Neptune's a b*tch


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Very interesting and could understand your (quite humorous) description based on your experience. It can also mean drugs, another potential source of chaos. Poorly aspected, bad results can ensue. I'd be interested to find someone with a strong Neptune where it developed in a positive way.
I have a strong Neptune and I'm using it for develop my spirituality, connection with Source, connection with the One and healing my trauma through Chiron conjunct Neptune conjunct Jupiter. It's my Neptune's biggest potential indeed


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and the most f*cked up planet in the solar system.

I just needed to say that.
ha ha! Our planets reflect who we are and not vice versa. Neptune can be sneaky, addictive, hard to understand and deceptive. If yours is challenged you chose the chart pattern and issues to be worked on.


Neptune isn’t the bit**. We are lol! Neptune is responsible for blessing many with incredible imagination, artistic ability, romance, and developed spirituality/ gifts (like clairvoyance/ intuition).

The ***** is us, because of our past & current karmas/actions. Every aspect, placement, etc is determined by our own actions.

If Neptune is causing you issues in life, learn to recognize it. Neptune can steer you wrong if you have been deceptive, or hurtful in the past. Neptune does his job as the “Dissolver”. It can dissolve your worries, or it can dissolve everything stable in life.

I have poor aspects to Neptune which have caused me much grief in life. Especially through addiction and lack of clarity in life. Neptune is responsible for illnesses of the mind like schizophrenia.

If Neptune is causing issues, you need to structure yourself. Stay away from substances as this can lead you astray, be as honest as you can with your dealings. Always draw boundaries and stay away from others problems. Avoid deception as it can go from little white lies to something as big as business fraud in a heart beat!

Neptune is forming a conjunction with my sun, mercury, and south node in the 8th house.
Opposes my moon (3rd) and north node in the 2nd house. Squares my Saturn and Jupiter. And is the ruler of my MC.

I have had financial disasters occur, I’ve seen debt multiply (8th house) beyond belief in a small amount of time. I overlooked fine print many times. I got sucked into loan traps, credit issues. Started doing drugs. Mercury conjunct Neptune for me created misunderstandings in communication. I misperceive many things. I was deceptive in obtaining things. I use to steal peoples ****, lie out my teeth (wasn’t even good at it), maladaptive daydreaming, and creating a grand illusion of what life was like until I was knocked on my behind.

I was overly giving with my money, and tried to heal the people I was in relationships with. I became a very impressionable and gullible individual and had everything taken from me.

Neptune doesn’t get enough credit, but it has immense power to put your life in shambles. Ground yourself, and be honest is how you get through Neptune’s fog.


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Neptune rules the inner senses (or if you will, the higher senses). It gives us access to higher rates of vibration. So this means, the subconscious, the astral, apparently non-physical, non-temporal (as we know these terms) phenomena.
So Neptune gives us experience of mystical states, psychic phenomena, ESP, all the higher and lower levels of our subconscious minds, musical and artistic talent, as well as substance abuse and psychotic states. Neptune is just the sensory equipment.
If we don't like the channel, it's up to us to get up and change it.
As Plato said, if one has never seen sunlight, their first experience of it will dazzle them. At our present state, Neptune can have a disorienting effect, which is often described as being a "dissolving" effect. Best reaction is to keep our feet on the ground and attempt to tune in to the new input.
And BTW anyone with a prominent Neptune by nativity or progression absolutely needs to avoid drugs and alcohol and anyone using them.


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I also have neptune in conjunction to my mercury venus and sun and its aspecting most of my planets in general
actually i didnt realize this before i made this account and i picked this username randomly lol
But ive noticed that the effects of this planet are huge in my life, ive always had a lot of love for art and music, beautiful things in general. I have some mild obsession with beautiful things lol when i was 11 i started using apps where you can just look at beautiful images and i would frequently watch runway shows and music videos and movies everyday cus i was so amazed and enraptured. I have collected a lot of knowledge on music
I struggle staying grounded tho and i rarely have a clear head, i have a lot of ideals and i noticed in relationships i also tend to idealize the other person immensely and then feel a lot of disappointment in the end, probably due to the venus neptune conjunction i have.
I had to be put on antipsychotics for a while also
I also have some forms of escapism in my life, ive had maladaptive daydreaming since i was about 10 or so and i would spend hours just imagining stuff and i would frequently try things to go to a better place and for a while i got obsessed with astral jumping and lucid dreaming and stuff a lot
Ive experimented with drugs a lot and ive always felt better being high or generally just being somewhere else, i really love to be in a blissful state of mind. I also usually mirror the person in front of me
This whole lifestyle has seriously impacted me negatively though and i havent reached many of my goals because of this. I remember i saw someone on reddit with almost the exact same natal chart as me and he said that all he does is smoke weed lazily instead of trying to achieve something, similar to me and everyone in the comments had said that its probably due to the neptune conjunctions in his chart
I have vivid dreams every night which i dunno if thats connected to this but might be. But some of them show me events that happen in my reality afterwards
Neptune910, I also have a strong and dominant Neptune like you! I have Neptune quintile Venus (exact), and he is aspected to almost every point and planet in my chart, like Jupiter and Chiron in my chart too. I don't want to use drugs, except ayahuasca and LSD because I want to heal my traumas when I was still in the womb of my mother.