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Irene Cara - from Flashdance fame - did "Maniac" - "What a Feeling", etc died (no reason given yet) age 63 :(
A lot of talent in one little person - Both her 8th house and 6th house are triggered - upon death

From a clip of her dancing:



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This is one story I saw today that I'd like to do a chart for. It's not everyday this happens: :( His sister said his father didn't like the idea of
ROTC but that isn't what the Find a Grave Link bio says:
When he disappeared from his father's house late one night at 11:30 PM - his brother checked what was missing, and gave a list to the police. It was mostly ROTC air force clothes (incl. shoes, shirt, hat etc) and a duffel bag -

How sad! His brother said he asked him "how do I get to Baltimore to mom's house?"

Instead of arguing with him, Delvonte tried to get to his mother's house in Baltimore one night by hitching a ride as a stowaway on a plane but he ended up falling to his death over Milton Mass. (400 miles north of Baltimore)

Delvonte Seffon Tisdale (1994-2010) - Find a Grave …

  • Place Of Birth: Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

  • Born: Nov 08, 1994
Delvonte Tisdale was born November 8, 1994 to Jonette Washington and Anthony Tisdale. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland but was living in North Carolina at the time of his death. He has seven brothers and three sisters.

  • Delvonte had somehow stowed away in an airplane wheel well and fell to his death when the landing gear lowered, according to Lt. Brian Brooks, former investigator for the Norfolk County DA’s Office.​
  • As they considered this possibility, investigators realized that a fall from a great height could explain the severe trauma to Delvonte’s shattered body. The thud a Milton resident recalled hearing on the night of November 15 could have been Delvonte’s body hitting the ground.​
  • Based on departure times, flight paths, and travel time, investigators focused on US Airway Flight 1176, bound for Boston. The variables lined up as a possible flight Delvonte could have stowed away on. The reassembled plastic card found near his body was from a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina that had a shuttle to the airport.​
  • “That’s when the pieces started coming together,” investigators told “Accident, Suicide or Murder.”​
  • Questions remained about why the teen would take such a dangerous chance, as well as how could he have breached strict, post-9/11 security and gotten access to a wheel well.​
  • As investigators worked the case, they walked the path the plane would have taken as it approached Logan Airport in Boston.​
  • The search took teams into densely wooded areas, where Delvonte’s shirt and sneakers were found.​
  • Grease on the recovered shirt and a handprint and fingerprints inside the US Airways plane’s wheel well supported the stowaway theory.​
  • At a press conference, the District Attorney identified that the facts of the case led to the conclusion that Delvonte Tisdale had been a stowaway on Flight 1176 from Charlotte to Boston and that he fell from the wheel well, Milton Police Department Det. Louis Bullard told producers.​


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At a press conference, Norfolk District Attorney William Keating cited evidence including a handprint in the wheel well, clothes strewn along the plane's flight path and an autopsy report indicating the 16-year-old fell "from a significant height."

WE can easily discern the Moira, (at least 2 of them) are triggered (Atropos & Lachesis) when his "time was up" for Devonte .....but what a way to go!
People say he knew or should have known how dangerous the plane would be and could have hitchhiked to Baltimore, - but kids are kids after all. He was only 16. His Sun was harmed when born by the two aspects made by the malefic Mars in Leo (to the Sun and to Jupiter) his luck....



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A few of us including a well known Horary Astrologer (published) sometimes use the Sunrise Charts especially with unknown tob. I wrote to him via FB messenger asking if he would do so as I do getting great charts for SR and he said yes he would too. \\

So using the Sunrise tob - for Delvonte's 16th Solar Return - I thought it interesting enough to share here:
Especially so, the P.O.F. opposing his SR Asc. in a very critical 22nd degree - cj. Neptune in the 22nd degree (not thinking straight for sure when he left his father's house that night near midnight.
The Moon falling in the 8th house of death in the 13th degree as is the North Node of the Moon (again a repeating number for degree) and both connected to Uranus (accident from the sky) Did he really think otherwise? Probably was taking what he thought at a young age of 16 was a calculated risk.
Pluto Quintiles (Creative way to die?) if our souls pick and choose that is - to the Sun & Mercury


Chart with Solar Arc Directions using dob with Sunrise for Delvonte - (Sun cj. NN)



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Note: Regarding trump's dinner guests - on his social site he said that "Ye" (Kanye) brought 2 guests with him one of them Nick Fuentes the
infamous Holocaust Denier and White Nationalist. trump claims he didn't know them and didn't know they were coming which of course cannot be true because Secret Service would know and clears everyone first -

He did not bother to put down what they are known for doing on his site. Just like Charlottesville, "good ones and bad ones" I suppose? Thus far
his Republican enablers are silent, but tomorrow will be questioned about it by journalists on TV since people voted for them including Jewish people who voted Republican.


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Still awaiting news of how and why Irene Cara died at such a young age of 63. I hope it's not suicide. She apparently was shunned by the music industry after a lawsuit for wages she felt producers held back from her in the 90s and it appears she lived a simple lifes in Largo Florida:



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Irene Cara age 8 on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour sings "Ola, Ola, Ola" translation "Rain,Rain,Rain"

Similar to Sagittarius Sun - Brenda Lee age 8 on the old Dick Clark Show: singing "Dynamite"

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Emmy Noether - Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope​

Date of Birth (local time):
23 March 1882 - 20:00 ( LMT )
Universal Time (UT/GMT):
23 March 1882 - 19:16 (-0:44h)

House system:
Birth data source (Rodden Rating):
Steinbrecher, (Rodden Rating:

One of the

most underrated scientist of all time?
During her lifetime, Emmy Noether was hated by the establishment - and they almost forced her into obscurity.
Emmy Noether is probably the most important woman in all of science (in competition with Curie) and definitely the most important woman in mathematics. She was insanely talented and had an understanding of maths which was just astounding.
She wasn’t actually allowed to attend university - she could only “audit” classes - not actually attend them, and required every lecturer to approve of her presence (which many of them didn’t).
Then she was invited to Göttingen by Hilbert - despite the other faculties almost rioting at the idea of a woman being a member of staff. For the first few years of teaching, she was not paid at all. Virtually nobody attended her lectures - since they were being given by a woman (the accounts I have read of people who did attend say she was a fantastic lecturer).
The other members of the department would, being frustrated with people not attending her lectures, pretend they were giving a lecture - which Noether would then give (people would walk out as soon as she walked in).
Despite this active hatred from the university - she produced some of the most important and fundamental work in mathematics and physics of the era (less flashy than Einstein - but pretty **** important!)
Her list of “contributions to maths and physics” section on Wikipedia is longer than Einstein’s - and second only to Dirac in volume. Her most famous theory - Noether's theorem is one of the most fundamental relationships we have - it links conservation laws to symmetries in space and time. It is beautiful in its simplicity.
On top of this, she was renowned for being a genuinely caring human being. To quote Wikipedia:

In addition to her mathematical insight, Noether was respected for her consideration of others. Although she sometimes acted rudely toward those who disagreed with her, she nevertheless gained a reputation for constant helpfulness and patient guidance of new students…. A colleague later described her this way: "Completely unegotistical and free of vanity, she never claimed anything for herself, but promoted the works of her students above all."
Despite being one of the most important people (not just woman) of the 20th century, her work is virtually unheard of outside of the scientific community - although that is beginning to change.
Even though she is slowly getting more recognition - in my opinion, she will always be underrated, until the day she is hoisted up next to Curie, Feynman and Einstein as the people who defined physics and mathematics in the 20th century.

Scientist (and theorist) Emmy Noether:



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I've always believed in UFOs although never having seen one. When I finally did have my first sighting or encounter with one in Phoenix in 1997 March, it was still shocking to my system.
So when I dreamt of a UFO a few years ago, I wrote down the time I had the dream and date - as well as the only thing I recalled which was a message: "You are all very special to us". I gathered from the message, we were as their children or perhaps star children planted or left here once upon a time. Note:Time of dream may have been a little earlier


and me in synastry with the dream - all I see is the dream's 9th house (higher plane) Neptune with my planets inconjunction/quincunx to the lower 3rd house of thought - Moon & my 2nd with Pluto and the dream's connection to it's BML -

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I believe that the prejudice against females in the sciences is the reason the astronomers refused to perfectly name the first planet discovered beyond Saturn's orbit "Urania", after the Greco/Roman goddess of the Heavens, and Muse of both astronomy and astrology, "Ourania/Urania".

To avoid doing that, they even broke the pattern of using all Roman names for the planets. The name they eventually and reluctantly chose after not agreeing on any name for nearly 50 years, "Uranus", is derived from the Greek god of the Heavens, (suitably masculine), but was rendered as "Caelus" in the Roman pantheon.
Whereas, "Urania" was used as the Roman name for the goddess of the Heavens, and Muse of astronomy and astrology.

Just to finish up: For myself, :uranus: is named for (in Latin) Urania, goddess of the Heavens, granddaughter of the Greek god of the Heavens, Ouranos and the Roman equivalent Caelus.

So, for me, :uranus: is sole dispositor of the sign Aquarius, and has the name of a Roman goddess, like the planet :venus:.

Urania was daughter of the Titan goddess of Memory, and the Olympian god Zeus/Jupiter. The ancient Greco/Roman astronomers and astrologers literally prayed to her for inspiration. And, the male-oriented historians have predictably downplayed her role in the ancient pantheons, just as they downplay the importance of the female astronomer/astrologer Hypatia, head of the Alexandrian Library.
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Now, back to the news--Do we have a final determination of the number of Democrats in the House yet? Seems difficult to find out.

There appear to be a number of true Republicans elected, which could interfere with the Trumpublican agenda of blocking any meaningful legislation meant to improve the lives of the American people.
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Mass Moscow Iowa Murderer still missing and not identified:

Famed former FBI profiler Jim Clemente told The Post he believes the suspect is a “younger” man and a first-time killer who knew at least one of the suspects.

“This is an extremely risky crime for the offender — unless he knows one or more of the victims, or he’s been stalking one of them,” he said. “Going into an occupied dwelling with six young adults, any of whom could have a knife or a gun or a cell phone to call the police is extremely risky unless you know the circumstances inside.”