New Member Birth Chart!

No, after doing the whole chart it's exactly the opposite: It indicates that you are destined for success in the arts. My initial idea only hinged on having a Leo moon, but after seeing the whole chart, it probably isn't going to be an issue. The Leo moon might make you *feel* that you don't want *it*, or shy away from *it*. What *it* is, is up to you. :joyful:

If you work on self-discipline (or if you already do or did) then you're destined to reach something extraordinary, something, somehow. Time will tell. That said, self-discipline is the biggest secret anyway. But for you, there's a clear road or path to success. I would say, follow that dream and persist in it. And I don't say that often. I feel (and saw your current transit) that the change that is coming will be for the better, not just a little better, extremely better. But as I said, you have to take a risk right now. This is what Jupiter is trying to tell you right now. I would suggest to read everything what has been said, and let it sink in. Also, you might want someone to guide you. There are some excellent folks who do guidance, or coaching. Could be career coaching or spiritual, a lightworker. I'm not one of them though! I don't do any of that work, and don't give readings. However, I am clairvoyant and that is why I read your chart: it pulled me in, because you have a destiny that is beyond the ordinary. This is what I sense, and all I can say.

In any event, I wish you good luck!

That's the square between mercury and neptune. It makes you critical of anything paranormal and spiritual. This might work against your natural mystical abilities (moon in the 12th), and makes you brush it off or ignore it at times.

EDIT to ADD: I also agree with Rahu: Science, mathematics is somewhat indicated. I noticed it, but left it out.

Thank you, Fifteen. Really blessed to be hearing these words at this point in my life right now. Because guess what? I also feel what you have told me. Deep down, I know I am 'different' or 'special'... I'm different from anyone I have ever met. I mean, everyone is, but I mean in an inherently different way. I want to pursue this *it* (I think it's music). I know I have greatness awaiting me, I just want to know how to GRASP it, get closer to it, and just DO it!

My question is how do I find this lightworker or life coach? I don't really know where to look. And do I ask for help in direction and my path?

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and helping me in my journey. I greatly appreciate it, Fifteen.



*ADD* The Mercury square Neptune bit, I'm actually quite in acceptance with spiritual and paranormal topics. I believe in them fully! Also, I sometimes hear my moon is in the 12th.. sometimes in the 1st house... I guess it's right on the cusp. Does it really make a difference then? I feel very spiritual!
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