NEVER move to a location with "Crossing SATURN/PLUTO" !!!!!


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Should I relocate to eastern Oklahoma next year, the state where I have Pluto IC line cross almost exactly along the Ark-Ok state line. I have maternal family history in Pattillo Mountain about a few miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I'm worried that decision can be a mistake, a place along the Pluto line, but as someone said about Steve Jobs' career moves were influenced by his natal chart astrocartography, the Saturn/Pluto lines crossing heavily benefited him.

I agree that relocation astrology works. I am relocated in a place with Pluto and Uranus in the 4th house, yet a strong relocated MC near my natal Sun and Mercury. As others have said, the MC helps my work be seen and appreciated, yet Pluto Uranus in the 4th / IC cusp are bad. It is a location where I cannot relax, cannot enjoy a beautiful house, as always something dramatic is happening at home/family setting.
The problem I see with astrocartography is that no matter where you move, you can never find perfection. Something's got to give. You fix one life aspect, yet you have a disadvantage or tension in another.
Especially for people (like me) that have natal oppositions or squares, you can never escape from the natal aspects.
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