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Since a "car" is a form of traveling, I think this question can be answered in this forum, I hope. The question was, should I buy a new car or, fix my truck? Right away Mars is rising, that's enough indication to be a NO. Mars is in the 7th house in the sign of Mercury, it's fall.The 10th house rules Mercury that is in the 6th house of work. That's fitting since I work 2 jobs with Mars in a doubled bodied sign, Gemini.The significator for the car is Saturn, in the 2nd which is fitting in my situation as far as delayed money. The significators are opposing or square each other. The moon is in the 3rd but in its fall in Saturns sign. Here is where I'm a little confused. Any help I appreciate. But I say the chart is saying. No. Here is the chart. Wait. The ascendant is via combusta. So, it's a No.But this is a learning chart too. Via combust an ascendant, not good.


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