Neptune sextile Pluto, how has this generational aspect affected the world?


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I was looking at my chart and I realised that I was wondering how this aspect affected the world at large. If I has to figure it out for my self I would guess that pluto has helped neptune pull out the universal dream or what we consider love to be in a spiritual way, and I think that is why we have had so much world peace since around 1950's (so that is what I have read) and there is an innate understanding of others motivations I have noticed, such as how they want to influence you.

When did this aspect start and when did it finish? What did it do in terms of world events?

Very curious, thanks you for replying :)

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....When did this aspect start and when did it finish?
It started around 1943 and (I think) moves beyond an 8 degree orb around 2037......[This 500-year Neptune/Pluto cycle began with their Gemini conjunction in 1892, and appears to be about world-wide social changes.]

...What did it do in terms of world events?
Don't know, JayM...but assuming the Neptune/Pluto cycle is indeed about social changes, the generational influence of the sextile has been as follows :-

Pluto in Leo sextile Neptune in Libra (1943)
As children, this generation were raised by mothers who had learned to be independant during the war years....So as adults, they set about dissolving relationships that restricted their personal power (Leo), with women (in particular) leaving marriages in which they were "unhappy but secure"....Thus, it influenced "personal power in relationships".

Pluto in Virgo sextile Neptune in Scorpio (1957)
As children, this generation were moulded by rock 'n roll/teenage rebellion and sexual freedom.......and, as adults, were intended to break down the taboos (Scorpio) which restrict personal growth (Virgo)....Thus, it influenced the removal of barriers to personal growth.

Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius (1971)
As children, this generation were moulded by parents from the Neptune/Pluto "class of '43" (who had passed through the Virgo/Scorpio period as teenagers).....and (I'd guess) their evolutionary role is to "homogenise (Libra) by dissolving religious, educational and cultural barriers (Sagittarius)".

Personally though, I believe the train of evolutionary intent got de-railed here.....because many of those Pluto in Leo parents had become "self-obssessed" (rather than personally empowered).....immersing themselves in their careers and other forms of self-expression, at the expense of time spent with/moulding their children.....and compensating the latter for this neglect by indulging them materially and relaxing parental controls......So the Libra/Sagittarius sextile influence might also have produced a generation whose outlook is "harmony (Libra) through having no restraints (Sagittarius)".

Pluto in Scorpio sextile Neptune in Capricorn (1984)
Here in the UK, this was the time when the emerging "Me first" culture was replaced almost overnight with one of "Me only"......An awful time, when government (Capricorn) consisted of hidden agendas (Scorpio) which ensured the left and right hands were unaware of the other's actions (but certain that self-interest was the motivation).......So, my guess is that the generation born and raised during this sextile are here to "transform the Establishment/status quo".....since most will have received a strong message from their parents that "government's cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the people".

Pluto in Sagittarius sextile Neptune in Aquarius (1999)
Assuming the Scorpio/Capricorn generation succeed in transforming the staus quo, the role of the Sagittarius/Aquarius sextile individuals may be to create a society of equals (Aquarius) that is open and honest (Sagittarius).

[A search of the Net will no doubt provide information on the world events during each of these time frames.]


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Thank you for your lenthy and detailed response EJ. One other effect around the early 1900's was that some of the less developed countries changed their government from their old rulers to a more modern government.

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I agree, generational social changes. Also, informing us how to use power with a higher purpose. One thing though, I don't see that we're totally through with the aspect. Since the last sextile separated, Pluto has been moving faster than Neptune. The two planets are 53 degrees apart at this time. (Oct, 2010). When Pluto slows down, or Neptune speeds up they will have to reach the 60 degrees again. Has anyone looked into the timing on that? It starts coming back in to orb in 2017. My reference only goes up to 2021 and they're still 2 degrees shy of being exact at that time.


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this is really interesting.
particulary the libra one as I have heard a leo/pluto complain about the libra generation ie they lack determination and values.
I think the current pluto in cap/ and neptune in aqua is v similar to the 1984 . certainly there is a repeat of the dismantling of govt depts and it is all in secret. Our PM has pluto in 12th house in virgo/conj uranus..