whom they were violently attempting to prevent from Constitutionally certifying the results of the 2020 Presidential election in the U.S. Senate. That's legally considered an insurrection.


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So you think grift through influence peddling is fine?

And the only person who died on 6 January was Ashlii Babbitt, who was shot by cops.

I'm also trying to figure out why a bunch of unarned people who went wandering around the capitol taking selfies after police let them in (many of them feds) is considered an insurrection.

Actually, 4 MAGA people died that day.😌
Ashli Babbit was shot down in cold blood by a demented & probably drunk cop (he has a record of being intoxicated &
leaving his gun behind in washrooms).
She was NO threat, unlike the lunatic left antifa/BLM mobs who rioted, looted, killed, assaulted & murdered.
Not ONE of these violent Libs were shot by cops, in fact, they killed 3 cops during their 'summer of love'.☹️☹️☹️
Rosemary Boland was beaten to death by cops.☹️
2 men died after flash bangs were targeted directly at them; they both had heart attacks & died.😌

The fake & false narrative put out by the corrupt media & lying, criminal Dems has fallen apart.
Nobody believes it was an 'insurrection'.
Everyone pretty much knows now that Piglosi/Bowser planned the entire thing...they even had their onw
camera crew inside the building.
They refuse to allow the release of 1400 hours of video...because it shows it was the antifa thugs who did 99%
of the violence.
They refused the 10,000 NG Trump had requested as he knew there were going to be over 1 M Patriots there
that day & wanted to ensure law & order.
BLM organizer
John Sullivan is on tape saying that they are going to 'smash their way into the Capitol.
Ray Epps, an FBI 'asset' is seen on video screaming for people to 'get into the Capitol'

What happened on Jan6 was the 'cover up' for the Dems to prevent a real election count as over 100 Reps were
planning on giving reasons to NOT certify the election.
Nov 3/2020 was the REAL insurrection!




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And hey, in some corners they're already talking about running Fetterman for president in 2024,

Well, they installed braindead sock puppet O'Biden so why not install braindead sock puppet Fetterman?😏😏

Doesn't matter since they are both being puppeted by O'Bomber/Soros/NWO.....

they could put in a wooden doll & that would do the same job as demented joe & fetterman!😅😅😅

I have to keep laughing or I'd just slit my wirsts at what is going on in the country!😗😗


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I'll fall back on my standard answer: who's going to have an insurrection with no weapons?

Well, according to the 'media, Jan 6 was the worst attack on American soil!:oops:

Even worse than 9/11 say the Dems.:rolleyes:

Even worse than the Civil War!o_O

MAGA people went into the Capitol after police waved them in, magnetic doors were magically opened!
Antifa smashed windows & caused 99% of the violence.
The MAGA crowd were shouting at them to stop.
It's all on video.
Except they won't release it.

Just keeping up with the fake story that Trump 'incited' violence with the 'domestic terrorists'.

They are so terrified of the MAGA Movement they have to keep lying & pushing out propagsanda
about Jan 6 even though nobody cares about it anymore & nobody is listening to them.

The left truly have gone insane with their hate 4 'orangeman bad'.


david starling

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I'll fall back on my standard answer: who's going to have an insurrection with no weapons?

That's a "rebellion", which is much more violent than an "insurrection", and is about actually overthrowing the government rather than just attempting to succeed in preventing it from functioning.

The rioters did succeed in having the Senate chambers evacuated, with the Senators in fear for their lives. Those were congratulatory selfies on temporarily delaying the confirmation proceedings. They did storm the inadequate police barriers in order to accomplish it, but without firearms.


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Other weapons from the Insurrection:

“In America, we have this thought that everything is focused on a gun, on a firearm,” Boyd said. “And we miss the fact that so many other people are killed with so many other weapons.”

At least one of the rioters was allegedly found with a stun gun. Richard Barnett was photographed sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office with his feet up on a desk. Barnett, who self-identifies as a “white nationalist,” was seen in that photo with what federal law enforcement later identified as a “ZAP Hike N Strike 950,000 Volt Stun Gun Walking Stick.” According to a product description, the weapon “delivers 950,000 volts of knock down power, causing loss of muscle control and disorientation that bring attackers to their knees and makes them incapable of further aggression.” (A Reuters investigation found that, as of 2017, more than 1,000 people died after police used a stun gun on them.)

Jonathan Mellis can be allegedly seen on footage from a Metropolitan Police Department body camera “repeatedly striking and making stabbing movements towards the officers” using a large stick. According to court documents, Mellis appears to be “attempting to strike the officers’ necks between their helmets and body-armor where they are not protected.”

The Cases

Federal prosecutors say that Christopher Michael Alberts of Maryland was arrested on Capitol grounds on the evening of Jan. 6 while carrying a Taurus G2c 9 mm handgun with one round in the chamber and a full 12-round magazine. He also allegedly had an extra magazine in his pocket and was carrying a gas mask, pocket knife and first-aid kit.

Lonnie Leroy Coffman of Alabama was also arrested that evening after law enforcement found two firearms on his person, as well as what a federal judge referred to as a “small armory” in his truck, which was parked near the Capitol. According to the court, the government found “a loaded handgun,” “a loaded rifle,” “a loaded shotgun,” “a crossbow with bolts,” “several machetes,” “a stun gun” and “11 mason jars containing a flammable liquid, with a hole punched in the top of each jar.” According to the government, surveillance footage showed him “in attendance at the events at the Capitol,” though he has not been charged with breaching the building.

Cleveland Grover Meredith of North Carolina planned to arrive in D.C. for the Trump rallies on Jan. 6, according to federal prosecutors, but he was delayed because of car trouble. He was arrested the following day for allegedly assaulting a man in Washington, D.C., in a traffic-related incident and for making death threats against the D.C. mayor and Pelosi.

During a search, law enforcement said they found in his possession “a Glock 19, nine millimeter pistol, a Tavor X95 assault rifle and approximately hundreds of rounds of ammunition.” Citing text messages sent by Meredith, a federal prosecutor argued in court that he “relished in the carnage of January 6th.”

The government’s case against members of the far-right, anti-government militia known as the Oath Keepers alleges that the group discussed planning a “Quick Reaction Team” with weapons just outside Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. One such defendant, Thomas Caldwell, allegedly wrote in a text message on Jan. 3, “we could have our Quick Response Team with the heavy weapons standing by, quickly load them and ferry them across the river to our waiting arms.” Caldwell’s attorney, meanwhile, has argued that references to such a team demonstrate that the group was purposely adhering to D.C.’s strict gun laws. Caldwell’s attorney also argued that the messages were not about storming the Capitol, stating that the team was “nothing but a contingency plan hatched up by retired military guys strategizing in the event that Antifa launched a coordinated attack against rally-goers.” (There is no evidence antifa played any role in the events of Jan. 6.)

Prosecutors believe other defendants in the Capitol riot possessed guns on Jan. 6, though those rioters were not arrested and searched for weapons that day.

For example, Guy Wesley Reffitt allegedly “led a group of rioters up the Capitol steps” and “confronted law enforcement” but retreated after being pepper-sprayed. Reffitt was wearing tactical gear and “carrying his pistol” during the riot, according to the government, and also brought plastic flex cuffs.
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Federal prosecutors say Reffitt is a member of the Texas Three Percenters, a far-right militia group. Reffitt’s son told federal investigators that when Reffitt returned home from Washington, D.C., he brought an “AR-15 rifle and a Smith & Wesson pistol” in the house along with his other things. Reffitt was arrested on Jan. 18.

Samuel Fisher allegedly posted photos of himself, along with a rifle and handgun, in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. He posted on Facebook early that day that he was leaving things in a parking garage, “maybe except pistol,” and added, “if it kicks off I got a Vest and My Rifle.” Fisher was arrested on Jan. 20 and is facing charges of entering and remaining in a restricted building, as well as disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, but not weapons charges

The Cases

Two men — Julian Khater and George Tanios — allegedly conspired to injure police officers defending the Capitol and used an unidentified chemical spray on three officers, including Sicknick. Prosecutors say Khater said on video “give me that bear s***” at one point, suggesting the chemical was bear spray.

“All three officers were incapacitated and unable to perform their duties for at least 20 minutes or longer while they recovered from the spray,” federal prosecutors say. Two officers told investigators that the spray was “as strong as, if not stronger than, any version of pepper spray they had been exposed to during their training as law enforcement officers.”

Officer Brian Sicknick died on Jan. 7, but officials have not yet made public details about the exact cause of his death.

More Facts:


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NOT one gun was at the Jan 6 'insurrection'.....
but don't take my word 4 it.
What the FBI have reported!

There were over 1 M Patriots that day & not ONE was charged with carrying a gun in the Capitol.
Not ONE was charged with 'insurrection'.
They have been charged with 'trespassing' & are held WIThOUT bail for 18 months in the DC gulag.

There is NO Justice for MAGA people; 2 have killed themselves in prison due to the bad treatment.
Over 500 are still suffering, many in solitary confinement.

The Dems have proven they are nazis running a nazi regime that targets their political oponents in a cruel
& inhumane way.

America has been taken over by a totalitarian gov't.☹️☹️☹️

Jill Sanborn, assistant director of the FBI’s counterterrorism division,​

told a Senate committee that the FBI did not recover any guns at the​

Jan. 6 Capitol riot​

But what she WOULD NOT answer is how many FBI 'assets' were at the Capitol that day.
The ONLY reason they won't admit how many were there, was because they were the ones instigating
violence, along with the antifa thugs.
Ray Epps was a major inciter of violence, works 4 the FBI.
He was initially put on a 'most wanted' poster but then taken down after O'Biden's fascist regime ordered it.

'I Can't Answer That': Asst. FBI Director Refuses To Answer Ted Cruz Questions​

About January 6​



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Jan. 6 has been called an insurrection, so why has no one been charged with that crime?​

Majority (99%) have been charged with 'TRESPASSING' & Some have been charged with more serious crimes yet not ONE
has been charged with 'insurrection'.

So stop calling it an 'insurrection'.

It was a protest....with the elderley walking into the Capitol after police opened the doors & waved them in.
Some put their feet up on Crazy Nancy's desk & one took a gavel!😂😂😂

UNLIKE the 'summer of love' where the Antifa/BLM mob of thugs burned the country to the ground,
killed at least 50 people, incl 3 law enforcement, looted, assaulted & created over 2 B worth of damage.☹️☹️

THAT was a REAL insurrection as the demons tried to burn down the WH with President Trump in it!
The threat level was raised to the highest ever to protect him from the lunatic left.

The lying, corrupt media have tried to paint all MAGA people as 'domestic terrorists' but people are
now realizing that it's the lunatic left who are the REAL domestic terrorists.

Trump announced that he was going to designate Antifa as 'terrorist group'.

Mmmmmmmmmm....would be very interesting if he did that before he left.😗😗😗

According to the Department of Justice, 725 people have been charged in connection with Jan 6;
more than 225 have been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers;
640 have been charged with entering or remaining in a restricted area;
275 also face charges of obstructing, impeding or influencing an official proceeding.

Yet not ONE charged with 'insurrection'.🤗🤗🤗

It's the Dems that committed treason on Nov 3/2020 with the election fraud.
It's the Dems (& some Rinos) that will be charged with 'insurrection' i.e
Treason & Sedition.
The death penalty awaits many in the Dem Party.



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Yesterday, 2 Oath Keepers were found Guilty by a Jury of Seditious Conspiracy:

United States​

In the United States, seditious conspiracy is codified at 18 U.S.C. § 2384:

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

This law was enacted in 1861 after secessionists gained control of most slaveholding states as the Confederate States of America, although it was originally sought by Senator Stephen A. Douglas in response to John Brown's 1859 raid on a federal arsenal. A substantially similar offense appeared in the Sedition Act of 1798 signed by President John Adams to suppress the Democratic-Republican Party's criticisms of the Quasi-War.[7] However, the law was deeply unpopular and was allowed to expire after Thomas Jefferson defeated Adams in the 1800 presidential election. After Nat Turner's slave rebellion, the Virginia General Assembly amended the state slave codes to enact charges similar to seditious conspiracy against slaves and free blacks who held unauthorized assemblies or led slave rebellions.[8][9]

8 week trial FBI charged:

Beginning in late December 2020, via encrypted and private communications applications, Rhodes, Meggs, Harrelson, Watkins, Caldwell, and others coordinated and planned to travel to Washington, D.C., on or around Jan. 6, 2021, the date of the certification of the electoral college vote.

The defendants also, collectively, employed a variety of manners and means, including: organizing into teams that were prepared and willing to use force and to transport firearms and ammunition into Washington, D.C.; recruiting members and affiliates; organizing trainings to teach and learn paramilitary combat tactics; bringing and contributing paramilitary gear, weapons, and supplies – including knives, batons, camouflaged combat uniforms, tactical vests with plates, helmets, eye protection, and radio equipment – to the Capitol grounds; breaching and attempting to take control of the Capitol grounds and building on Jan. 6, 2021, in an effort to prevent, hinder and delay the certification of the electoral college vote; using force against law enforcement officers while inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021; continuing to plot, after Jan. 6, 2021, to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power, and using websites, social media, text messaging and encrypted messaging applications to communicate with each other and others.
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To be charged with Insurrection brings a 10 year sentence maximum
To be charged with Seditious Conspiracy brings a 20 years maximum sentence.
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Rep. Congressman from Florida Matt Gaetz was very lucky in this lifetime. His bff and party guy who dated the same 17 yr old girl just got 11 year sentence in Federal prison, and the judge said he gave more help to the DOJ then he ever saw given before in front of his court! The charges for taking a juvenile over State Lines for Sex is very serious and he could have gotten 30 yrs, so 11 years is light considering all his help on both the Gaetz case, for 2 yrs as well as 3 or 4 others .
According to the lawyer for the man who got the 11 yrs (Joel Greenberg) he said that it's grossly unfair not to indict Matt Gaetz because he is just as guilty, but the DOJ does not like to go after politicians. Its a good thing that Milquetoast (DOJ) actually passed on the trump case finally to someone who isn't afraid to go after those committing crimes and following through as Jack Smith will now hopefully do in the trump case.

btw - Gaetz asked donald trump to give him an "across the board" Pardon which no one received. A Pardon for ANY crimes that could come up in the future. It wasn't done.



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Jury in Manhattan trump company (Alan Weisselberg CEO-book-keeper who fell on his sword for Mr.trump this week) comes back\Monday
to hear closing arguments:

According to trump's lawyers, trump once again, is a VICTIM, this time of the man he is still paying to do his book work and oversee his businesses in New York - :) (IF you believe he's a victim, you are beyond hopeless in the logic department) By supplying his top people like Weisselberg and their famlies with Mercedes Benzes, the best schools for their chldren and grandchildren all these many years they worked there, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of "perks", it enabled, i.e. trump to avoid paying the government extra in SS taxes and other taxes. etc. i.e. he actually SAVED tons of money. Yet, his lawyers are telling the jury he knew nothing about it.

although the jury was told he was fired, he still works with full pay every day for the NY firm as he always has:



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NBC News reports.

Alan Weisselberg and other company executives received off-the-books compensation such as rent-free apartments, the use of cars, or tuition paid for their relatives out of Trump accounts–including Donald Trump's personal accounts–instead of logged pay in an attempt to avoid paying taxes and increasing the company's tax burden. Having pleaded guilty in August for his role in the scheme, Weisselberg said he and controller Jeffrey McConney were the only ones who knew the company wasn't reporting these as taxable expenditures, even though Donald Trump and his two sons would sign checks to compensate the employees.

And yet, even though he's admitted, under oath, to being criminally bad at his job, exposing the company to expensive litigation, and even risking the business license of the corporation itself because of his actions, Weisselberg is still employed by the Trump Organization, which says its former CFO is on a personal leave of absence. In fact, Weisselberg testified that he is still on the company's legitimate payroll which pays taxes and everything, maintaining his one million dollar annual salary. Weisselberg said that while he was no longer CFO, his duties remained the same, although he did not specify if those duties continue to include defrauding tax authorities.


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He's still on Trump's payroll — bigly.​

Weisselberg presented himself to the Trump Org's mostly-middle class jury on Tuesday as a very well-paid man.

His salary remains $640,000 a year, he said at the start of his testimony, a tidy sum considering he has been relieved of doing any actual work in light of his August tax-fraud plea.

On top of that salary, Weisselberg collected a $500,000 bonus back in January. Asked by lead prosecutor Susan Hoffinger if he expects another half-million this coming January, he gave something of a sheepish smile.
"I don't know yet," he told her. "Hopefully, yes."

"You expect to be paid a few months after you testify here now?" Hoffinger asked.

"Correct," Weisselberg answered.

"Who decides if you get the $500,000 dollar bonus?" she asked.


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11th Circuit Declared - there was no reason for a Special Master (Judge Dearie for example - and Dismissed him - Judge A. Cannon will go down in history as not knowing what she was doing and being castigated by the higher appeals court OR by purposefully playing into trump's hands to delay - The 11th Circuit, (2 federal judges appointed by trump) and one other also a Republican Federal Judge - all 3 of them - put down Cannon's judgements - to delay -

Trump wants a special rule for former presidents. Here, you need to read the Court’s words. They say what should have been said to Trump long ago:

“Only one possible justification for equitable jurisdiction remains: that Plaintiff is a former President of the United States. It is indeed extraordinary for a warrant to be executed at the home of a former president—but not in a way that affects our legal analysis or otherwise gives the judiciary license to interfere in an ongoing investigation. The Richey test has been in place for nearly fifty years; its limits apply no matter who the government is investigating. To create a special exception here would defy our Nation’s foundational principle that our law applies ‘to all, without regard to numbers, wealth, or rank.’

The law is clear.
We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so. Either approach would be a radical reordering of our case law limiting the federal courts’ involvement in criminal investigations. And both would violate bedrock separation-of-powers limitations. Accordingly, we agree with the government that the district court improperly exercised equitable jurisdiction, and that dismissal of the entire proceeding is required.

So it’s all over. The government can investigate Trump just like any other person. Will Trump appeal? Of course he’ll try to. But it’s over. The rule of law has spoken through a panel of three Republican-appointed judges.
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