Newbie here; help with chart interpretation please?



Hi everyone,
I've just found this great site. I've been reading about astrology for many many years, but have not developed the ability to synthesize and interpret my chart well.

I'm a Leo with Moon in Aries and Sagittarius rising (lots of fire!), and there are several things I've wanted to talk about with people who know more about astrology than I do. I also don't know how to do transits and am very curious about what Saturn's entry into Leo will mean in relation to my chart (seems to me my life has had nothing but restriction, limitation and hard lessons already, so hoping for something more positive, as I know Saturn isn't the 'negative' some believe he is).

If someone could look at my chart in relation to love and career, I'd be very grateful!

birth data: Aug. 1 1961, Cleveland, O., 4 p.m.



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Love and Career


In your chart there is a Boomerang (energy focus) which channels in Gemini (talking, also writing) modifying Venus (relationships) focused the 7th house (relationships) and also channels in Saturn (duty, also career) into Cancer (home, also emotions) modifying Mercury (thinking/daily work) focused in the 8th house (other people's money). This seems to indicate that in some way talking relationships and career have to do with talking to other people about homes with other people's money. One career that might come out of this is becoming a professional home financer working with a bank, where you work with people over the phone or in person to solve their home financing issues.

That is only one possibility, but it was a wild attempt to tie in all these intensely focused energies in your chart! ;) As to relationships (love), they would seem to have to do with talking relationships, as described above.

As to transiting (planets in the sky) Saturn going into Leo, that will result in Saturn (duty, also career) conjunctions (energy is combined with) to your planets in Leo in your chart. Increased responsibility in your life and possibly career opportunities based on your handling those responsibilities.

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Thanks, Tim,
That is fascinating. Intensely focused energies is certainly accurate. I'm an editor and journalist, very verbal, so talking and writing are certainly strong parts of career. I trained as a lawyer as well, but don't use that at all. I could have a flair for finance, but am kind of "numbers" averse so never think about that as a career.

And indeed, talking is the main focus of my relationships. (The Venus in Gemini in the 7th, as well as Sagittarius ASC, manifest as a duality/indecision, such as trying to choose between two partners, or having two partners at the same time). Right now "boomeranging" between two (in my mind at least).

I really appreciate your taking the time to look at my chart!

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Trouble interpreting chart.

8/28/57 @ 8:05 pm CST lat 38 35 long 90 12

Life has been a bummer especially in the last two years with no end in sight financially, career or life direction as well as relationships.

Please help.