New Horizons mission to Pluto


on January 19th, 2006 at 2pm at Cape Canaveral, FL, after two days of delays due to strong winds and power failures, the plutonium-powered New Horizons probe was launched. this will be the first ever mission to this cold, distant planet, and when it arrives around 2015 we'll see it like we never have before. (interestingly enough, that's around when Pluto conjuncts it's own nodes, too, aligned with our ecliptic)

like the fly-bys of Uranus and Neptune, Pluto will be brought to a new level of human consciousness. I can barely wait 9 years, I am so excited!

with Gemini rising and Mercury in the 8th house, the success of this mission will undoubtedly transform what little scientific information we have on Pluto and Charon (and wasn't a second moon recently discovered, as well?)

the sun is in the last degree of Capricorn, & the Saturn/Uranus quincunx nearing exactitude. what can be gleamed from this and other important chart indicators?


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Yes, I think too that this mission is going to be successful!

The Sun on the edge of entering Aquarius - the sign of new discoveries and humankind evolution, in the 9th house of long travels.

Mercury (knowledge to be gained) conjunct Pluto/MC midpoint - we're gona find out lots of info on Pluto.

It was about time !


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maverick said:
...and wasn't a second moon recently discovered, as well?
There were two new moons discovered!
Also, I'm excited because my name is on that spacecraft. They had a "send your name to Pluto" offer and I, along with about 430,000 others, have my name on a special CD on its way to Pluto !!
Way too cool...

~ Alex


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this event is so underrated by many i feel

Flyby of Pluto Closest approach July 14, 2015 (projected)
in less than 12 month we shall finally see "the god of the underworld"
the object that remains unseen till this very day

it will conjunct its own heliocentric and geocentric south node 20 degrees capricorn (observing solar and lunar eclipses i extend the orb for nodes to 7-8 degrees) contrasting its discovery date when it was conjunct its north node amazing

anyone excited?
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