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No chats for chat's sake please!

I'd like this thread to stay devoted to News
of the day (earthquakes, if any - like the collapse of the Condo in Florida) and whatever is actually newsworthy.

There are many chat threads, so this one is created expressly for no chat for chatting sake, but rather devoted to the day's news.

Thanks for participating or if you choose not to thanks in advance for not diverting the intent of this thread! I do understand now and then, we ALL may divert unintentionally but when brought to mind, please do not keep repeating same.

note: I may however, take some of my charts posted onto the thread entitled "latest new political news" in which I participated until it started to divert into "all chatting" without Newsworthy events.

Thanks for avoidance of the chatting here. - as its not the intent of the thread.

Creation of Thread for News Astrology : 10:48 A.M. Mesa Arizona

Mundane - Electional-event chart

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Most current update with new Perpetrator Sketch for the Delphi girls Murder on 4 Year Anniversary:

We still have the up and down days is the best way to put it," Sheriff Leazenby said. "My term ends in 2022 - would love nothing more than to see someone convicted of this crime before I am out of office."

Background - timeline of the murders: (for reference sake only) not for chats)
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New News:

Arizona Audit wrapping up: As of 6/28/21

The Arizona Audit is now wrapping up, or so says the Senate in Az. because next week, "The West GUN Show is coming in" and will operate their business from the rented coliseum space being used for the so-called audit.

What has been reported as NEW however, is that The Q Anon people who are involved in this audit the head of Cyber Ninjas, has been filming a movie all along trying to make a bundle of cash off of it.

The new documentary opened in Phoenix over the weekend called:

  1. The Deep Rig - Documentary (Link to the Trailer) which tons of Republican politicos went to last night
    Jun 26, 2021 · Ask the questions that censorship-happy mainstream media doesn’t want you to ask. Reveal the truth that Twitter sacrificed millions of accounts to hide. Follow the team of lawyers & ‘cyber ninjas’, determined to reveal the facts behind the headlines, to backroom scenes and through electronic networks designed to rig any election they conduct.

One involved in the production was the same guy that the FBI brought in from the "Maria Butina" case (Russian involved woman, at the gun shows then squirrel her way into the political scene in this country.

Butina was extradited back to Russia after her stinnt in the Federal prison, but her ex b.f. now is looking for other types of ways to make money and a name for himself. This seems to be IT.

He hired as a consultant who is in the documentary, none other then scandalized General Mike Flynn. Its full of Q nonsense, and even has a "baby Q" who was a person (this is VERY weird and full of scammers), the guy who has been around for dozens of years claiming at first (in order to gain attention) that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the prophet, lol :whistling:

This claim was made back in the day when he visited Cayce's hq - the A.R.E. and sat down with the late grandson of Cayce, who later denounced the guy as a hoax.

NOW, he returns with a role in the "Deep Rig" something about one of them (baby Q) having the ability to come back in time and be given info from past times? All playing into conspiracy theories. Sadly, this same guy who does the time - travel says that his "other self" did not alert him to the dangers, and that he was in prison and didn't realize he could read the past and future.

But there IS a huge audience, and tons of Republicans piled in to pay their $45. admittance to watch the premiere last night! :sick: Perhaps it will help them when they run for Congress in 2022 (36 new Q conspiracy theorists adjuncts)

According to MSNBC (R.Maddow) last night, pointed out that Byrne, the producer who was the b.f. of nutball Butina of Russia - actually sells at $5.00 per member, = has 28,000 members already = 1.5 Million per year income.
Not bad for an out of work ex con.

As to what I'm posting, if anyone wants to look up the "whe said what and who are they" and complain about it they can read the Transcript or watch the program themselves, as I may not have reported it EXACTLY correct but the "gist of it" is what is relevant here:(versus which nutball is doing what in the production and film itself)
From the transcript last night:

for example, is a man named Patrick Byrne. He`s a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist. He had to leave his job as CEO of after it was revealed he had an affair with a man named Maria Butina, who was later convicted with being a Russian agent.

Patrick Byrne is also now doing a pay to subscribe blog where he just blogs about the election being stolen. He`s apparently, according to calculations by "The Washington Post," on track to make about $1.5 million himself just from people subscribing to read his blog posts

in the new movie about the Arizona audit, the new movie that Patrick Byrne is making all this money off of, there`s Mike Flynn appearing in the movie wearing a QAnon bracelet. (***Flynn is being paid FULL Time now from this venture he's engaged in)

Doug Logan and Cyber Ninjas, that`s the company performing the supposedly nonpartisan objective audit in Arizona.Why would that guy be featured in an insane conspiracy theory QAnon movie about the audit made by a guy who usually makes movies about aliens taking over the Earth? Doesn`t seem like a good look for people interested in defending the quality of the audit,

there`s a guy being introduced before the movie launch event this weekend in Arizona who is being marketed as the new Q. Literally, he thinks he`s Q from QAnon. He claims he can time travel and his future self is sending messages to him back in time so that present day him can reveal the truth, which sounds crazy, but Q can do it.He also happens to be recently out of prison, which you would think his future self would have warned him about so as to avoid becoming imprisoned. But oh, well. The Q works in mysterious ways.

Read whole transcript for details and particulars here:


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moved here:

Catastrophic Failure: Surfside Florida

A 12 Story condominium building collapsed in Surfside Florida this morning reportedly at 1:30 A.M. Most residents would have been in for the night - probably sleeping.

It was due for a 40 year checkup - and recently had it's roof checked said the Mayor of Surfside. Some of the people missing were residents of the condos full-time, and others were renters - coming for vacations many from South America.

So far 120 have been located and 1 counted as dead. There are still 159 residents unaccounted for! One child, a 12 yr old was found in the debri early on. He had no idea where his mother was however so obviously, she is in the debri .

Florida condo collapse: Four dead, 159 remain unaccounted ...
13 hours ago · A beachfront condo building partially collapsed Thursday around 1:30 a.m. outside Miami. with one side sheared away


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cont'd: Condo Building Collapses:

I can't recall another one collapsing like this did in the United States.
There are however, problems with the foundation sinking making the buildings uneven as they do.

Engineers said, its natural to see cracks, in walls, on floors as concrete settles....

This seems to defy natural. Perhaps because its so close to the ocean, and is prone to hurricanes etc.
However, every State along a coastline has similar properties with similar conditions...(California, Oregon, NC, Virginia Md. all have oceanside concrete laden Condos multi-storied)

P.O.F. square the Sun,Moon, Square the MC at this time
- (R.I.P. to all those who perished) So-sad for their families

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Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be deciding upon the 13 members of the January 6th Committee she is organizing by next week.

It will be comprised of something like 8 Dem and 5 Republican members, and the minority leader who is Sen. McCarthy will he choosing his 5 to sit on the Commission. Some Republicans are already calling for Marjorie Taylor Greene who was pulled off her committee for attacking her rival Rep. Democrat Alexandria O. Cortez some weeks ago.

Whether she would be accepted by Pelosi for such an important spot is debatable.

There is another Republican Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) who is believed now to have been part of the insider plan for January 6th insurrection working with those who would attack the Capitol. I can't imagine him being okayed for this Committee, but surely he'll probably be compelled by subpoena to testify as will Mark Meadows, once a staffer in the White House and very close to Trump. It is widely known that Meadows knows the guilt that Trump carries for his part in the Insurrection - because he was the one who said some incriminating things to the POTUS then regarding the Troops not being sent in when requested.

Its crucial for History sake, just as with 9-11 to have a Commission for the savage intrusion into the Capitol and attempted coup that took place. History must have facts and facts via the lawful subpoena is the best and most effective way to do it.




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January 6th - 2021 Insurrection Chart:

Taurus Rising, with ruler Venus in the 8th house of rivalry and turmoil -
Venus 27 Sagittarius from Constellation of Stars:

the star Etamin

In the “right eye of the Dragon”, gamma Draco has a Saturn-Jupiter nature with Martian influence.

28 Sagittarius - fixed star Sinistra ( sounds like sinister?) and 8th house ?
in Ophiuchus

It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning.

The 9th - 10th - 12th Houses are all overflowing with planets - and on this day note:Sun square Moon!

We are entering the 9th house Phase (the Higher Law) looking into just who was behind this horrendous act only the 2nd in this country's history on the Capitol. The 1st time, it was the British who burned it down.

Its a very historic time, and too bad full of negativity :( :sideways: :ninja: YET, we are at the country's founding chart - Tr. Pluto's Return to it's place when founded. Pluto stands for transforming what it touched, be it human or even a country.,, but tearing down what is standing and rebuilding into something more timely and of necessity. At least that is what I get out of Pluto's energies.

The 9th house is ruled by Saturn found in the 10th which is proper for it's the authority figures who will figure out just how this happened with the upcoming January 6th Special Commission. Whether or not there is any punishment for whomever, is yet to be seen, but Saturn tends to put down the law with the gavel.

10th House of Public Sector - Saturn (material law) conjuncts Jupiter (the higher law) and both in Aquarius -

When I look at charts such as this, I tend to glance at the 7th house of "the others" whether perpetrators or whoever the other is.

Here we see a very critical degree of Scorpio is ruling this house.

18th-19th of Scorpio was called by Chaubel, (and Sepharial acknowledged critical degrees as well), and since he himself, had it in his natal chart - he knew of what he spoke:

from my own book on the critical degrees I wrote:

18-19 Scorpio- Serpentinis – Charubel the esoteric astrologer called it, “the most cursed degree of the most accursed sign” in his writings on the critical degrees saying “no good to come from this”. What I have found is that it tends to make someone be inclined towards a more black and white thinking and narrows their focus and perspective is harmed because of it unless they have other things in their chart to enlarge their scope of understanding yet it may take effort to overcome. Another mention of it is in volume 2 by March & McEvers, in the end of the book, the quote “North Scale – brilliant mind, the accursed degree 18 Scorpio 59’

My husband was fortunate enough, :tongue: to be born with Scorpio 18+degree Rising for his Ascendant. I tried patiently many times to explain to him (he is not pro-astrology, but he's pro-me, :love: he says), that "all it really means, is you tend to JUDGE things in a very black and white way, never gray areas in life. It puts you at a disadvantage to do this and not try to overcome the habit because ....(well you guys know I'm sure)....we block out and don't evolve when we stubbornly refuse to look at ALL sides as though we are in the other's shoes.
Anyway, its a common enough malady to have this degree in one's chart.
On the Insurrection 7th house cusp - it is imo, pointing too the fact that whoever struck the capitol that day (and thus far only 500 have been arrested and charged) with most getting off lightly because Washington DC Federal courts are limited as are the jail space.

We have then, a black & white mentality ruling the day here! Those who broke into the Capitol and caused (indirectly? the deaths of 5 human beings) and Multi-Millions of dollars of damage for the taxpayers burden.


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.......We know then that the 7th house is critical being 18-19 Scorpio for seeing life in black & white only, when seldom is life this way,. Religions tend to do this, as i see it, unless the patron is open minded in their church (and there are some, imo) but its more rare too.:sick:

therefore, MARS rules the 7th house (those who struck the United States at it's core) and is located in the "hidden" 12th house, extremely strong (not to be underestimated) at 29°55' Aries (it's own sign) along with the wild card planet Uranus.

Ironically - the constellation and fixed stars associated with this combination of planets is worrisome, let alone in the 12th "hidden" house.

If we hear out Manilus, he gives us insight into what we might expect: (Uranus conjunct Adhil fixed star on the right lower leg of Andromeda)

Manilus seems to have captured the meaning of what actually took place with the hangman's Noose - the rope meant for VP Pence that day:

“The man whose birth coincides with the rising of Andromeda from the sea will prove merciless, a dispenser of punishment, a warder of dungeon dire; he will stand arrogantly by while the mothers of wretched prisoners lie prostrate on his threshold, and the fathers wait all night to catch the last kisses of their sons and receive into their inmost being the dying breath.

From the same constellation comes the figure of the executioner, ready to take money for a speedy death and the rites of a funeral pyre, for him execution means profit, and oft will he bare his axe; in short, he is a man who could have looked unmoved on Andromeda herself fettered to the rock. Governor of the imprisoned he occasionally becomes a fellow convict, chained to criminals so as to save them for execution.” [Manilius,Astronomica, 1st century A.D., Book 5, p.351.]

Let's not neglect to muse over BML sitting there in the 12th house. :annoyed:


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LATEST RESULTS OF C-SPAN'S PRESIDENTIAL BEST & WORSE LIST (along many categories, simply click onto the President you want to see to locate how he scored)


Least accomplished would be:

Not Jackson. Pierce, Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson. All three southern sympathizers who either facilitated the civil war (Pierce, Buchanan) or sympathized with the insurrectionists (i.e. Johnson)
DJT is with this group making him within the Last 4 rated POTUS -

I'd have thought Andrew Jackson would have beat trump to the last 4 or the "bottom of the barrel" as Presidents?

Andrew Jackson was someone that trump truly admired. Kept his painting in a place of honor nearby him, but Biden has now removed that oil, put in place of honor and sent it into the broom closet! He replaced Jackson with Cesar Chavez - a great revolutionary who created the first Unions for produce workers in the fields: (Lettuce workers union)

Biden replaces Andrew Jackson portrait in Oval Office ...

Cesar Chavez was an American labor leader and civil rights activist. Along with Dolores Huerta, he co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), which later merged with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) to become the United Farm Workers (UFW) labor union. Ideologically, his world-view combined leftist politics with Roman Catholic social teachings
President Biden's personal touches in the Oval Office include replacing a portrait of Andrew Jackson and adding a bust of labor icon Cesar Chavez behind the Resolute Desk

Cesar Chavez - natal chart shows what type of human being he was:
Aries Sun
Pisces Mercury Moon & Jupiter
My late mom was similar to the great Chavez - although her Sun was in Sagittarius,not the leader sign that Aries would be. Not that either of them kept material things nor did they value them sometimes dirt poor people have a Kesari Yoga, wihch suggests a Buddha type soul on earth. In their case, both had this Yoga:

This yoga can appear in the horoscope of many natives and is dependent on planetary associations. It is definitely based on both the position and lordship of two planets, Jupiter and Moon. Also, a point of caution says that they should also be free from the effects of Rahu and Saturn. formed,1, 4, 7, 10th houses from the Moon.

Kesari Yoga in Astrology: Auspicious Yoga formed by Conjunction of Jupiter and Moon Gajakesari Yoga is known to be the most powerful and propitious yogas, known in Vedic astrology. This yoga is formed when a Kendra from the Moon is occupied by Jupiter. These are 1, 4, 7, 10th houses from the Moon.

IF you'd like to know why so many people saw Chavez as a hero and someone to look up to in the 1960s, (JFK, RFK MLK all were friends and supported him) Apparently now, so does Joe Biden. Finding him more worthwhile of that place of honor then someone like Andrew Jackson.
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The person given the place of honor in the Oval Office by President Joe Biden, is Cesar Chavez as mentioned in prior post. HOWEVER, he does NOT have the presence of the Kesari Yoga as suggested by me.

This is because when I erect his natal, I see that his Saturn indeed did square Jupiter :surprised: I'm rather certain however that the man was a very evolved soul much like M.L.K. in the generosity of spirit and heart although neither of them were perfect for sure,example - both had affairs outside of their marriages. Because of his generosity however, devoting his time to the poor, he is seen as a Saint in Latino communities everywhere. I think he'd genuinely be horrified by the last 4 -5 years:

He held most of the power when it came to the organizing process of his organizations. He was the absolute leader of the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA). He shared some of his power when he merged with other unions. Chavez was completely devoted to nonviolence. In his words, “Nonviolence is not cowardice. A nonviolent person must not be fearful. He must know how to deal with people. When the growers beat us we do not fight back. ” Chavez modeled some of his actions after Gandhi. There were strikes, boycotts, and protest marches.
At one point during the movement, he went on a fast, saying that it was an action of love for his followers and not a political statement. Cesar Chavez truly believed in his cause. He sacrificed for and dedicated his life to the migrant workers. The movement he organized made better the lives of many people.

I was told my mother's Kesari Yoga (in the 12th-straddled the 1st hs), and untouched by Saturn or the Nodes - and she was always poor financially speaking, is that she did not value material things one iota. More of a Buddha type soul in her case. I think that the Vedic community often pairs the higher yogas with getting much in the way of material things for their status,kind of what one might call simply good karma. "you do good you get good", simplicity of thought. But, not always, lol.

Joe Biden placed his bust behind the Resolute Desk for this somewhat flawed human being (similar to MLK Jr.) , but deeply committed to improving the lives of all Latinos in the harshest environments.

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Actor/Comedian/Rapist - Bill Cosby out of prison today:

It took about 3 hours between announcing the Supreme Court of PA came down on the side of Cosby saying there was "procedural error" that meant he needed to be released from prison.

He seems to have been immediately released within just hours from that announcement. He's home already! The Court did not say he wasn't guilty, and let the guilt stand.


ironically, Uranus is now cj. his 7th house n. Uranus. Separation from wife? Probably...."it's complicated' with all that money and homes at stake.

Here is what I understand the harm was in the criminal case.

Cosby was promised in a deal in 2005 in the Civil damages case against him for rape by Andrea Constand, that IF he agreed to a full disclosure, the District Attorney would not use that against him ever in a Criminal case because he'd be losing his right to declare the 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination.

So he decided with help from his attorney's advice, to fully disclose how he drugged Andrea for sex years before in his home.
She was by then, a friend of the family for years as was her mother.

He then agreed to pay her 3 Million Dollars and the case was supposedly closed.

Along comes a NEW District Attorney years later (a decade later) who says, "We can try him criminally" just ignoring the promise deal of 2005. And they did as we know now, get a conviction 3 yrs ago.

Due to this neglect of duty, he is a free man today:,_Jr.
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July 1, 2021 2:15 PM EST - The DA office will announce the Indictments against the CEO (accounting & general bookkeeping) head of Trump Org. Alan Weisselberg

They will also be indicting the Trump Organization :

Subject to change but this was the time announced this morning/ So far, it appears that Weisselberg will "fall on his sword" for his boss.

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg was photographed walking into a building that houses both the criminal courts and the Manhattan district attorney’s office around 6:20 a.m.

Weisselberg, 73, was due to be arraigned in the afternoon on a grand jury indictment charging him and Trump’s namesake company with tax crimes related to fringe benefits given to employees, like the use of apartments, cars and school tuition, people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

The indictment, returned Wednesday, will remain under seal until Weisselberg's court appearance


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No chats for chat's sake please! NO MEMES allowed please!

I'd like this thread to stay devoted to News of the day (earthquakes, if any - like the collapse of the Condo in Florida) and whatever is actually newsworthy.

There are many chat threads, so this one is created expressly for no chat for chatting sake, but rather devoted to the day's news.

Thanks for participating or if you choose not to thanks in advance for not diverting the intent of this thread! I do understand now and then, we ALL may divert unintentionally but when brought to mind, please do not keep repeating same.

note: I may however, take some of my charts posted onto the thread entitled "latest new political news" in which I participated until it started to divert into "all chatting" without Newsworthy events.

Thanks for avoidance of the chatting here. - as its not the intent of the thread.

Creation of Thread for News Astrology : 10:48 A.M. Mesa Arizona

Mundane - Electional-event chart

The Sun in the tenth, in the house of the ruler,. Recreation 5th house, stunting fun . Chiron in the 8th. No fun there.


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No chats for chat's sake please! NO MEMES allowed please!

I'd like this thread to stay devoted to News of the day (earthquakes, if any - like the collapse of the Condo in Florida) and whatever is actually newsworthy.

There are many chat threads, so this one is created expressly for no chat for chatting sake, but rather devoted to the day's news.

Thanks for participating or if you choose not to thanks in advance for not diverting the intent of this thread! I do understand now and then, we ALL may divert unintentionally but when brought to mind, please do not keep repeating same.

note: I may however, take some of my charts posted onto the thread entitled "latest new political news" in which I participated until it started to divert into "all chatting" without Newsworthy events.

Thanks for avoidance of the chatting here. - as its not the intent of the thread.

Creation of Thread for News Astrology : 10:48 A.M. Mesa Arizona

Mundane - Electional-event chart

Lol the ruler of the first house is Mercury, great for news, and exalted in Gemini and sits nicely conjunct the MC in the 10th house.

Unfortunately, Mercury makes a square to Neptune and Moon in Pisces. Great way to deliver false and phony information.


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24 PAGE indictment unsealed:

Weisselberg allowed to go home, but he had to forfeit his passport, as he owns multiple homes, possibly even in Israel -

This IS a White Collar Criminal Case - just like the tax case against Mafia Boss years ago -

By now most people are familiar with quite possibly the most famous person to ever be convicted of tax evasion, Al Capone. Capone was a Chicago mob boss during Prohibition who, despite ordering the deaths of dozens, was sentenced to just eleven years in prison on federal income tax evasion charges in 1931.

There are also others, unlike the Trump Org. Defense attorney said today at the microphone. "These things (meaning tax fraud caught) are usually settled in a civil way, behind closed doors"

Not when its an ongoing Fraud for many years in this case for Weisselberg, 15 years is being charged:

Read the Indictment Here:


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Indictment charges against Alan Weisselberg, chief CEO of and his co-defendant, the Trump organization

During the period of the scheme, Weisselberg thereby evaded approximately $556,385 in federal taxes, approximately $106,568 in state taxes, and approximately $238,159 in New York City taxes, and he falsely claimed and received approximately $94,902 in federal tax refunds and
approximately $38,222 in state tax refunds, to which he was not entitled.
The Trump Organization kept 2 Sets of Books:

It was a further part of the scheme to defraud that Weisselberg received unreported cash that he could use to pay personal holiday gratuities. Specifically, Weisselberg caused the ‘Trump Corporation to issue corporate checks made payable to a Trump Organization employee who cashed the checks and received cash. The cash was given to Weisselberg for his personal use. The Trump Corporation booked this cash as “Holiday Entertainment"

Weisselberg intentionally caused the receipt of cash payments to be omitted from his personal tax returns, despite knowing that those payments represented taxable income and were treated as compensation by the Trump Corporation. Because the cash was not reported by the corporate defendants to the tax authorities, was not subjected to income tax withholding by the corporate defendants, and was not included by Weisselberg on his personal tax. returns, he did not pay taxes on approximately $29,400 in compensation he received during the tax ‘ears 2011 through 2017.
The indictment goes on to name at least 3 or 4 more employees who did the same as Weisselberg and paid in a similar manner to avoid income taxes to both the State and Federal Govt. His Son is one of them, then a CEO, is another.

The Falsification of Records by the Trump Organization Accounting Department in Furtherance of the Scheme to Defraud 18. The Trump Organization furthered the scheme through record-keeping of the payroll system, including the creation and issuance of W-2 and 1099 forms that underreported the compensation paid to Weisselberg and other employees.

19. Weisselberg’s authorized annual compensation at all relevant times was fixed at a number certain. For example, from 2011 through 2018, his compensation was fixed at $940,000, to be comprised of $540,000 in base salary and $400,000 in end-of-year bonus. However, at Weisselberg’s direction, the Trump Organization excluded from his reported gross income the amounts that were paid to him indirectly in the form of rent paid on his New York City apartment, tuition paid on his behalf to his family members” private school, the automobile expenses paid in connection with his and his wifes personal cars, and the other items described above.
20. As a result of the defendants’ underreporting of Weisselberg’s income from 2005 through 2017, Weisselberg concealed approximately $1,760,630 in compensation from tax authorities, unlawfully evaded hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, state, and local taxes, and requested and received refunds to which he was not entitled, including approximately $94,902 in refunds from the United States Internal Revenue Service and approximately $38,222 in refunds from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.
WHO is "indicted co conspirator?"

The defendants and Unindicted Co-conspirator #1, in the County of New York and elsewhere, during the period from on or about March 31, 2005 to on or about June 30, 2021, with, intent that conduct constituting a class C felony, to wit, Grand Larceny in the Second Degree
15 counts of various larceny & fraud .....on this indictment so far....
Likely more will come later as others are snatched up in the superseding indictment is the general consensus from the lawyers
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Jul. 01, 2021 L A Times: Atty. Gen. Garland halts federal executions and orders a review of protocols

The Justice Department is halting federal executions after a historic use of capital punishment by the Trump administration, which carried out 13 executions in six months.

Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland made the announcement Thursday night, saying he was imposing a moratorium on federal executions while the Justice Department conducts a review of its policies and procedures.