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Good day,

This is a idea that has circulated in my group for some time now and we have often thought about this. Most of us have steady jobs so I was just curious what the stars had to say as this is something of a dream/goal for most of us if favorable.

Thank you for your insight.


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Not yet. Despite the moon applying in a sextile to your Significator Saturn, you are also sextiling your house of debts, and are in your 12th house which some call the house of sorrows. Even your 11th wish house got contained in the 12th house.

I’d just enjoy playing them and being in a steady job for now.


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The saying to many cooks spoil the brith comes to mind on this. Please do not underestimate how much the cost of making these games are.

It is not a straight out no, just that your significator and the moon make no aspect to the ascendant, however they do sextile each other. So hold that thought, but your house of wishes is sharing the same significator as your house of self undoing, and is in it. Even your significator is in the 12th house.

It is best you do not do this for your own sake, at least not right now.
Sorry for any typos but typing while listening to neighbours playing a very noisy mmo for now ��