New and curious about a child?

Hello I'm new here and really am enjoying the forum! I hate to be so rude and jump right in with a question. :oops: This has been on my mind a lot lately and since it's on my mind I figured I better ask now .

I want to know Will I have my first child next year? (I hope I asked correctly) I came up with my question tonight at 10:57pm Eastern standard time. in Wilmington,DE

My information is: DOB July 4,1980 at 4:41pm in New Haven,CT

I know a little about my chart. Been trying to understand this. But I just have a hard time comprehending some things for some reason..I've learned a little by reading everything that I can when I can. I assume I would go to my 5th house for this? dealing with children and pregnancy? It being in Aries and empty I go to mars in my 10th house? Which sextiles my Natal mercury.. am I even close? LOL okay I'll quite trying for now lol .. but I'd love to get other's thoughts on this and hoping I learn something. I'm hoping the more I read the more I get all of this!

Many Thank's and blessings.


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You were not quite clear when you post data, about date of that "tonight". I suppose it was at 23July 2005 at 10:57pm local time. If that is right, I got for that data early Asc (1Ar05) so, it is too soon to answer the question, the question is premature.
If I am wrong about data, post right data, but do not wait on my answer at least 2 weeks, because I go to vacation tonight(29.July).
Yes it was July 23rd at 10:57pm. Sorry about that. I guess it's not the right time to know. Thank you for answering. I appreciated everyone who read my question.


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I'd take this question as valid since the interest was genuine... The 5th house cusp in Cancer confirms it ("the house ruled by the Moon and the house the Moon is into, represent relevant houses for the question").
There're no aspects between Mars and the Moon (rulers of the 1st and 5th houses), there is Saturn in the 5th house, so this is a definite 'No', I'm afraid.

Better luck next year, I hope...
Radu Thank you very much! I figured that would be the answer (this has been a problem for me for years) I appreciate the response. Hopefully one of these days lol

blessings to you!!