Neptune Transit MC

Hey all

Neptune is currently transitting my MC and making me even more unsure about my future.

I am super bored of my current work (part qualified accountant working at a boarding school) and want to do something else.

I've had many ideas about changes in career but made no real progress with anything.

Can anyone read my chart and give me some help in deciding what to do and how to go about change?

With love!


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appleshampoo, as someone who has Neptune conjunct MC natally, I can commiserate with you in your current situation. Also, you have a number of squares to your MC, and that doesn't help you to `see' a clear direction in your life. The fact may be that there is no clear direction to be had for you.

Firstly, it appears you were born quite a way north of the equator, and so Equal house system may provide a more accurate chart for you. Having said that, I'll read the chart as it is, and see where it leads.
Having Jupiter in the 10th house usually describes someone for whom doors open career-wise, so that when one door closes, another one miraculously opens, but it might not be quite that cut & dried for you. I have 2 nephews with Jupiter in the 10th, and they have both experienced the door-opening syndrome in their careers, but both of them knew what they wanted to do from an early age.
With a Pisces MC, your career is unlikely to form a straight line. You will be led by your instincts and even your emotions where career is concerned, and I suspect that your `career' will be varied and changeable. With Neptune currently transiting your Pisces MC, clarity will not be forthcoming. Given Neptune is your MC ruler, and Neptune, along with a bunch of other planets, is in your 6th house, you will be led/drawn/shown a direction which is service-based. I can't imagine that a corporate environment would suit you at all, although I can understand how it is you have found yourself working in a boarding school.

What I have said above is very generalised. A career in some kind of `service' sounds a bit dull to most, but there are a huge number of areas within this umbrella. Given you have your Aquarius Sun and Mercury in the 8th, some kind of investigative work, or even something with a psychology basis might appeal to you. Something technological may also appeal, as would science ... or some medical/health area. The other thing is that with Uranus in the 6th house, also conjunct your Moon, boredom is something which may often plague you. You need your work to excite you, to be challenging, and preferably not to be performed within the same 4 walls, day after day. Boredom could destroy your zest for life, so always pay attention when it emerges. (Your chart is quite suited to something like working in Accident & Emergency, or in an ambulance service ... plenty of variety in both those areas. :w00t:)
With Mars in Aries in the 10th conjunct your North Node in Aries, you can be quite ambitious (which is a little at odds with that natal Neptune, which squares your Mars) and you can be a risk-taker. Perhaps working outdoors might suit ... or not!

Your chart ruler is your Moon in Sag in the 6th house - conjunct Uranus, Venus, and Saturn. That tells me that any service work you do - paid or unpaid - will be changeable, and that you could work/serve in some kind of outdoors endeavour, such as holiday camps ... I'm not up with that sort of thing, so my ability to suggest something within that framework is rather limited. You need to be able to move around, to move your body, and even put your body under stress. You need to face challenges - physical mainly, but any challenge will do.

Lastly, with Chiron in 12th house, you are sensitive to the emotions - and perhaps even the thoughts - of other people, so you need to take that into account also. You could counsel others, but you might require a bit more life experience before you are able to do that effectively.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that, but I have just read the indicators I see on your chart. The squares from your 6th house planets to your MC - and to Jupiter - add to the difficulties you are having in determining a pathway. Perhaps it will be the journey which ends up being significant for you, rather than your ultimate destination.

EDIT: Your chart kinda screams nursing, and this is a career which can be carried out in a hospital, or a clinic, and you can take those skills to other countries, I believe. (I have written this sentence about nursing a few hours after posting, and although it jumped out at me while I was writing this post, I was afraid that nursing sounded too cliched! However, there are many ways and places in which one can work as a nurse. And male nurses - you are male, are you not??? - tend to be in demand, I believe.)
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Hi R4ven - thank you so much for your thorough reply. I really appreciate it!

You have touched on many of the ideas I have had over the years - working in the ambulance service I thought I might be good at a few years ago after caring for my father and finding myself very impressed with the paramedics and everyone around me said I was calm in a crisis and able to detach from what was happening around me and get the job done. I put this down to it being my father and not sure whether that would necessarily translate to strangers. I didn't have the necessary qualifications to start training as a paramedic though.

My Dad said I should be a nurse, but again, it was my Dad... I am not sure if I would have the patience to be a nurse for strangers. Though, nursing and caring does run in the family...

Working on holiday camps was something I was interested in during childhood, that and cruise ships. Anything which involved travel when I young! I find astrology investigative and generally love to 'snoop' or delve really deep in to people, things, thoughts, ideas. I have considered psychology etc Accounting is quite an 8th house thing to do, so it makes sense that I am doing this and I am not bad at it... I enjoy the technicality of it but my forte lies in the physical organisation of the office lol!

I feel naturally drawn to 6th house things - health, healing, nutrition etc but I erred more towards the holistic side. I have signed up to study Naturopathic Nutrition (starts this weekend) but I am unsure about it as it's a lot of money and the Neptune fog is big atm! I have also considered reiki/crystal healing/reflexology etc etc but never studied anything long enough to make a career out of it. I often feel as if these healing modalities don't hold enough science and fall down long term and with more intense health issues. I go round in circles though thinking I may be special and a healer and 'this is my path'... oh the ego...

You may be right, it may be more about the journey for me... I have some health issues myself and find myself trying different healing modalities to help heal myself and sometimes think about starting a blog to journal my findings. Maybe that could tie everything in together if it was a success?

However, one thing you are wrong about.. I am female! (with quite a pushy, masculine chart (and personality!!))

I definitely want to be doing more of a physical job.. I get so wound up and frustrated behind a desk all day...

Any more thoughts?


Only 2 Deg left to to enter Transiting Neptune into my natal 11th house but I'm still confused regarding career. Neptune creating fog in front of me. I can't see clearly my future career.


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A healer of some type is obvious - also seeing sports in your chart.. perhaps a natural healer for sports injuries. I also think you could do quite well with your own business, especially since Pisces generally hate having a boss.

To offset the temporary confusion, try doing something creative/behind the scenes (Neptune) that reflects the house (watercolor painting as an example/Pisces) and you will get inspiration and perhaps a "light bulb" moment. Although Pisceans like their alone time, in order to feel ambitious they need to be around other energy (Pisces swims in schools) so that might also be a consideration (class/workshop, etc).


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appleshampoo ... the name gives away your gender, although I thought you sounded male in your original post. I am also often taken for being male on this forum. When we only have words on a page to go by it's often hard to determine gender.

I am all out of ideas, although you appear to have some of your own, which is a good thing. Naturopathy is a good choice, I think. Stuff like reiki & crystals (and I've been down that road!!) tend to be very Neptunian, and unless you have a clear plan, it's all a bit New Agey and undefined. As a career choice, something with potential for structure is best, I think. I once knew a woman who worked as a nurse in a hospice, and she used reiki and crystals in that environment, and the patients commented on how much it helped them, but she only used it as an adjunct to her normal work.

Just one comment on your previous post ...
You mentioned being calm and detached when your father was in need of an ambulance. Well, that would be a situation in which it would be almost impossible to maintain detachment. If you can be detached when a family member is in crisis, then to be that way with a stranger is much easier. Not many people possess the ability to detach from the emotion of crisis events.
I once met a woman who worked as a nurse in a retrieval team ... going to accidents and places where someone had died, or was dying. She loved it, although I could think of nothing I would want to do less. She was with people when they took their last breath, and so was able to offer comfort, and listen to their last words. I'm not suggesting you do that, but there's no end of options for someone who enjoys helping/nurturing.


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I feel naturally drawn to 6th house things - health, healing, nutrition etc but I erred more towards the holistic side. I have signed up to study Naturopathic Nutrition (starts this weekend) but I am unsure about it as it's a lot of money and the Neptune fog is big atm! I have also considered reiki/crystal healing/reflexology etc etc but never studied anything long enough to make a career out of it. I often feel as if these healing modalities don't hold enough science and fall down long term and with more intense health issues. I go round in circles though thinking I may be special and a healer and 'this is my path'... oh the ego...
Those healing modalities are meant to be complementary, not sole treatments, at least when it comes to physical healing. For problems that are entirely emotional, and for minor physical problems that are created by emotional issues, they may be effective. Naturopathy may hold up more in the long term, although it depends on the approach. Because those modalities tend to be unregulated, they're wide open to both quackery and the real thing.

I can see such things being part of your journey, and as you say, it is a journey. For anyone with much Sagittarius in their chart, the saying "life is a journey, not a destination" thoroughly applies.

Why not start a part time reiki/crystal/reflexology practice while keeping your current job? If it's a stable job and it's part time, you've got plenty of room to experiment with other lines of work, without depending on them for your living. It would probably also be easier for you to do your accounting job, and not get bored to death with it, if you have your real life's focus somewhere else. Think of it as a work study job instead of a career. If you were a biochemistry major washing dishes in the dining hall, you would never mistake dishwashing for your career.

If you find your side business taking off, then you can make a decision about doing it full time. And, you can change what your side business is. If you decide you like your naturopathy class and you want to learn more, maybe that will be your thing. Maybe something else will be.

I would expect you to wind up with either a medical career or a career in alternative healing, with such a packed sixth house. Eighth house sun adds eighth house interests--things like reiki and crystals, occulty sorts of things, fit that bill. And, being an Aquarius with Uranus conjunct your moon, you're likely to want to do things differently, and be very forward thinking.

That kind of alternative career can also be the doorway to a more scientific and widely accepted career. One of my herbalism teachers decided to become a nurse after a decade or so of being an herbalist. She's now studying nursing, and her long term plan is to combine those practices. (She also has a packed sixth house and a lot of Sag in her chart.)